Car Reliability Ratings

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The latest ratings have been moved to a new website: Car Reliability Ratings

The 2010 Ratings are archived below for sake of comparison.

The 2009 Reliability Ratings can be viewed here: 2009 Car Reliability Ratings

Car Reliability Ratings
Porcsche Tops Most Reliable Cars

Which Cars are Most Reliable?

J.D. Power has released its Car Reliability Ratings for 2010. Last year, Buick and Toyota were tied for the most reliable cars made in the previous three years. You can view last year’s ratings here: Ratings for 2009.  So, who makes the most reliable car for 2010? Before, we get onto the winners, a little explanation of how these car ratings work is in order: The ratings are based on a Vehicle Dependability Study which examines the number of reported, mechanical mishaps from vehicle owners for the first three years of car ownership. J.D. Power has broken down the car ratings into four categories:

Car Reliability by Category

  1. Overall Reliability
  2. Powertrain Reliability
  3. Body and Interior Reliability
  4. Features and Accessory Reliability

As I mentioned last year, and cannot stress enough, these particular Auto Ratings cannot be used to evaluate the long term quality of a car. Since the Vehicle Dependability Study measures only the reliability within first three years of new car ownership, it is important to realize that this says nothing about how long a car will hold up after 5, 7 or 10 years. For this reason, it should come as no surprise to us that Toyota dropped from # 1 to # 6 in the Car Reliability Ratings from a year ago. Obviously, Toyota’s recall problems had a lot to do with their slight drop in the 2010 ratings. What is more impressive, however, is that Toyota (perceived problems and all), is still ranked ahead of 30 other car makers for reliability.

Long Term Car Ratings

These car reliability ratings are for Car models released in 2007 and data which is based on the number of quality incidents reported for the three years up until 2010. Anyone who has had any experience with these cars would probably believe that Toyota and Honda would top the list of a 10-year reliability study. In 2009, PRR did these ratings for 2009. For this particular car ratings study, Toyota and Honda both finished respectably in the top-10. Porsche, Lincoln, Buick, Mercury round out the top-5 cars for reliability in the last 3 years. The highest ranking in all categories belongs to Lincoln, with a perfect 100-score in all four criteria. The good news is that reliability among cars built in 2007 has improved by 7%, according to the J.D. Power Press Release. These auto ratings are a good benchmark for automakers to use each year when assessing their quality control and finding ways in which they can improve. If you’re interested in buying a new car or a used car with a number of miles on it, don’t rely too heavily on these ratings. After 5-7 year when major wear and tear begins to take effect, these ratings could look much different. Over a number of years, my guess is that Acura, Honda and Toyota would climb to the top of the list. None the less, using the data from JD Powers, I thought it would be interesting to put my own spin on their 2010 ratings. The PRR Rating, reflects a score from 1-100 based on the ratings of each criteria described above.  Using the PRR Rating, here are the top-10 most reliable cars since 2007:

Car Reliability Ratings for 2010

Most Reliable Car Lincoln
Rank Car Make PRR Rating
1 Lincoln 100
2 Porsche 95
3 Buick 95
4 Lexus 90
5 Mercury 85
6 Toyota 85
7 Honda 85
8 Ford 70
9 Mercedes Benz 70
10 Acura 70

Now that you’ve seen the most reliable cars, would you like to see the Least Reliable Cars for 2010? I know I did. Out of 36 cars, these are the least reliable based on the PRR Rating Formula.

Least Reliable Cars for 2010

Least Reliable Car
Rank Car Make PRR Rating
27 Dodge 50
28 Scion 50
29 Volkswagen 50
30 Pontiac 45
31 Mazda 45
32 Mitsubishi 45
33 MINI 45
34 JEEP 40
35 Suzuki 40
36 Land Rover 40

Since my formula is based on my own weighted average, the results are slightly different than the Ratings done by J.D. Power. If you’re curious to see how they compare, you can look at their study here: J.D. Power Ratings.

Check back next year for the 2011 car reliability ratings

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