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Papua New Guinea Coffee

The Scoop on Papua New Guinea

If you have trouble pronouncing or remembering how to spell it,  the chances are pretty good it’s either the name of a gourmet coffee or a country you know nothing about. In this case, it’s both. Papua New Guinea Coffee is a delicious gourmet coffee that you can buy in 3lb bags at Costo for $13.99. Of course, this is also indeed a country located in the southwest pacific on the island of New Guinea, but I’ll talk about that in an upcoming review on the top-10, most often mispronounced vacation spots. For now, we’ll talk about the delicious coffee that comes from the region and place where it originated: Costco. Okay, not really. While Costco does roast and sell the coffee in its stores, the coffee beans do in fact come from the southwestern pacific island of New Guinea, in Oceania just north of Australia. New Guinea is the second largest island in the world with an ideal, volcanic altitude and climate for growing excellent coffee beans.

Where to Buy

At Costco, Papua New Guinea Coffee can be found in the coffee aisle, packaged in a black and orange, 3lb, bag with a blue butterfly on it. Papua New Guinea is labeled as a Kirkland Signature brand coffee and sells for just $13.99.

As I’ve mentioned in previous coffee articles, the Kirkland Roasted-by-Starbucks brand of Coffee in the 2lb bags for just $9.99 has been my favorite for years. I like it not just for the price, but for the consistent freshness, roast and taste. The green-bag roasted-by-Starbucks coffee really is the closest thing I’ve found to being able to make a fresh, Starbucks-tasting cup of coffee at home. Over the last several years, I’ll confess that I’ve gotten bored and curious and have tasted some of the other brands and varieties on the Costco coffee aisle. In each and every case, I’ve always ended up disapointed and looked forward to finishing them, so I could go back to my old-standby in the green, 2lb bag. When I saw the 3lb bag of Papau New Guinea, I became tempted one more time.

I already knew that Papau New Guinea was considered an excellent brand of gourmet coffee because I’ve spotted it for sale at the coffee shops for about $13.00 for just a 1lb bag. For just $13.99 for a huge, 3lb bag I had to take a chance on the Costco version; despite the fact there was no label informing me that the Papua New Guinea was roasted by Starbucks as it is in the green bags. The graphic icon on the bag did indicate that it was near the dark end of the roast spectrum which. I like really dark coffee roast, but not the very darkest like Espresso.  This one looked just right. I threw the bag in my cart and headed home.

I’m pleased to say that the Papua New Guinea coffee is not just a bargain for its low price, but for it’s incredible roast quality and taste. From the moment I opened the bag and smelled its freshness and examined the perfectly roasted dark beans with the shiny oil around them, I knew it was a great roast. I would describe this Kirkland Signature brand as being superior to my old favorite in the green bags. The taste is a bit darker, deeper, earthy and more complex. While I enjoyed it the first time I brewed it, I didn’t fully appreciate it as my favorite until the 3rd or 4th time.  After a week of drinking the Kirkland Papua New Guinea, I can honestly admit that it is now my new favorite coffee. As quickly as I go through a 1lb bag of coffee, I could never afford to drink something this good every day if I purchased it at Starbucks. The 3lb bags at Starbucks should last me 3-4 weeks. $14.00 – $17.00 a month for quality coffee seems too good to be true.

Papua New Guinea Coffee: Final Tasting Note

One last note: While I’ve recommended them only for lighter roasts, the Papua New Guinea is excellent in my Westbend Percolator. The intensity of the flavor, if anything, is turned up a notch when it is brewed and poured piping hot from the percolator. The aroma of percolated Papua New Guinea coffee in your kitchen will rival  Starbucks on its best day and save you a good amount of money in the process.

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3 thoughts on “Papua New Guinea Coffee Review”

  1. Folks,

    I think I’m going to have to disagree with something I said earlier. I am allowed to debate my own opinions, aren’t I? I think so, after all, this is my own blog; so here goes: This morning I used the percolator to make the Papua New Guinea Coffee and it just wasn’t the same. I think the intense heat of the percolator actually over extracts or destroys some of the delicate, complex flavors I’ve learned to enjoy from this coffee brand the last few days. This morning, I used the percolator for the first time since buying the Papua New Guinea and I immediately sensed the flavor was missing something. I’m convinced, that I will have to spend some money on a really good coffee maker one of these days. My Mr. Coffee Maker, after 6 months, is still leaving a plastic odor and taste. Do any of you have any recommendations on excellent coffee makers? Please leave us your opinions.



  2. I have tried many coffee makers in search of a way to make really great coffee. My suggestion to you Rob is for you to find a coffee pot that is number one “drip” and number two has an aluminum carafe that is made just for the pot you are using and with no heating element. Keeping coffee hot on a burner ruins the taste. The longer it is heated the more it taste bad. The carafe keeps it hot and does not destroy the taste.


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