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Looking for Concrete Crack Repair Tips? A few cracks in a driveway or patio are nothing to worry about.  However, a cement driveway that begins to crumble from erosion is probably going to cause more problems than is worth the hassle of trying to repair yourself. I speak from experience. My own driveway concrete crack repair job failed for two reasons:

  1. The Driveway was improperly surfaced with a very thin layer of cement that was quickly destroyed by salt and shoveling in the winter
  2. I did not properly prepare the concrete before I stained it with Behr Concrete Paint

Using DAP Patch for Concrete Crack Repair

I was quite happy with the repair job I did two years ago with DAP concrete Patch, but only for a short while. The problem was that the color of the patch didn’t match the color of the cement and I ended up with a very spotted driveway. The Behr Cement Stain would have helped, but I failed to use a color that matched and I failed to properly prepare the surface as described by Behr.
Today, I am getting quotes on a new driveway resurfacing job. The fact that my driveway faces due north and suffers from the ice and snow of the brutal winters made me think twice about resurfacing with a conventional concrete surface. It is impossible to shovel the cold, bottom layer of ice from my driveway in the winter due to it’s northern exposure. Yet, if I don’t do something about the ice in the way of salt or heavy chipping with a shovel, someone is likely to injure themselves and sue me. One cement contractor thoughtfully pointed out to me, that even if you don’t use salt or magnesium chloride on your driveway, it is likely to find its way on to the surface from cars that are driving into the garage or parking there in the winter. The only solution is a surface that is resistant to salt and magnesium chloride. I’ve found a couple of contractors that provide an acrylic based or polymer surface which will allow you to use salt to keep your driveway and front porch clear of ice during the snowy winter days. They offer a warranty as long as you pay them a small fee once every two years to re-stain the surface to keep it protected. That seems like a fair deal to me and it makes sense when I consider the problems I had trying to stain my own driveway over a year ago. The cost is around $4.50 to $8.00 per square foot depending on whether or not you choose a basic concrete appearance or something more decorative in the way of a stamped surface. I think I will go for the standard-looking concrete driveway with something a little more decorative for the porch. A stoned surface is something I am considering for the porch, but was told that it is not the most durable way to do a driveway due to the way heavy car wheels turn and peel away at the stone surface.

Concrete Crack Repair Alternatives

The couple of things that I learned from the two estimates I’ve received so far is this: Surface damage can be avoided with proper, regular staining. Driveway cracks are unpredictable, and therefore usually not included in the warranty of any driveway repair job. I do have a couple of minor cracks in my driveway, but those are not a concern for me. Concrete Crack Repair with Dap Concrete Patch and using some proper Driveway Paint is not nearly as daunting of a task as repairing out-of-control chips and erosion. The other consideration for some people is a Tar Driveway, but I doubt that is allowed in a covenant neighborhood.

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