90-X Workout

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90-X Workout
The P90X Workout

The 90-X Workout is a unique, new home fitness program, (In place of your Elliptical or Recumbent Bike) you can buy and use at home or at your local gym with friends. What makes a 90-X workout system unique is versatility. The P 90-X workout program is a collection of 12 exercise DVDs designed to tone and buff every muscle in your body; as well as help with weight loss if that’s your goal: A set of 12ea 90-X workout CDs are named as follows:



  1. Chest and Back
  2. Plyometrics
  3. Shoulders & Arms
  4. Yoga-X
  5. Kenpo-X
  6. X-Stretch
  7. Core Synergistics
  8. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
  9. Back & Biceps
  10. Cardio-X
  11. Ab Ripper X

Without going into details about each and every one of the DVDs, suffice it to say the entire, 90-x  routine is a massive, exhaustive and intense combination of Cardio Vascular and Strength training routines, ranging from 40 to 90 minutes. (It helps to have some additional products and equipment such as dumbbells, bars and/or resistance bands.) The goal is to do a different module every day and end up with an incredibly strengthened, superior toned body in just 3 months. In reality, the 90X system is really not much of a home fitness program at all, but more on that later. How does the program work?

Is 90X a Weight Lifting or Cardio Program?

The P90-X Workout Uses All of Your Muscles

Host, Tony Horton, keeps 90-X fun and fresh with his enthusiasm. The 90-X Workout is neither strictly a weight lifting workout nor a Cardio workout; it is a combination of both. 90X utilizes a technique called Muscle Confusion, though some refer to it as, insanity. Essentially, the idea is that every single muscle in your body gets used. Where-as other exercise routines get you to a peak in your performance and growth over time, a 90-X Workout makes use of hundreds of maneuvers and routines, so new muscles are being used and developed every day. Consequently, your body will continue to progress and strengthen even after several months of using the program. The other benefit is that not only will your body not reach a plateau, but your mind will not grow bored. Some of the routines are more geared for muscle-growth and others are for cardio performance, training and endurance. Of the 12 P90X Routines, you can mix and match the ones which suite your needs and goals for the kind of body you want to have. The 90X system includes the 12 Workout DVD, a Training Guide on how to use them to your beneft, and 3-Phase Nutrition plan. The goal is to use the DVDs for at least one hour every day. I guarantee you that is more time than most people spend on exercising, so it would be hard to imagine a Fitness Program like this not actually working if you stick to it; and there-in lies the rub…can you stick to the vigorous workouts?

P90X vs other Home Work Programs

I have the benefit of speaking about this product, through my wife’s own experience. The school where she teaches uses 90x in their gym everyday after school. Whomever wants to join can join. It is scheduled everyday. When my wife gets back from school she comments on how rigorous the program is and how sore and painful she feels the next day. If you were doing an hour-long strenuous workout in your own living room or basement, how likely would you be to go at it again the next day? Yet, at the school gym, most everybody is right back at it the next day. Why? Because of the camaraderie that develops among peers. They keep each other going. As they are moving to the trainers commands, there is a lot of yelling, cheering and laughing going on; the adrenaline is flowing, and time flies by while they pat themselves on the back for getting through it all. The P90X Program is great for a group setting where you’ve got lots of other people egging you on and keeping you going. Asking yourself to do a 90x Workout every day, alone at home, is probably not a very realistic expectation. On the other hand, if you and your friends, classmates or work partners, can make use of your school gym; a church or any other public setting; you’re likely to make it at least past the first 90 days. Do that, and you will notice big changes in your physique and stamina. Unlike other Workout Programs, the P90X doesn’t meet you have way. It uses every muscle in your body and expects you to be back the next day to work on the ones you missed. Many of us are doing a Weight Lifting Workout and not getting much heart and lungs exercise, while others are doing plenty of jogging, cycling, walking and other types of cardio and never have time for strength building. P90X puts both a Cardio Workout and a Weight Lifting Workout right in front of you every day. My recommendation is to complete all 12 modules the first time around. From there, you can choose the combination and balance of muscle strength building and cardio exercises that are right for you. I highly recommend the 90-x workout routing. Get a group of friends together; buy the program and start using it. You will definitely see a big difference in the way you look and feel. Good fitness is habit forming. If you wish to use the P90X at home instead of a gym, there are a few gym and fitness aids you’ll want to have:

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