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womens shaver
Electric Razor For Women

What are the most common objections women have to using electric razors as opposed to traditional razor blades in the bath or shower?

  • Electric Razors Hurt and Pull hair
  • Electric Razors don’t shave as closely and smoothly
  • Electric Razors are too expensive

The reason so many women are still shaving their legs with a traditional razor blade in the shower or bath is that they’ve had a difficult time finding a Womens Electric Shaver that does as good a job, is not painful to use and doesn’t cost a fortune. On the other hand, using a traditional razor blade is not nearly as convenient. Over the course of a year, replacing the blades will probably be just as expensive as finding an effective, good quality womens shaver. There are several advantages to finding a good electric razor that women like: For one thing, an Electric Razor certainly saves on water; no need to spend extra time in the bath or shower to get nice, smooth legs. The other reason is that it saves time and money on replacing blades and shaving cream. The third reason is longer lasting smoothness of skin and slower hair growth.

There has to be a product out their for ladies that will do the job of a traditional razor blade quicker and easier and won’t cause pain. I decided to do some research and locate such a product. I believe I found a couple of models that won’t disappoint:

  • Okay, you’re a demanding woman. You’ve tried an economy razor, but still want something better. The ultimate way to remove your hair smoothly and keep it from growing back quickly is through epilation. Epilation removes the hair from the follicle (root level) and provides ladies with the smoothest skin possible. The Braun 5270 Silk-├ępil X’elle Body System Epilator provides something better: If you want to remove hair so it grows back more slowly, it will epilate. If your hairs are too short to epilate, the unit still works just fine as a shaver . The best endorsement of the Braun 5270 is that over 1,000 women have rated it 4.5 stars. That is one of the best product endorsements from Amazon I’ve ever seen! The price is quite a bit steeper than the Panasonic, but the results speak for themselves!
  • The Braun SE7280 Silk-Epil Xpressive Epilator Body System is similar to the Braun 5270 but with a Swiveling Head and thinner, lighter body style. Over 60 women have also rated the Braun SE7280 4.5 stars. It seems that with this newer, more expensive SE7280 model, more women complained it was painful at first, but later really appreciated the results which they say is every bit as good as waxing!

Over 50 women have used and rated the Panasonic ES2207P Electric Shaver on Amazon and have given it a very respectable 4.5 stars. They like this razor for it’s close, smooth shaves, relatively, pain-free operation, but most of all – for it’s extremely cheap price. While women admit the Panasonic ES2207P doesn’t shave as close as a blade, it gets close enough to remove visible hair and make your legs smooth. Users say that this product is a very sturdy woman’s shaver for the price. For under $30, the Panasonic ES2207P makes a compelling case for women wanting to try the convenience of an electric razor for the first time.

Rechargeable Epilator by Braun

The previous two models get excellent scores, but if you want something rechargeable you’ll have to pay a little bit more.

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