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I need the best coffee thermos money can buy. Why? I work at a small office where no one else drinks coffee. I don’t like having to brew a cup of coffee at home and then twice more each day at the office. Can even the Best Coffee Thermos in the world keep my coffee hot enough and fresh enough?


Make a big pot of coffee at home and pour the rest of the coffee into a high quality coffee thermos that retains heat and keeps it fresh.


stainless steel thermos
Thermos Review

Best Coffee Thermos Review

Not all coffee thermoses are created equal. Finding the Best Coffee Thermos will take some research. I’ve tried about 4 or 5 different brands of thermoses over the last few years. I’ve tried Insulated Coffee Thermoses, Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Thermoses. My latest is called a, Vacuum Stainless Steel Coffee Thermos by Liquid Solutions. Below is my comparison of all of the thermoses that I’ve tried at the office in the last 6 years. Below each brand, you can compare my own experience and opinions with other user reviews on the best coffee thermos.

Here is how I rate the following Thermoses in this Best Coffee Thermos Review

Thermos Brand Thermoses.

Best Coffee Thermos
Thermos Brand Thermos

I’ve found that Thermos Brandthermoses do one thing better than any of them: They keep your coffee piping hot. While, they do keep the coffee fresh, after repeated use they begin to accumulate odors which affects the flavor. The other two things I don’t like about Thermos brand is their durability and awkward sizes.  Because they have a thermal insert, they seem to come in unusually large sizes which are hard to carry around. Drop one and the insides will break. Unfortunately, there are no extra reviews on Thermos Brand Thermoses. You will just have to take my word for it:

Stanley Stainless Steel Thermos

Stanley Stainless Steel Best Coffee Thermos Review
Stanley Stainless Steel Thermos

Stanley is an attractive thermos that is durable and easy to keep clean. Unfortunately, the stainless steel, insulated material does not keep the coffee nearly as hot as the Thermos brand. I don’t believe it’s as well insulated as Thermos brand either because it doesn’t taste as fresh after an 8 hour day. Read what other consumers have to say about Stanley Brand Thermoses.

Liquid Solution Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos

LiquidSolution Best Coffee Thermos Review
Liquid Solution Thermos

The LiquidSolution is my latest thermos and I love it for the great, 34-jounce size in a small footprint. Also, it has a great carrying handle. This is very useful because slippery, stainless steel thermoses are easy to drop! I’ve done it many times. The LiquidSolution has vacuum lid with a button that you depress to squeeze out the air before you close it. This feels flimsy to me and I hate the sharp edges on the lid which practically cut into my hand when I want to close it tightly. The worst part is, I don’t think the vacuum lid keeps the coffee any hotter than the Stanley. After 6 hours, the coffee is not nearly as piping hot as it was when it was first poured. It does taste fresh, however, and the size and easy-cleaning design are beautiful. I love the 34-ounce capacity. Unfortunately, you will just have to take my word for it. I was unable to find other opinions for you on my LiquidSolution Brand thermos.

Nissan Stainless Steel Thermos

This is the one thermos that I have not tried.  I read some very good things about these before I got tempted into trying the LiquidSolution model at a Factory Surplus store. Users seem to be very pleased with how well Nissan Thermoses keeps their coffee hot and fresh:

2 thoughts on “Stainless Steel Thermos”

  1. I bought Liquid Solutions thermos while on holiday after losing my favorite Stanley Stainless. I hate it. Brand new, the rubber on the vacuum lid had a strong odor which I thought would air out. Instead it tainted every beverage and it seems to accumulate more tainted odor with each use. I’ve tried cleaning with Clorox, OxyClean, baking soda, lemon juice, dish detergent and sunshine. None made a difference. The problem is not the stainless. It’s definitely in the flexible, gray washer material in the plug. Made in China? Could this be more tainted Chinese goods? Anyone know how I can check. I am trying to complain to Liquid Solutions. Surely they warranty quality. Meanwhile, I’m on a hunt for a new Stanley. I prewarm with piping hot water before adding my beverage and it does very well for a days use.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience on your own Liquid Solutions Thermos. The odor on the Vacuum Lid doesn’t surprise me. It irks me when companies use lids that are nearly impossible to clean. What happened to a good old-fashioned, airtight lid that doesn’t get moisture in it? The Stanley Thermos I had seemed well made and everything, but to be honest, just did a lousy job keeping the coffee hot, even when I prepped it with the piping on water. I’m still looking for a medium to large sized Coffee Thermos that keeps the coffee hot and is easy to keep clean. If anyone knows a Thermos such as this, please share.




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