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Does Ssscat Cat Repellent Spray Really Work?

Ssscat Cat Repellent Spray is designed to keep your cats off or away from places you don’t want them – like your plants, kitchen cabinets and other off-limit areas, for instance.  If you wish there was a way to keep your cat out of the kitchen; away from the garden, off the counter-tops or off of your furniture, you owe it to yourself to look into a Cat Repellent spray for your cat training purposes. There is another good reason for cat repellent spray: Has your cat decided to use a portion of your house as his/her litter box? There is nothing that smells worse or is more difficult to get rid of than cat urine on your carpet. Well, okay, I’d say skunk odor has a significant edge over cat urine, but that’s a different topic for another day. In fact, if you have pets it is worth discussing Skunk Repellent and I’ll explain why in an upcoming article. Meanwhile, let’s get to the issue at house: How to keep Cats away from and off of certain areas and places in and around your house. What products out there succeed as a useful, affordable and practical Cat Repellent Spray?

Several weeks ago, we brought our 8-year old male cat back from the vet. Our young, female cat immediately sensed that he smelled different and became terrified of him. Weeks later, we began noticing the odor of cat urine. One day my wife called me while I was at work to report a cat owner’s worst nightmare: Our nervous female cat was using our dining room floor as a cat box. The tedious task of solving this maddening Cat Urine problem had just begun. From our past experience, breaking a cat of this habit is not an easy thing to do. The first thing to do is to completely remove the odor. As long as an infected area of your house continues to smell like cat urine, your pet will continue to use it. We had to take action. First, we got the carpets as clean as we possibly could, then we began saturating the area with enzymes to remove the odor. We used a product called, Anti Icky Poo. There are plenty of other similar products out there such as Nature’s Miracle and Urine Destroyer, but the Anti Icky Poo seemed to have the best reviews. I was confident we could get the area cleaned and odor free, but I knew the hard part would be to deter the cat from coming back to it. This is where the Cat Deterrent and Cat Repeller part of the job come in to play. I began searching the web for the phrases, “cat repellent”, “cat deterrent” or “cat repeller”. My research led me to a couple of ideas that I could utilize immediately without spending a dime. Most of these cat repellent sprays can be purchased at pet supplies stores locally or online with small shipping costs.

    Additional Cat Boxes

  • Cat Motion Sensor Alarm

Additional Cat Boxes

When a cat stops using a cat box in favor of your carpeted floor, you have to wonder why their original bathrooms are no longer comfortable or desirable? One of our cat boxes was located in the laundry room; and the other in the basement near the furnace. Both of these areas are noisy when those appliances are used and could definitely deter cats that scare easily. Drastic problems call for drastic measures. I now have 4 cat boxes in the house and keep them pristine clean.

Rex the Barking Dog

Dog and Cat Repellent
Rex Barking Dog Alarm

Rex, the Barking Dog is designed as a burglar deterrent, not a cat deterrent.  It is simply a motion-sensor alarm that triggers the sound of a loud, mean barking dog when you get within the range of the adjustable motion sensor. See, Product Review Ratings Review on Rex, here: What is the best Watch Dog? Rex worked great for training my oldest cat to stay out of the living room. The biggest benefit of Rex that I didn’t even consider was that the sound of the dog alerts us! Whenever the cat approaches, we hear Rex bark and we calmly pick up the cat and very gently place her in the cat box. I cannot stress enough. Do not yell, get angry or hostile with your cat. This not only doesn’t work, but will actually make the problem worst. You want to be as calm, gentle and patient as possible when breaking a Cat Urine problem. While, Rex was good for alerting us, it didn’t seem to do much good for deterring the cat. In fact, cat seemed to enjoy making a game of walking into the room and causing the dog to bark. Some online research directed me to a better cat deterrent in a couple of different makes, models and form factors:

  • Sscat aerosol Cat Repeller
  • Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

How Ssscat Cat Repellent Spray Works

SSSCat Cat Repellent

I chose Ssscat. Ssscat Cat Repellent is simple enough. It is an ozone friendly aerosol can of compressed air that attaches to a motion sensor powered by aaa batteries. When the cat gets too close to Ssscat, it emits a shrill, fast spray of air to scare the cat away. Over 168 Amazon users reported that Ssscat did a satisfactory job as a Cat Repellent and training method for deterring cats to stay out of, around, or off unwanted areas or surfaces. At one time, the Ssscat product included an Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent alarm as well as the compressed air. I think the makers of Ssscat wised up after they realized the Ultrasonic Alarm, alone, was enough to deter cats and there would be no reason for people to re purchase the aerosol cans which cost about $10 a piece. Fortunately, the $35.00 Ssscat product with the compressed air was enough to scare my cat permanently way. I was not happy with the range of Ssscat at first. It seemed that a cat or a human would have to step right in front of it in order to activate it. Fortunately, it only took one or two times for Ssscat to instill fear in my own cat. Out of curiosity, the cat followed me as I walked right up to Ssscat trying to get it to work. Suddenly,the whiff of air sprayed me in the shin; scared the dickens out of me and the cat was gone in an instant! The next the air can went off was the last time I have ever seen the cat in that area. I remain amazed that a simple can of air makes the best cat repellent. It really works. My problem is solved, though I still keep Rex the Barking Dog armed and ready in case my cat ever forgets about Ssscat Cat Repellent Spray. The one option I haven’t tried, but am curious about is the Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent product. If you’re curious read on.

Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

Cats can hear noises at a much higher pitch than humans. An ultrasonic cat deterrent is a device which emits an alarming, high pitch sound that will startle the cat without annoying humans. The key is an ultrasonic alarm which is set off by a motion detector. I had often wondered if there was a such thing as a motion sensitive Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent and as luck would have it, there are a few of these devices made. There are various models of Ultrasonic Cat Deterrents. Some are made for the outdoors and some made for the indoors.

Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent for Sale





CatScram is a motion repellent using the same ultrasonic cat frequencies as the Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent above, but this one is small, portable and made for the indoors.CatScram is billed by it’s manufacturer as an Ultrasonic Training Device.

How to completely rid your home of Cat Urine Problems

The key is to tackle the problem in three ways: Clean-Up, Training and Prevention. Get the soiled areas clean and odor free. Meanwhile, re-train your cats to use the cat boxes. That means making cat boxes feel safe, convenient and easy to use for your cats, too. Next, get two types of alarms to protect the areas. Get an alarm that you can hear, and one that your cat can not only hear but wants to avoid. Products like Ssscat, Catscram and other Ultrasonic Cat Deterrents are excellent for the Training and Prevention part of Cat Urine catastrophes in and around your home. As for the title, “Is Ssscat a good Cat Repellent?” Yes, but you will be required to buy refills. Hopefully, the Ssscat Cat Repellent Spray will work well enough that your cat won’t have to be reminded too often.

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