Insinkerator 444 Replaced by Evolution Sink Disposal

Evolution Garbage Disposal $164.99
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  • Performance - 92%
  • Durability - 95%
  • Quiet - 88%
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Insinkerator 444 Dies

Insinkerator 444This morning, my InSinkerator 444 Disposal Unit conked out. It made some electrical humming noises, but the motor wouldn’t turn. I followed the trouble shooting guide on the InSinkerator website; turning the key and pressing the button at the bottom of the unit, but to no avail. Also, I smelled electrical fumes coming from the InSinkerator 444. It was most certainly bad. I looked up the serial number on the InSinkerator website and learned it was built in 2002 and long past its 4-year warranty period. I would have to buy another sink disposal in a hurry. I did about a 1-hour research cram on Sink Disposal companies and came up with the following conclusions.

KitchenAid Disposal

The KitchenAid Disposal comes highly recommended by users of Amazon. Users of various models and sizes of the KitchenAid Disposal report that their units are very quiet, powerful and easy to install. Also, they come in a bright red, attractive color in all sizes: 1/4HP, 1/2HP, 3/4HP and 1HP. Out of 222 users, they rate the KitchenAid Disposal a lofty 4.5 stars. I probably would have bought a KitchenAid Disposal but after doing some research it appeared that it would be a much quicker installation if I chose the same brand of Sink Disposal that I already have. Since the newer InSinkerator Disposal Brands mount the same way as my old InSinkerator 444, I would not have to remove the seal, clean it and re-putty it with plumber’s putty. Eight years is not too bad for a Food Waste Disposal Unit, so I decided to go with another InSinkerator.

InSinkerator Evolution vs. InSinkerator Badger

For just $120, the 3/4HP Badger by InSinkerator was tempting. However, after looking at the demo below of how powerful and quiet the Evolution Series of Sink Disposals are, I decided to pay an extra $50.00 and go with the InSinkerator Evolution Compact Sink Disposal. I did not have to remove the part of the sink that fits into my drain, and this made installation very easy. Watching the video demonstrations below of both the installation and operation of the InSinkerator Evolution, convinced me this was the right choice. Even though I am no expert with a wrench; and and even though I mistakenly sawed off the wrong side of my plastic pipe and made a few other mistakes, I was still able to complete the installation in about an hour. I also had to trim electrical wire from my old power cable which was badly corroded. Other than that the installation and operation of the Insinkerator Evolution Compact is every bit as easy and impressive as the demonstrations below indicate.

InSinkerator Food Waste Disposal Installation Video

Insinkerator Evolution Sink Disposal Demo

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