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Are iPhone Screen Protectors Worth the Money?

best iphone screen protector
iPhone Screen Protector

Remember how excited you were when you got that new iPhone for the first time? If you were like me, the new iPhone instantly became your most valued technological possession. The sales rep at the AT&T store – or in my case, Best Buy, tried to get me to pay another $20.00 on top of my already, hefty, $349 bill by talking me into an Invisishield screen protector. Invisishield was a name I had heard before, but had no idea if it was the best protector and worth the money. I knew I would have to get a screen protector eventually, but didn’t want to add to my big phone expense all at once. I decided I would use the phone for a while than shop around. As it turns out, I couldn’t relax without one. I was so protective of my new iPhone that I couldn’t enjoy it until I knew it’s beautiful, high-res, glossy screen was properly corrected. I went to Target and bought the off-brand, Case Logic which included 3 screen protectors for about $9.95. As it turns out, I was glad it came with three Screen Protectors instead of just one.

Screen Protectors are Difficult to Install

When I attempted applying the first Case Logic Screen protector, I feared I would do more damage to my iPhone pushing on it so hard to attempt to remove all of the little air bubbles that formed under the transparent shield. Additionally, I noticed unavoidable fingerprints that formed under the sticky surface. I gave up; discarded it and went on to screen protector number two. I applied the 2nd screen protector more smoothly, but it was still not perfect. I decided I could live with it. The fact is, I never felt 100% comfortable with the slightly defected looking screen left by the 2nd Case Logic Screen Protector. By the time, I used the 3rd one, I decided to try another brand. I bought a 2-pack of the Belkin Screen Protectors, also for $9.95. The first one went on much better. Not perfect, but it was certainly something I could live with. After several months went by, the 2nd Belkin iPhone Screen Protectorhad worn out. I bought another 3-pack and foiled the very first one. The 2nd one went on okay and lasted for 1 month. The 3rd was given to my son, who had gotten a new iTouch for his birthday and had already destroyed an entire 3-Pack of Case Logic Screen Protectors trying to put his first one on. Yikes. I was getting a little disheartened with screen protectors. My iPhone was nearly 9 months old, though, and still without a scratch. I decided to try a pack of do-it-yourself-cut-out-screen-protectors because they were only $5.00. Having already spent about $40.00 on Screen Protectors, I was in no mood to mess around. I couldn’t cut the screen straight and there was no way I could match the round hole for the home button or the little slit cut-out for the speaker. So, it dawned on me. There is a much better way to protect your iPhone Screen

The Best Screen Protector is the one You Cannot See

The best iPhone Screen Protector is the inside of your front pants pockets. In other words, the best iPhone screen protector is no screen protector at all! That’s right – keep your iPhone screen facing the inside of your pants and avoid mixing it up with coins, keys and other hard items that might present the risk of marring and scratching of your prized possession. I finally figured out that I would spend far less time and money simply being careful with my iPhone rather than the obsession of spending money and countless hours trying to properly apply one of those silly sheets of transparent plastic.

Liberation from Gadget Screen Protection

The feeling of freedom I got once I made the decision to stop the expensive habit of screen protection is almost too good to describe. No more costly sheets of plastic; no stressful moments trying to kneed out the annoying little air air pockets affecting the purity of your beautiful toy. The best part of all, is being able to enjoy an iPhone screen that looks as pure and clean as the day you bought it. No matter how what they say about iPhone Screen Protectors, they just don’t look, feel and work as good on your iPhone as it does when its in the original birthday suit. Let’s remember something else about these expensive technological gadgets: Their lifespan is very short. If you can keep your screen looking glossy and scratch free for over a year, you’ve pretty much outlasted its useful life in ‘tech-years’. The whole idea of a screen protector kind of reminds me of those plastic protective coating used on sofas and furniture back in the 70’s. Thirty years later, does anyone really care that an old, antiquated couch covered by a yellow-stained protective piece of plastic is completely free of the wear and tear caused by those who could have fully enjoyed its natural comfort? We, human beings have one thing in common with tech gadgets. Our life is too short to worry about how long beauty lasts beneath an artificial surface. So, fully enjoy the beauty of your iPhone while you have it. The best iPhone Screen Protector is the one you never had.

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  1. Yesterday, my wife dropped her iPhone 3GS and the glass shattered. Fortunately, she was able to find a local iPhone Guru who replaced the glass for $59.00. When she took it to the AT&T store, the sales rep informed her that if she had been using a screen protector, the glass would not have shattered, but only cracked. So, okay a screen protector does have an additional benefit in that it saves you from the emergency of a shattered screen. On the other hand, who is going to tolerate an iPhone with a cracked screen? Aren’t you still going to end up paying the $59.00 to get it repaired? I question whether or not the glass would stay intact with the iPhone even if it did have the screen protector installed. Even my wife’s little iPhone accident isn’t enough to change my mind on screen protectors. I’ll take my chances with the iPhone 4 and continue to be careful – VERY careful.

  2. Seriously? First of all, if you buy the perfectly adequate screen protectors at the AT&T store, they will put it on for you right there. Secondly, it’s not that difficult to fit it on yourself nor do the screens wear out in just a couple months. Try taking better care of your phone. The invisible shield brand is very easy to put on and they last for over a year.

    • “It’s not that difficult to put the screen protectors on yourself” ?
      Are you serious? 🙂 Ask my son who ruined an entire 3-Pack that he paid $15.00 for and still had bubbles in it when he was done. 9 out of 10 iPhone users would admit, the screens are extremely difficult to put on and they cost too much at the AT&T store. I’ve not used a screen protector in 7 months now and don’t even have a scratch on my iPhone. My wife dropped her 3GS and shattered it. Screen Protector or not, it still would have required a $59.00 glass replacement. By the way, it is BECAUSE I take care of my iPhone that I don’t need to waste money on screen protectors.

  3. I agree that no screen protector is the best screen protector. For all of the reasons cite by other iPhone owners, I have learned that it’s way too much trouble trying to protect a glass screen that will hold up well if not subjected to keys, coins, or other metal objects that might scratch the screen. Just keep it in your pocket or purse where it will face something soft, and you will be just fine. I have wasted too much time and money trying to install those stupid screen protectors. I like the “naked” look of my Iphone 3GS. I can’t stand the thought of installing one more of those plastic films and then trying to get the bubbles out. Arrrrrrgggggggg……

  4. Ok screen protectors are like cars some are good and some just suck. You should try the skinomi,its indestructible and lifetime warranty. I think u will have better luck with these than any other on the market its very easy to apply. Follow the directions.

  5. To protect my iPhone in have a Incase hard case that is very tough and will protect your phone when dropped. My Zagg screen protector peeled after a year and I removed it. I’m a bit paranoid without it but I’m getting another one because the scars on the old cover tells me that the glass would have shattered otherwise. And yes, they are very difficult to install but take your time, line up the hole side perfectly square, and curl and press away from you. Hope this helps.


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