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Eljer Toilets
Eljer One Piece Toilet

Can we talk about toilets? There is simply not enough talk about toilets these days. What is it about toilets? We all use them; we all need them, we all rely on them, but nobody wants to talk about them. Seriously, there is a reason I am about to discuss Eljer Toilets and it has nothing to with my father owning the company. For one thing, my Dad is retired and has never had anything to do with the company. In fact, I am not sure he has ever even used  Eljer toilets, let alone sold one. Secondly, if he did work for Eljer, I’d probably be busy making and selling toilets instead of writing about them. Actually, my real motivation is the same as it is with all of the review articles.  It begins with my own needs and personal interest in the topic. Recently, I wanted to look up some reviews on toilets and regrettably found the online web of information to be woefully lacking.  I ended up at a place called, Eljer. Well, it’s time I either –$$ or get off the pot, so let me explain how I got the news about them.

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I moved into an 18-year old house about 3 years ago. In the four bathrooms of this house, there are four toilets. No surprise there, but allow me to elaborate: Two of them are very old fashioned toilets which flush loudly as the water swirls around in the bowl, sometimes failing to get everything flushed on the first try. No big deal, this is standard fare for the vast majority of toilets most of us probably use in our homes. On the other hand, the other two toilets in my home are a thing of beauty; not so much for their looks but for their performance.  There is no question which is the Best Toilet in our household. Made by Toto, these are very nicely shaped pieces of bathroom furniture with the flush handles on the sides. They flush quietly, quickly and efficiently in just one try. These first-class toilets are a brand called, Toto. Obviously, these are upgraded home fixtures that did not originally come with my home when it was built 18 years before I bought it. Unfortunately, I became a bit spoiled when I realized how badly they put my other two toilets to shame. Once you’ve flushed a Toto Toilet, you never want to use anything else …- (unless you have to go really bad.) Well, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but wouldn’t it be nice to have toilets like these in all of our home’s bathrooms? I assumed a Toto Toilet would cost me a small fortune, but  surprisingly they’re not that bad. The question is, can we do better? What else is out there?

Corner Eljer Toilet
Corner Eljer Toilet

Some quick research on Toto Toilets reveals that they can range in price from $300 to $3,000. The ones in my home appear to be in the $500-$600 range. They are elongated and rated at 1.6GPF / 6.0LPF which seems to be the standard in premium toilet brands.  Mine are two-piece fixtures, where-as some of the other models are all in one piece as is the Eljer model pictured to the left. Eljer is the one other highly rated brand, but unlike Toto I have no experience with them.  Eljer seems to be priced about the same. I’ve seen two-piece, elongated 1.6GPF/6.0LPF elongated toilets which appear to be identical to my Toto, for about $350 – $400 and they come in 4 different colors: White, Bone, Biscuit and Onyx. I was also impressed with the creative, elegant designs of the Eljer. See to the left a diagonal shaped fixture which is perfect for the corner of a bathroom, saving you lots of valuable space. Ahhh, such a tough decision. I already know that the Toto is an excellent product, so why gamble on the Eljer unless I can be sure it is every bit as good for a lesser price?  The summaries and reviews I’ve read between Toto give no clear winner, nor any clear price advantage.  I should also mention that both Toto and Eljer seem to have a good selection of accessories to match. If you need a new toilet seat, they have them! I will have to tell you the story someday about a friend who lost his American Standard Toilet Seat, but that story is for another day or perhaps a dedicated review on American Standard Toilet Seats. What I can tell you that I’ve learned about toilets is that the elongated bowls give you a more comfortable seat and a larger water surface area which results in a more powerful flushing system. The one-piece designs are easier to clean, and offer lower, easier access for those with disabilities. They come in an elongated shape too. If looks, comfort and cleanliness are attractive benefits, the one piece design is the way to go if it’s in your price range. The corner shaped Eljer Toilets are awesome. Their main benefit, obviously, is for saving space, provided that your bathroom and plumbing will accommodate one.  Eljer is the brand to look at, if you’re interested in a corner toilet. The one thing I haven’t decided upon is the difference in quality between the Toto and Eljer Toilets.  That’s where you experienced toilet users can help.

I plan on investing in two new toilets by the end of this summer. I am looking for comments from experienced Toto and Eljer users. I’m leaning towards eljer toilets. Eljer Toilets are a great looking home appliance.  Please leave us your comments and feedback below. Meanwhile, I will provide updated details and facts on these two brands as I gain more information from trusted resources; mainly those who have used them. Your comments and experience with Eljer would be greatly appreciated.


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