Everclear Alcohol as a Low Calorie Drink

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Everclear Alcohol as a Low Calorie Drink or Mixer

Everclear Alcohol Low Calorie Drink

The answer to a good low calorie drink might include Everclear alcohol. They say it’s never a good idea to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. That may be true if you’re not worried about gaining a little weight. By the same token, alcohol is full of ‘empty calories’. So, how can adding empty calories on an empty stomach possibly do us any harm? What it really means is that we run the risk of putting on extra weight by adding calories to our diet that our bodies don’t need.  Whether we drink or not, we still need to fuel our bodies with three square meals a day. Alcohol is not part of a daily, balanced diet, though I often try to prove that idea wrong. Everclear alcohol might be a bad tool for proving that idea.

Everclear Alcohol Calories

So, what do you do if you are a moderate drinker that likes to enjoy a couple of cocktails before a meal; a couple of glasses of wine with dinner … or both? I think it’s important to know what we’re putting in our drinks in addition to the alcohol. A 1 ounce serving of 100% alcohol would contain about 200 calories. I used the nutrition label on a bottle of Everclear Alcohol to deduce this simple bit of math. A 190 Proof, 1 ounce serving of Everclear alcohol contains about 190 calories. But, who wants to drink Everclear Alcohol? The more popular and tasteful liquors like Vodka, Gin, Scotch and Bourbon are usually 80-90 proof. So an equal, 1 ounce serving of our favorite liquors should contain less than half the calories of 100% alcohol. This is good news, because it requires a little more than an ounce of our favorite liquors to make a decent drink. Here’s where the math adds up, though. Let’s say you like Bourbon and Coke. 5 Ounces of coke add about another 60 calories to the 100 calories that’s already in your bourbon. If you have two of those, that’s 320 calories. That’s nearly enough calories to satisfy a McDonald’s patron, yet you still have to save room for dinner. My advice is to learn to enjoy Martini’s, Rob Roys and other drinks which are mostly made from alcohol.

Everclear Low Calorie Drink as a Mixer

Alcohol and other ingredients just don’t mix well with a daily drink regimen restricted by calorie requirements. There are some popular cocktails that will provide you with the enjoyment of a couple of drinks without adding a bunch of unnecessary calories to your daily diet. Literally all of my top-5 Low Calorie Drinks are various versions of martinis. Becoming a straight-up, martini drinker will give you a better appreciation for the different brands of liquor and how they taste. The pleasant relaxation you feel from drinking a good martini will keep you from ever going back to the habit of mixing your booze with calorie-heavy soft drinks, juices and other liquids that hide its true flavor. You can have two of these a day without adding more than 200 calories to your diet. Of Course, you can adjust the quantity of alcohol based on your weight and tastes. 1.5oz makes a rather small martini, so use your own judgment. Depending on the size of your martini glass, you may choose to go with 3 small drinks or 2 large ones and still be under 400 calories a day for your daily alcohol intake.

Top-5 Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

  • Everclear Alcohol Cocktail. 2 OZ 190 proof of Everclear; shaken, not stirred, Served straight up – or over ice.Calories: 180 (Hint: This won’t taste very good. Try adding some lime or olive juice)
  • Gin or Vodka Martini: Whether you like a clean or dirty martini, use 2.5 OZ 80-86 proof gin or vodka shaken, not stirred. Served straight up over olives, lemon or lime slice. Wet the glass with vermouth, if you must.Calories: 145-150Add 5 calories per olive w/pimento. (Hint: You can remove the pimentos to save even more calories!)
  • Rob Roy: 2.5oz of 80-86 proof scotch plus 1/2 Ounce mixture of sweet and dry vermouth; shaken with ice, not stirred. Serve Straight up over cherry.Calories:175-190Add 5 Calories for the cherry if you insist on eating it.
  • Manhattan2oz of 80-86 proof bourbon, plus ½ ounce of sweet vermouth; shaken with ice and served straight up with a cherry.Calories: 175-190Add 5 Calories for the cherry if you insist on eating it. (Hint: Save it for your 2nd one)
  • Healthy Cosmopolitan 2.5 OZ of Good Tequila (anything but Cuervo – yuck); a couple of squeezes of lime juice. Shake over ice and serve with a lime wedge.Calories: 145-150Question: Why shaken not stirred?Answer: Shaking the liquor with 3 or 4 ice cubes does a much better job of chilling the alcohol, without diluting it. Also, a shaken martini has such an appetizing frothy appearance to it when it is first poured. Finally, this is the way the suave, James Bond orders his martinis in the movies. One other cool tip: Use the martini glasses with the bent stem. You’ll see some on sale for just 99 cents at the bottom of the page!Make your next martini with Everclear Alcohol.

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