Svedka Vodka

Svedka Vodka Review
  • As a Mixer - 85%
  • As a Martini - 86%
  • Cost - 75%
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Svedka Vodka
a Review on a Popular Brand

Svedka Vodka vs the Best Vodkas

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Is Svedka among the Best?

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If you believe that the Wine Enthusiast knows anything about alcohol other than wine, then you would certainly have to consider Svedka vodka one of the best. You might be wondering why a cheap-martini-drinking guy who once tried to sell you on a $7.99, 1.75-liter of Taaka Vodka would even be asking a question about, best vodkas. After a few of the negative comments from readers and several headaches later, I’m now convinced that I had greatly over-rated Taaka.  Not that I ever said Taaka was necessarily a good Vodka, I just didn’t think it was bad enough to spoil My Top-10 Mixed Drinks List. I also felt that I could disguise any of it’s impure tastes by shaking it well with ice and mixing with olive juice.  I still think if you drink vodka and cranberry juice you’re crazy to buy anything else. However, if you’re a martini drinker like me, you will eventually come to dislike Taaka Vodka for it’s pungent aroma and rough bite.  So, a few weeks ago I went to the liquor store to find an upgraded Vodka that wouldn’t break the bank account. I found a really good vodka at a really good price.  Here’s how it all went down…Burnett’s Vodka is almost twice the price of Taaka, but for the price I thought it represented a cheap upgrade. So, I grabbed a 1.75 Liter bottle of Burnett’s Vodka and was about to head to the cash register with it, when the advertisement caught my eye: Svedka  (best value: $20.99) Actually, the Burnett’s Vodka was only$13.99, but the Svedka came with a little tag listing the Best Vodkas as rated by the Wine Enthusiast:

Svedka Vodka Rated Highly by Wine Enthusiast

Best Vodkas Rating by Wine Enthusiast

This will give you an idea how Wine Enthusiast rates Svedka among some more popular, more expensive brands. I will warn you, however, that Wine Enthusiast doesn’t appear to have a real good grasp on premium vodka. Grey Goose is consistently ranked inferior among vodka drinkers. Maybe they only know wine or maybe they are subconsciously influenced by the high price of this French brand, Grey Goose vodka.

  • Grey Goose: 94
  • Svedka: 93
  • Ketel One: 93
  • Stolichnaya: 91
  • Absolut: 90
  • SKYY: 89

The price of the Svedka is considerably less than the number one, Grey Goose and the Ketel One which it tied for second. I figured $21.00 for a vodka that ranked right up their with the best was a bargain. I decided to give it a try, believing that it would probably not taste so good that it would replace Burnett’s Vodka or another less expensive brand for my everyday martin-making vodka. Boy, was I wrong. Maybe, it’s just the hard-core training I had with the Taaka, but I never appreciated a martini more than the first one made with Svedka Vodka. Since my first purchase, I’ve bought Svedka two more times and I don’t think I will ever bother to downgrade vodka again. I really look forward to martinis made with Svedka almost as much as I do a good quality gin. During my Taaka days, I was wondering why I was getting headaches the next day after drinking just two martinis. If it wasn’t for the fact the Svedka Vodka is so smooth and clean tasting that it tempts me to drink three martinis instead of two, I am pretty certain the headaches would be fewer with this vodka, too. I am not sure what other ‘experts’ have said about Svedka, but in my opinion, neither Grey Goose nor Ketel One Vodka is worth a penny more. Even better news is that I have found Svedka on sale for even less money than the $21.00 that I paid the first time. I’ve seen Svedka Vodka in the 1.75 liter for as low as $17.99. That is indeed a bargain which a vodka martini drinker cannot afford to pass up with his olives. Svedka Vodka deserves to be mentioned among the best vodkas.

Highly Recommended


Long Term Svedka Impression

Svedka has some very redeeming qualities which are evident by the fact I keep coming back to it after I’ve tried so many other vodkas. I think one of the characteristics that makes Svedka such an endearing vodka is its versatility. Svedka vodka tastes smooth and refreshing whether you choose to sip it; shoot or shake in a martini. It is good enough that you don’t have to add kool-aid or lime juice to enjoy drinking it on the rocks. Of course, my favorite way to drink Svedka Vodka is shaken vigorously with ice in a stainless-steel shaker and poured into a martini glass, straight-up with a couple of olives.

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29 thoughts on “Svedka Vodka”

  1. +1 I tried svedka for the first time a few months ago. I normally drink whiskey or vodka and for vodka I had been a firm Grey Goose drinker all my life. Tried Svedka and really really liked it. Fast forward to the present and me and Svedka are getting along together great. Definitely a good taste! Wife and friends all agree as well. Perfect on it’s own but also really enhances the taste of mixes.

  2. I ran across Svedka around Xmas time and boy was I supprised to find out how good it was. I would rank it right up with the best that I have ever tasted. I find it smooth with no after bite no matter how you drink it. The price is also great compared to the other top shelf ones. Great Vodka!

    1. Dennis,

      If you liked Svedka, give Ruskova a try. Ruskova has become my favorite and I even found it at my local Costco Liquor Store affiliate for $12.99 in the 1.75 Liter bottle. Very tasty, smooth with nice overtones of vanilla and light pepper.

  3. i agree my college years went by drinking jager and sky blue which i disliked but my friends would chip in and most of them would go for it and 2 years ago i bought Svedka and since then everybody i know been drinking it. i never considered grey goose or ciroc only becouse i knew it was overpriced and most people drink it bc or its advertising by music industry.

