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Are you looking for a more comfortable or orthopedic chair for your office? Me too! I was using a high-back office chair
that I purchased from Office Depot a few years ago for $99.00 and it never felt good to me. Part of the problem with high back office chairs is that the arms get in the way of the slide out ledge where the mouse is used. The other problem with some high back office chairs like these is that they just don’t offer very good support and ergonomics for typing and mousing on your computer. My uncomfortable office chair would always cause me to lean forward, so I decided to find something better. I’ve found some things to keep in mind when shopping for an ergonomic office chair.

I wouldn’t rule out high back office chairs; but make sure the height is adjusted so that the arms are level with your mouse and arm.  The next issue is back support. You need to be able to reach your keyboard, mouse, telephone, pen and paper without slouching in your chair. Slouching is hard on the back and there is no reason that any office chair cannot be considered an orthopedic chair or ergonomic chair if it is built right.  Furthermore, even an ergonomic or orthopedic chair can give you relaxation when you want to recline or lean back a bit. Whether you want an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, High Back Office Chair, Orthopedic Chair or an Executive Leather Office Chair there are choices out there that are practical, affordable and still give you the support you need while you work at your desk. Let me list a few quality Office Chairs that will make you look forward to working at your desk each and every day – or if you’re a workaholic, even at night.

Aeron Chair

The Aeron Chair,  by HermanMiller is so artistic and advanced-looking that it has been placed in the museum of modern arts. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to a museum to enjoy the natural comfort of one of these chairs in your office or home. The Aeron chair uses innovative technology that naturally adapts to the body of every sitter.  Also, if ecology matters to you, the Aeron Chair is 94% recyclable. I have yet to meet an Aeron Chair owner who isn’t 100% attached to this high quality product.


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