Fat and Cholesterol are Good For You

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fat and cholesterol are good for you
Cholesterol Book

Believe it: fat and cholesterol are good for you. If you are concerned about your saturated fat intake and/or cholesterol numbers, this is the only book you will ever need. If your doctor wants to put you on statin meds or is telling you that you need to watch your dietary fat intake, both you and your doctor need to read this eye-opening book by Dr. Uffe Ravnksov, MD/PHD. Trust me; most doctors need to read this book.

Fat and Cholesterol are Good For You is unlike any other Medical Book – or any book at all regarding medical opinions. Unlike the thousands of other health books you will find at your book store or library, there is no personal, monetary agenda behind this one at all. While reading this book it will become obvious to you that if Dr. Ravnskov has any financial goals behind this at all, it is only to help fund the enormous amount of meticulous research required to fight one of the world’s oldest and most dangerous medical myths. Dr. Ravnskov does not want to sell you vitamins, health advice or subscriptions to a newsletter. He isn’t trying to sell you tickets to an expensive seminar or website training video. You will know from the first few pages of his book that Dr. Ravnskov is only interested in revealing the truth in order to dismantle the long-held theory that has crippled mankind’s fight against heart disease and prevented thus far, the medical industry’s finding of an actual cure. Though this book does offer some very compelling evidence as to what is the true cause of coronary disease, it is quite obvious that the primary objective of Dr. Ranvksov is to set the record straight on what does not cause heart disease:  Mainly, Dietary Fat Intake and Blood Lipid Levels.

Fat and Cholesterol Are Good For you by Dr. Uffe Ravnskov

I first became familiar with Dr. Uffe Ravnksov through his website and earlier version of his book, The Cholesterol Myths.
This website, alone, is powerful evidence against the commonly accepted theories on cholesterol and dietary fat intake. Dr. Ravnskov has revealed nine of the most common cholesterol myths. By clicking on each one of these myths; you will get the details in the form of critical and interpretive analysis of the facts. This book is not one man’s opinion; it is chalk full of statistical analysis and facts. And in case, you don’t believe some of what he says, Dr. Ravnskov has painstakingly provided all of the footnotes so you can check his research for accuracy, yourself. In fact, Dr. Ravnksov refers to the very same medical studies which have been used by Drug companies and the imitation oil industry for year in order to persuade us to take expensive prescription drugs and use imitation oils in place of healthier, more natural animal fats. If you find his website logical, accurate and intriguing – and I am sure you will – you will not hesitate to buy the book.

I cannot recommend this book enough, especially if you are a seemingly healthy individual like me, who has been told that your cholesterol is too high or that you need to start eating a low-fat, bland diet in favor of rich, satisfying and healthy food. Read this book with an open, but critical mind. Thanks to the exhaustive foot-notes, you can always verify the accuracy with medical journals later. If you do have that so-called, dreaded mythical disease known as,  ‘high cholesterol’, a simple, $25 book will save you thousands in statin prescription medications. Your liver will thank you too!

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