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Mehaz Toenail ClippersMehaz toenail clippers are specifically designed to cut through thick toenails. If your toe nails are so thick and hard that they could be used to cut diamonds you might want to look into a set of Mehaz Clippers? I’ll cover diamond cutting in an upcoming review titled, “Things at Home you can use to Cut Diamonds” Meanwhile, what do you use for toe nail clippers if your toe nails really do happen to be thicker and harder than diamonds? Those of you with wimpy, thin toe nails don’t laugh. Some of us do happen to have a thick toenail that is so hard that even the most robust pair of toe nail cutters will fail to get the job done. Stop giggling – this is a big, freaking problem!

I dread cutting my toenails. They are so thick and hard that it feels like an ordinary pair of toenail clippers will break trying to cut them. It requires both hands and arms to clamp down and put enough weight on the clippers to eventually cut through my extremely thick toe nail. Not only is it a difficult task trying to clip them, but when the dull clipper blades finally bust through the thick toe nail, it hurts! One day I decided there must be a better tool for the job. The old pair of toenail clippers I got as a Christmas gift from Italy have served their purpose long enough. I had suffered with the pain and difficult task of toenail clipping long enough, so I decided to seek a better product for the job.

If you suffer from Thick Toenail syndrome like me, a set of Mehaz toenail clippers is the best $11.00 you will ever spend. 23 out of 23 Amazon Reviewers of the Mehaz Wide Jaw Toenail clipper gave it a perfect score of 5 Stars. What’s so great about Mehaz? For one thing, it has an extremely wide jaw so you’re not chopping off bits, pieces and fragment of your toenail. There are times when my toenails have become sharp, deadly daggers after I’ve cut them, because the clippers simply don’t cut at wide enough angle. With the Mehaz Toenail Clippers, you can get the job done in half the time. The other advantage to these toenail clippers is the long clipper handle which gives you plenty of leverage. Last, but most important, the blades on these Mehaz Clippers are extremely sharp. They get the job done without the pressure, pain, time and exertion of other clippers. Trust me, nobody wants to waste so many minutes of their precious life putting so much work into cutting his/her toenails. Spend less time grunting and groaning and more time enjoying, smoothly cut toenails that won’t put a hole through your sofa.

If there are any questions about the Mehaz Toenail Clipper, it’s how long will the blades stay sharp and how long will they last?
Obviously, only time can answer that question, but for the low price of $11.00, I’d be willing to buy another pair every 2 or 3 months.

Mehaz Clipper Rating

    • Performance: 95
    • Value: 90
    • Durability: 85
  • Overall: 90

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