  4. I’m a fan of Svedka too, although I have to say the both Grey Goose and Ketel One are noticeably better, and I believe my hangovers are lighter with them as well. For the price though, I don’t think Svedka can be beat – it is a great value, and being able to get a 1.75 for less than a fifth of my two favorites usually makes the decision for me.

  5. Was desperate for any kind of vodka to swish with, looking to dull the pain of an exposed nerve in a cracked wisdom. Was handed a bottle of Svedka. The taste was outstanding and so smooth, rather than spitting, I swollowed. Tooth pain gone, new favorite vodka found.

  6. Its Halloween, I stopped for a small bottle of vodka before a party. Wow, Svedvka! A new found friend. Try it, you’ll like it. Case closed. Can’t wait to take it rafting next June….

  7. Not the big time ciroc grey goose type guy i tried all of the big money drinks but this is a smoother and better drink than the rest i put all my friends on it and they love it job well done svedka

  8. I have taken 40 days off of drinking for Lent. Yes, that’s right: 40 days and 40 nights. I look forward to drinking my first Vodka Martini in about 21 days. I’ll let you know which one I choose. I’m really missing Svedka. 🙁

  9. I’m a wine drinker, but I went back to an occasional vodka a couple of years ago. And that’s when I discovered Swedka. The price was more than right. If you like Svekda, do yourself a favor and try Sobieski. About the same price and even smoother. Was a big Svedka fan until I tried Sobieski. On the rocks.

  10. I’ve been a fan of Ketel One, Absolute & Skye to name a few but discoverd Svedka a month ago and couldn’t believe the smooth crisp taste especially for the price. Thanks Svedka for producing a great product for a reasonable price……

  11. I do not like what you have done to the cirton vodka it is too sweet it is like drinking lemonade. I loved it before but now do not like it one bit. Wish you would have left well enough alone why do you tamper with things that are fine…..Guess I will have to find another vodka that is not like lemonade.


  12. Richard Swensom

    Swevdka is the only vodka that I drink but the quality control in the bottling department has much to be desired. Every 3 or 4 bottles, the plastic spout does not stay in place. Now, it has been 4 bottles in a row that it does not stay in place. Come on folks.

  13. Will agree with the previous person….love the vodkas but am sooooooooooo annoid with the plastic spout. HELLO?????? Please FIX!!!!!

  14. I think it’s an out standing, all around product. Great quality + reasonable price. You can afford to be creative and experimental with Svedka. Everyone should have a 1.75 hanging around!

  15. I am a Kettle drinker but i can’t handle the price tag all the time.I bought Svedka because it is distilled the same amount of times made with wheat(important to me) and only $17.99 for a big bottle.I am glad i tried it at this price and taste i can buy more often.

  16. Vic Hauber Sr.

    I like of the taste of your vodka, but I stopped buying It because It’s too hard to open! The cap Is smooth, and the last 1.5 I bought Took 3 of us to get the cap off! We ran It under water, banged It on the bar, and no luck! I finally got It open with a box cutter by cutting the nibs holding the cap on! If I can make a suggestion, put some grooves on your cap like most all of the 1.5′ I usually buy! Good luck!

    1. I love Svedka but every bottle regardless of size is a challenge to open. I always have to peal off the first lip of the orange wrapper. However the other day, the metal cap unraveled & 2 shards of metal sliced through 2 fingers. My friends have the same struggle. Shouldn’t have to use sharp objects and imagination to open a bottle of anything. Surely many others have complained. I am a member of Total Wine & Spirits which can prove how many bottles I’ve bought (just from them). Come on Svedka, fix this!

  17. I am a Stoli drinker and buy it inexpensively in the Caribbean. Having run out of Stoli temporarily I did some research to find a temporary substitute made from grain. Svedka received good marks and I bought a liter to try out. When I first opened the bottle there was a very mild fishy smell, but not too annoying. The second day the smell was gone and replaced with a very mild ethanol smell. The taste both times was extremely clean and I am most impressed with this vodka. At $10/liter I’ll keep drinking my Stoli, but I think Svedka is a heck of a good vodka for the price. Highly recommended.

  18. I love your Vodka!!! It is so smooth and delightful…I am glad I finally true it. Wished I did years ago. Thx for creating it!
    PJ Brown

  19. I find the article dismissing the Wine Spectator ratings rather ludicrous. I happen to agree with most of their ratings and I drink plenty of Vodka. there are two types of Vodka drinkers and the ones on the high end look for smoothness beyond the norm. Grey Goose is a great Vodka regardless of where it would be from. I often try lots of Russian Vodkas that aren’t necessarily available commercially in the US. The best of them are even better than Great Goose but they are all in that vein, strong but smooth. In other words, Grey Goose may not be the best Vodka in the world but it is among the best when considering availability. Zyr Vodka is another excellent example. To the point, the smoothness aspect of a Vodka is what gives it the best enjoyment when drinking it straight. For the price, Svedka is a great bargain. No, it won’t beat Grey Goose, Uluvka, or Zyr but what lacks in taste it makes for it in smoothness. In my opinion much better than other Vodkas like Tito’s which commands a slightly higher price.

  20. I don’t know if it is a good vodka or not,. I can’t get the bottle open. The seal on the stopper requires a chain saw, a razor knife and pair of pliers and when you finally get it open you cant reseal to prevent alcohol evaporation. what Idiot designed this.. It is a bottle of vodka and not the chastity belt for Ursal Andres. ( I busted that on one in 3 minutes) Get the closure and opening fixed for easy opening and I will reconsider. for now I can’t get into the bottle.

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