Bottled Water Brands

What are Brands of Water?

It may seem ridiculous to spend your money on something that comes free out of your home’s tap, but not all water is created equal. Being raised in the Denver area, I feel very privileged about the water in my home. The water here is usually cold and almost always fresh-tasting and pure of any fishy tastes, sand and sediment. Yet, even thought I find the water coming from my faucet to be excellent most of the time, I still appreciate the convenience of bottled water. If you have tried a variety of Bottled Water Brands, you quickly learned that they can vary greatly in taste and price.

Bottled Waters with Good Taste

Being in a region that has decent water, the last thing I want to do is pay good money for bottled brands of water. Most of the bottled water brands taste really good, but I’m not willing to pay a great deal of money for them. So, what is the best water for the best price? Let me start by telling you which one is not. There is one brand of bottled water that tastes every bit as cheap as it’s price. I am talking about Arrowhead. I am unsure how a manufacturer or bottler could screw up something as simple as water, but Arrowhead has done it. Arrowhead is the flattest, most foul-tasting of any bottled water I’ve ever tried. Taking a sip or gulp of Arrowhead water is about as refreshing as trying to suck the sweat from your moldy socks. While I’m picking on Arrowhead, I will also add that it deserves consideration for worst product packaging nomination. Have you ever successfully opened a bottle of Arrowhead without getting wet? Try twisting the lid off one of these bottles without getting your sleeves drenched. I’ve found out the secret of how to open a bottle of Arrowhead, but why should I waste my time teaching you something you don’t have to use? There are other bottled water brands that are nearly as inexpensive, but far better tasting and easier to open.


For pure taste, my two favorites are Dasani and Aquafina. These two brands are extremely refreshing and thanks to competition, are really not that expensive anymore, especially since you can find them frequently on sale. For overall value, you can’t beat Kroger’s Big-K or Costco’s own Kirkland brand bottled water. For $3 or $4 you can get a 24 pack of Big-K or Kirkland. While the taste is not quite as special and refreshing as Dasani or Aquafina it is still good. Their convenience makes them well worth the low price. At a price of $2.99 for a 24-pack, buying bottled brands of water becomes much more palatable.

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  1. I can’t believe you chose Dasani and Aquafina as the best. Well, you just confirmed that you have no taste and your recommendation is worthless. These two waters are plain tap water that is purified by reverse osmosis – which essentially makes them dead water. RO strips water of natural properties and minerals, givig it no flavor or character, and no nutrients. All these RO waters taste the same, and they all leave a bad aftertaste. I know some natural waters don’t taste that great either, like Evian. But waters like Fiji, Kiwaii and Aqua Panna are the best.

  2. Thank you for your comment on Bottled Water, Brad. I’ve tried Fiji, but have not tried Kiwaii and Aqua Panna. My personal preference for water has to do with price and convenience as well as taste. It doesn’t bother me if bottled water comes from the tap as long as the taste is good and its sanitary. The quality of tap water across the world varies far more than the quality of bottled water from brand to brand. I’ve been spoiled growing up with Denver Metro water where we don’t need a bottled water dispenser or purifier in our home. The water tastes pretty darn good out of the tap. I’ve also found that some of those purified bottled waters are not as satisfying as the water coming out of the tap. Aquafina and Dasani quench my thirst and they certainly DO NOT taste the same to me. Whatever aftertaste they have satisfies my craving for water. Some waters are too flat and have absolutely none of those properties. Fiji isn’t so much better that I’d pay the extra money for it. I’ll have to give those other two bottled water brands a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Kind Regards,


  3. The article was funny. As far as his choosing of good water? I read an article from Shine called best and worst bottled water (google it) and it gave both of his favorite waters a big whopping ‘D’ I have had most waters with exception to Madonna’s favorite Kabala water, figi, & evian only because they want an arm and a leg. I drink Kroger water because it is very cheap (just got a 24pk for $2.00, but I guess free and cheap comes with a price; Kroger water received an ‘F’ The best water? Pure Life Purified Water made by Nestle, Gerber and a water I have never heard of called, Penta Ultra-Purified Water. The grade that these 3 received was a, ‘B’ So who received an, ‘A’? Good ole fashioned Tap Water lol. The EWG, who I guess are like the FDA gave these ratings to 173 bottled water companies. Maybe they are hyping up bottled due to plastic messing up our environment. So where would we be without bottled water? I am in the military. That is what is used during war time. We also give bottled water to a lot of 3rd world countries. So is bottled water a good thing or a bad thing? To me that question brings back memories of an old Tootsie roll pop commercial;”how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a Tootsie pop? The world may never know



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