Genie Garage Door Openers

Genie Garage Door Openers have been around since … forever.

Genie Garage Door Openers
Genie Promax Garage Door Opener

Genie Garage Door Openers have been around since George Washington chopped down the cherry tree. Well, okay, that’s not quite true. Genie built their very first garage door opener in 1954. Formerly, known as the Alliance Manufacturing Company and founded in 1923, Genie garage door openers used to build military products while America was at war. Alliance Manufacturing Company built things like voltage regulators, canteen handles and generators. After building their first garage door opener in 1954, Genie quickly became one of the innovators in the garage door opening industry. I recently replaced a Genie garage door opener in my home. Not because it conked out, but because it lasted so long that it lacked some of the modern innovations of electric garage door openers that were 10-15 years old! This is one of the reasons I was sold on Genie. But, there’s a little more to the story…

Genie Garage Door Openers: Parts

I moved into my home three years ago, so I inherited the Genie Opener that came with the double-sided door of my three-car garage. I also inherited the newer, Stanley Garage Door Opener for my single-car garage door. Because the Stanley garage door opener is newer, it included the more modern, garage door sensors safety feature. My Genie opener had held up well, but it lacked the safety of the garage door sensors on the sides to prevent the dangerously heavy door from closing on objects, animals or people that might get in the way. My house was built in 1989, so I suspect this was the original Genie garage door opener that came with the house. So, when the Genie garage door openers torsion spring broke on the right side of my single-car, garage door, I decided to get a new Genie for my double door while I was getting the garage door spring replacement on the opposite side. Knowing this current Genie lasted 16-years, I’m a believer in the quality of Genie parts so Why not go with another Genie product – but this time – with the safety of those mandatory garage door sensors?

Genie Promax Electric Garage Door Opener

The Genie Promax is a rugged, chain driven Security, electric garage door opener. The Promax is a Genie intellicode garage door opener; meaning you don’t have to mess with those funky dip-switches to set your security code. Security is set using some simple button-pressing on the garage door opener transmitter. Both remotes have to be programmed at the same time or one will not work. The remote that is mounted inside the garage includes two separate buttons: one for opening and closing the garage door and the other for turning on the light. The light can be programmed to stay on for 2, 5 or 10 minutes before it automatically shuts off. The Genie Promax also comes with two remotes and a very thorough garage door opener manual. Don’t worry if you lose your manual; it can be downloaded from their website.

Genie Garage Door Opener Remote

genie garage door openers remote
genie garage door remote

All Genie Openers come with two or more remotes. It would be nice if the Promax opener remote came with a separate button for turning the light on and off. All too often, my wife will get home before me and leave the garage door open, meaning the light has turned off as I drive into a dark garage. The Genie Promax is Homelink compatibile. Many modern cars are equipped with programmable Homelink buttons on the rear view mirror, which can be used to open and close your genie garage door opener. Surprisingly, this Homelink feature worked, even with my old Genie garage door openers.

Genie Promax Operation and Conclusion

The operation of the chain-driven, Promax Genie garage door openers are much quieter than my old opener, which was screw-driven. I also had a chain-driven Stanley Garage Door Opener in my old home that was whisper quiet despite claims that screw-driven openers are supposedly quieter. I love the range of my garage door remotes. I am able to open the door from 200 feet away! I can honestly say that I am completely happy with the Genie Promax Electric Garage Door Opener.

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  1. Quick follow up:

    After 4 weeks, I must say, the Genie Garage Door opener has been great. The remote control works from half-way down my street.Don’t wait too long to replace your old one. If it’s not safe, update it. You can’t go wrong with a professionally installed Genie.


  2. Genie is a very trust worthy brand for garage door openers. Since 1954, they made a lot of great stuff and really durable and reliable ones.


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