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worlds best cat litterIs the Worlds Best Cat Litter the  world’s best, both literally, and figuratively? I decided to put their presumptuous brand name to the task. I’ve owned cats all my life. Cat litter formulas have improved over the years and thus my expectations have increased.  There used to be a time when cat litters consisted only of sand and/or dirt. Nowadays, I think all cat owners pretty much agree on the defining criteria of a what makes a good or great cat litter:

  • How well does the cat litter stop order
  • How well does the cat litter clump up
  • How easy is the cat litter scooped
  • How long does the cat litter last
  • How safe is it safe for people to breathe
  • How safe is it for the environment? Can it be flushed?

Worlds Best Cat Litter claims it does all 6 of these things better than any other cat litter product. So, is it really this good?

Worlds Best Cat Litter Website

If their website is any indication of how the product compares to the competition, Worlds Best Cat Litter wins hands-down. is chalk full of informative videos, learn-mores and persuasive arguments as to why this particular cat litter excels at the 6 criteria above better than any of the competitor’s cat litter products. Worlds Best Cat Litter not only tells you they are the best but explains, why:


Worlds Best Cat Litter is made from … Whole Corn. Are you freaking kidding me?! Corn? No kidding, and the company says this is the secret ingredient that makes their cat litter so tasty.  Kidding aside, if you clean enough messy cat boxes full of this tasty vegetable, you’ll probably never eat another cob of corn in your entire life. While that might be a  drawback,  apparently the whole corn stops odors in its track, clumps together and cleans up and scoops better than all the others. If that’s not enough, the 100% natural corn ingredient is environmentally safe. Worlds Best Cat Litter is biodegradable, easily flushed and safe to breath. It all sounds good, but what is the impression of owners of Cats that have used Worlds Best Cat Litter?

User Ratings

Perception is reality. What looks, smells, tastes or works good in theory doesn’t always translate to the real world. I researched and skimmed over 200 users from Amazon, Petco, Petsmart and Pets Direct to get a bottom line analysis. Do the hyped up claims and brand name match the results? Probably not. Out of 200 users, Worlds Best gets an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. While that’s a respectable B grade, it certainly doesn’t come close to a brand that claims to be the very best. What’s most troublesome is what cat owners are saying about the litter. The number one complaint is odor. A great number of users reported that it does a terrible job of eliminating odor and in fact smells like sour, rancid corn. Yuck. One of the other common complaints is that the litter seems to get tracked throughout the house. On the other hand, users say that it really is a very good Clumping Litter and is completely flush-able.
A couple of complains some people have that this brand has changed it’s formula and is no longer of the same quality since the color of bag was changed from light to dark. It’s hard to know for sure, but its something to keep in mind.
Based on User experience, Worlds Best is a B-Rated Cat Litter that fails to live up to its hype.

Final Results

Is it Really the Best?

  • Best Clumping Litter: 84
  • Best Odor Control Cat Litter: 70
  • Best Scoopable Kitty Litter: 84
  • Best Flushable Kittly Litter: 95
  • Best Environmentally Safe Cat Litter: 95
  • Best Lasting Kitty Litter: 80
  • Overall Rating: 84


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