Kraus Faucets

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kraus faucets
Kraus Faucets

If you’re one of those persons that just has to HAVE something that doesn’t resemble what it is supposed to be, Kraus Faucets are for you.

Kraus makes good faucets, but they give you one thing above anything else: Style

Kraus Beauty

My own 21-year-old home came with an interesting mixture of plumbing appliances. There are some contemporary ones such as the Arwa Faucet in my kitchen and the Toto Toilets in two of my bathrooms. Unfortunately, I also have some dinosaurs like the clumsy, 20th century toilets and ancient (20 year old) brass faucets in my master bath. One lesson I learned from decorative appliances is to make sure you can find parts to repair them. If you buy something unique like an Arwa Faucet or Kraus Faucets, make sure you save any documentation and adhere it somewhere in your home near the appliances where it can be found. If you ever sell your house, the new home owner will be extremely appreciative. When my Arwa Faucet began leaking, I had no idea where to look in order to identify the brand name, let alone the parts to repair it. I took several photos of my faucet, but even my local hardware stores couldn’t identify the brand from the picture. Most fortunately and miraculously, I was able to identify my Kitchen Arwa Faucet using a Google Image search. I was able to fix my leaky Arwa Faucet by simply purchasing a replacement cartridge from an Arwa dealer in Tucson. Lesson: Google is better at locating faucet parts than your local hardware or plumbing store.

I thought about my experience with the Arwa Faucet as I shopped for something more trendy for my bathroom sink. I must say the Kraus Faucets are the most unique looking home fixtures I’ve ever seen. Watch the video below.

I must say that if you’re looking for innovative ways to approve the overall indoor appearance of your home, these Kraus Faucets are extremely attractive.

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