Daves Insanity Sauce

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Daves Insanity Sauce
Daves Insanity Sauce

Daves Insanity Sauce

Is Daves Insanity Sauce hottest hot sauce in the world? I would bet that most of us have met people in our lifetimes who claim that they can eat anything. They will proudly claim that they’ve never tried a pepper that was too hot. They think can eat the hottest chili in the world and any other number of spicy things that most normal men or women would not even dare to touch with their bare, naked lips. And if you tell them that you once ate something very hot, they will argue that it was nothing like the ridiculously, incredibly hot stuff they once had. That’s the way these boastful, hot-pepper people talk. If you know someone like this, maybe you should put them up to the task. I’m here to tell ya: Just a spoonful of Daves Insanity Sauce will have these manly, macho, hot-pepper-touting fools squealing like remorseful pigs before you can say, “pass the Cholula.” This stuff is not merely just another pepper sauce like Tabasco or Cholula hot sauce; it’s in a league all of its own. In fact, one dash of Daves Insanity Sauce will have you reaching for the Cholula or Tabasco to wash it down. I used to eat lunch with a guy at a Vietnamese Pho restaurant, who would squirt gobs of hot Sriracha sauce onto a spoonful of jalapenos and gobble them down like they were vanilla wafer cookies. Unlike some of the other hot-pepper connoisseurs I’ve known, he didn’t do this to brag, show-off or impress anyone. He simply thought it tasted good and judging by his expression, he never had a bite that was too hot. I often wondered if his taste buds were dead. If I run into him again, this is the one guy that I would like to introduce to Daves Insanity Sauce. If this guy can eat a bite of Dave’s without flinching, it might give him a reason to go back to work on developing another product. What should he call it? Dave’s Ultra Ridiculously Insane Insanity Sauce? Based on the hot pepper scoville heat scale alone, I don’t think Dave has much room for improvement.

How Much Is Daves Insanity Sauce?

If Daves Insanity Sauce is so dang, unbearably hot, you’re probably wondering why anyone would want to touch it, let alone eat it? Think of it this way: Daves Insanity Sauce, at about $5 – $6 a bottle, is a bargain. Think of it as an ultra condensed hot sauce that you mix with 50 parts water, soup, or any other number of large quantity foods or liquids. You can use a very small dash in a big, huge bowl of stew or chili to really spice it up. It will literally take 500 or more of these dashes to empty the entire bottle, so with Insanity Sauce, you are getting your money’s worth. Simply said, it goes a long way. Secondly, I’ve found that really hot, hot-sauces do a world of good for tasteless, dry meat like lean beef or dry, white chicken breast. With a microscopic dash of Dave’s along with a slather of barbecue sauce, ketchup or steak sauce, you can turn a dry slab of meat into a tasty, but very spicy delicacy. Dave’s Insanity Sauce is just not any good by itself; it’s too dang hot, but with large quantities of foods, sauces, soups and other ways to mix it, it becomes a powerful addition to your arsenal of kitchen food enhancers. Dave’s joins my Top-5 Hot Sauces List. Here they are:

  • Tabasco Hot Sauce


    Simplicity is tastefulness. Tabasco has the very pleasant taste of peppers, vinegar and salt. It is not overly hot, but makes just about anything you put on it come alive with flavor. Hint: Next time you make an omelet, coat it with Tabasco, turn it over in the pan a couple of times. Drizzle some more Tabasco on it just before serving. Tabasco is incredibly versatile. You can put it on just about anything; eggs, hamburgers, soup, even pasta.

  • Cholula Hot Sauce

    Cholula Hot Sauce

    Cholula has a very thick rich, Mexican chili flavor. Personally, I don’t think it is quite as versatile as Tabasco as a hot sauce. Because it is more seasoned, you might not want to use it on everything you eat, but it does go great with hamburgers or for dipping your fries. It is just a tad cooler than the same Tabasco. Hint: Cholula makes a great additive for a meat marinade. Add Cholula hot sauce to soy, whiskey, wine or whatever other liquids you use for your marinades.

  • Franks Hot Sauce

    Frank’s Hot Sauce

    I’ve never found a better chicken wings hot sauce than Franks. Franks is not quite as hot as Tabasco, but it’s a whole lot tangier, thicker and zestier. Frank’s is just bursting with tangy red pepper flavor. I use it as a dip, as well as a sauce for wings, fries and hamburgers.

  • Sontava

    Sontava Hot Sauce

    If you want to taste the true flavor of a Habanero pepper you gotta try Sontava. This is my very favorite Habanero sauce. Sontava is really hot, but it won’t kill you like Dave’s. The great thing about Sontava is the exotic, unique taste of the pepper. The Habanera, if you can get past the heat, really does have an unusual and exciting flavor. I use Sontava to improve the flavor of dry, white chicken or red meat. It will really liven up the most boring dinner.

  • Sriracha

    Sriracha Hot Sauce

    Awesome. Incredible. Sriracha is one of the tangiest most lively sauces I’ve ever had. This is the stuff they serve at Vietnamese restaurants for Pho and other dishes. I consider it an Asian version of Frank’s hot sauce. The heat is probably a tad hotter than Tabasco, but not nearly as hot as Sontava or Dave’s. No kitchen should be without Sriracha.
    Here’s a great Asian wings sauce recipe: Sriracha, Soy, Black Pepper and Brown Sugar. Try it!

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