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“You don’t know jack about Dog Food unless you’ve tried Bil Jac Dog Food.” Or so, this is what satisfied Bil-Jac-Dog-Food-buying-dog-owners have told me. When I did my Dog Food Reviews and Comparisons over a year ago, I completely over looked this brand of dog food which a great number of dog owners seem to love. A few, rather disgruntled dog owners let me know that any Dog Food Ratings that didn’t include Bil jac was not worth the cheap LCD computer screen it was typed on. For some reason, Bil Jac dog food was not on my list of premium brand dog foods. My research brought me to brands like Evangers, Innova, By-Nature and Wellness, but by Jove, there was no Bil Jacin the mix! When I looked online for premium brands of dog food, the name didn’t come up at all. Yet, if you do a search for well-liked, appreciated brands of dog food, Bil Jac is at the very top. Perhaps, the other reason Bil Jac Dog Food does not come up too often is because it’s hard to find. I decided it would be well worth my time to provide some information on the product and where it can be bought at prices that are quite reasonable. But first of all, what is it that people (or dogs) like so much about it?

The one thing all dog owners seem to agree on is that their dogs love the taste of Bil Jac Dry Dog Food.  Dogs tend to get a little pickier about dry food as they get older, but this doesn’t seem to be the case when you are feeding them Bil-Jac dry dog food formula. So, what is in Bil Jac Dog Food that makes it so tasty? By-Products! While, the advertisers of more expensive premium brands boast how their dog food contains no by-products, Bil-Jac does just the opposite. The very first ingredient is Chicken By-Products (Organ meat only). Now, the way I see it, by-products in the form of organ meat cannot possibly be bad, especially if you’re a dog. When an animal eats in the wild, do you suppose they carefully eat around the insides and pick out only the flesh? Of course not! Dogs in the wild eat the entire animal, organs and all. Those by-products are full of natural nutrition and vitamins that your dog is likely to not get enough of from the meat of an their kill, alone. By-Products may get a bad-rap based on other unhealthy grains, scraps and harmful ingredients they be contained in the processing of the food, but this isn’t the case with Bil-Jac which contains only organ meat. In addition to by-products, Bil-Jac does contain some real chicken meat, as well as vegetables, molasses, salt and plenty of essential vitamin supplements like Niacin, B12, Folic Acid, etc., etc. What you won’t find in the ingredients of Bil-Jac Dog Food is any of the dreaded corn, wheat and grains that really don’t belong in a dog’s diet. What’s wrong with by-products if they’re in the form of natural organ meat? The answer is, absolutely nothing. In my estimation, not only is Bil-Jac an extremely healthy food, but dogs love it because it contains the natural by-products their bodies want and need. It seems to me that some of the uppity, higher-class dog food companies are spending so much time making their dog food fit for human consumption that they are forgetting it’s not for us – it’s for our dogs. Bil-Jac is a 5-Star Dog Food.

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