Acidophilus Pearls

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Acidophilus Pearls

As my past two articles on this topic should indicate: (Top-5 Probiotics and Best Probiotic), I am a big believer in Probiotics as a way to keep your digestive and immune system healthy. In my 7 or 8 years of experience taking probiotics or acidophilus, I have no doubt that they work, but I also have learned that they are by-no-means, all created equal. Some brands of Probiotics can be very expensive, but how can we be sure they are worth the extra money? The Acidophilus Pearls is by far one of the most popular, but it is also among the very most expensive. I’ve found three others that I believe are extremely effective at subduing bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and other IBS symptoms:

  • Primadophilus Reuteri
  • Sustenex
  • Acidophilus Pearls

I have read nothing but positive reviews on Acidophilus Pearls, but they are at least 2-3 times as expensive as these other three brands. Acidophilus Pearls used to be very affordable when I first discovered them about 6 years ago at my local vitamin store. Unfortunately, as word got out on how effective it was, the price on this popular variety of Acidophilus Pearls went up accordingly. A 90-capsule bottle of Acidophilus Pearls costs about $17.00 and it needs to be refrigerated. Sustenex, on the other hand, requires no refrigeration and costs about $13.00 for a 30-capsule package. Acidophilus Pearls, also require no refrigeration, and the average price is around $14-$15.00 at my local vitamin store. Align Probiotics also require no refrigeration and sell for about $30.00 for a 30-Capsule package. How do we decide if they’re worth the extra money? I’ve already learned that Sustenex, Acidophilus Pearls and Reuteri probiotics work pretty well for me, so what could possibly make me believe that Align Probiotics are worth the extra money? There is only one way to make a case for the Best Probiotics: That is, what do people say about them?

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