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Best Dental Insurance

Looking for an Affordable Dental Plan?

In my search for the Best Dental Insurance last month, I failed to come up with anything that was substantially less money than my current, company-sponsored dental plan. Over the course of a few years, and the cost associated with porcelain crowns and amalgam fillings for a family of four, things can get quite costly. So, I decided it might be just a tad too risky to do without insurance at all. My current dental premiums are about $672 per year for a family of four. According to my dentist, the likelihood that I will need to pay for 3 or 4 porcelain crowns in the next two years is about 80%. A crown will cost about $400-$500 each, with any insurance plan. Without insurance, Crowns cost around $900 – $1200 each. So, the question for me is, “can I cut down on those premiums and still save $400-$500 per crown as they are needed?”  I need to find the best insurance plan that covers 40-50% on crowns and has lower premiums. Fortunately, I received an email from a reader of my blog who referred me to such an affordable dental plan that really does appear to be the best plan, particularly for individuals without company group insurance.

The Careington Dental Plan by costs just $15.95 a month for a family of 3 or more. If you need Dental Insurance coverage for just yourself, you pay only $6.95 per month.

The chart below shows what is covered under the Careington Plan and how it compares to the cost of having no Dental Insurance at all. There can only be one best dental insurance plan so see how it stacks up against the rest.

Dental Insurance Comparison

Dental Work NO Coverage 1Dental Savings
Oral Exam $46.00 $14.00 $32.00
Full Oral X-Ray $117.00 $40.00 $77.00
Cleaning $84.00 $29.00 $55.00
Filling $126.00 $40.00 $86.00
Porcelain Crown $927.00 $447.00 $480.00
Root Canal $653.00 $272.00 $381.00
Full Dentures $1,525.00 $595.00 $930.00
Tooth Extraction $155.00 $56.00 $99.00

Using my own family and self as an example, I decided to see how the costs under my current dental insurance would compare to the 1Dental coverage above. To do this, I calculated the premium costs and dental expenses that I expect the whole family to incur over the next three years. Based on our last three years of dental expenses and my dentist’s warning about needing crowns: I estimate the following Dental Needs:

8 Fillings, 4 Crowns and, 12 Cleanings and Exams. Here is how the savings for  the Careington Dental Discount Plan compares to my current dental insurance coverage:

3-Year Savings Example for Family
Dental Work Current Plan 1Dental Savings
Current Premiums $2,016.00 $574.20 $1,441.80
Cleanings and Exams $0.00 $828.00 ($828.00)
Fillings $408.00 $320.00 $88.00
Crowns $2,000.00 $1,788.00 $212.00
Savings over 3 Years $913.80

Why 1Dental is Rated Best

As you can see, the savings of the 1Dental plan are significant. In my case, it adds up to over $300 per year or roughly $25.00 per month. I should note that there is a $20.00 activation fee to get started, but once you are signed-up, your coverage is immediate. The 1Dental plan seems to be the best dental insurance I’ve found anywhere. There is no screening or preliminary waiting period. One other consideration is whether or not you have a favorite dentist who is not currently enrolled in the Careington Dental Discount Plan. Fortunately, there is a very large network of Dental Care Providers currently enrolled and if your dentist is not one of them, you can fill-out a form to get him/her nominated. The best plan doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the best dentist, so shop for one you like. The only real reason I can see for someone to stick with a more expensive, company dental plan is if you value teeth cleanings for your entire family every 6 months or twice a year. So, if you’re one who enjoys sitting in a dentist chair twice a year, the free cleanings and exams, will eventually off-set the additional cost you’re paying in premiums. If you’re looking for the Best Dental Insurance (and who isn’t?), the Careington Dental Discount Plan is for you.

If you’ve found the best dentist, it’s time to see if he/she fits into the best dental insurance plan.

I vote Careington or 1Dental as the best dental insurance.


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