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Alkalol Sinus Remedy
Alkalol Sinus AlRemedy

When I wrote about Alkalol last year, I didn’t have enough experience with the product to realize how valuable it is as a sinus congestion preventative. I had used this sinus remedy in the past for treating head colds and sinus congestion, but usually stopped using it when my symptoms improved. As reported in my Neilmed Sinus Rinse, alkalol really helps. Since that time, I’ve learned that it not only helps clear up congestion, but it prevents it from occurring in the first place. For the last several years, I’ve had problems sleeping at night because the right side of my nose clogs up. It helps to sleep on my left side, but then I get sore and restless from not being able to roll over. If I attempt to sleep on my right side, I wake up with a stuffed up nasal passage and sinus headache underneath my right eye. I’ve tried so many things, including the Neilmed Sinus Rinse, which does help, but not completely.

It seems surprising to me that most people have never heard of this product, or know where to find it and how to use it. I decided it would be worth describing this sinus remedy solution in greater detail and how I use it to keep my nasal passages clear while I sleep at night.

Alkalol is a 16oz bottle of natural antiseptic including antiseptic, menthol, eucalyptol, camphor, oils of wintergreen, spearmint, pine, and cinnamon. It is actually a very pleasant smelling liquid. To use for sinus congestion, I recommend mixing a saline solution along with it into the neilmed sinus rinse container or any other type of sinus rinse dispenser. The Neilmed sinus rinse kit comes with individual packages of saline powder. If you’re a chronic sinus sufferer, you will want to learn to make your own saline mixture to save money. I use about 2/3rds salt to 1/3rd baking soda and keep a cup in the medicine cabinet with a small spoon. My procedure is to use both products together. The instructions on the bottle, recommend using it at full strength. I think it is way too strong for that and could actually do damage or irritate your sinuses if you breathe it up your nose at 100% strength. I tried it this way the very first time and it was extremely painful. Here is the way I use Alkalol: I fill the Neilmed sinus bottle with warm water up to about ½” below the recommended line. Next, I mix about 2/3rd teaspoon of the saline powder into the bottle, then fill it the rest of the way up with the solution. I screw the nose dropper and syringe onto the bottle and shake to mix. Next, I simply breath the solution through one nostril until it flows out the other. I do this until the bottle is empty. Aftewards, I rinse and thoroughly clean the bottle with soap and spray off with rubbing alcohol. Finally, I simply clean and gently blow my nose. You wouldn’t believe how refreshing and invigorating this feels and it keeps your nose feeling clear for hours. I do this procedure twice a day; once at night before bed and once in the morning. I have tried this extensively, on and off for the last 6 months and I am convinced that I sleep and breathe 100% better when I use the alkalol mixture as opposed to just a saline rinse, alone.

Another good reason for not using the product at full strength is the price. The price of a 16oz bottle is reasonable, but I’d go through several bottles a week if I was using it at full strength, twice a day. I’ve found alkalol for $4.99 a bottle at Safeway, in the sinus aisle; $4.39 at the Kmart Pharmacy, and for only $3.99 at the King Soopers Pharmacy. If you don’t see this in the aisle, ask the pharmacist for it. It is a completely natural antiseptic, so I’m not sure why it’s kept behind the pharmacy counter in most cases.

It can sometimes be difficult to find alkalol at the drug store of your favorite grocery store. Most often, you will have to ask the pharmacist for it, and in some cases they will not even stock it unless you ask them to! Don’t get caught off-guard with a stuffy head-cold or sinus infection without some on hand.

If you suffer from sinus congestion, particularly at night, please try my twice a day remedy of saline and alkalol. Please leave a comment on how well it works for you.

How well does Alkalol work for you?

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  1. I have just officially given my own rating of Alkalol. If you have used or tried Alkalol, please give us your impression of its effectiveness, side effects and value.



  2. I’ve been fighting with this nasal congestion (actually a chronicle rhinitis) for almost 20 years, I was sleeping with the nasal decongestant beside me, because I couldn’t breathe, (I really don’t know how much money I’ve spent on nasal decongestants all this time…). Three weeks ago my brother-in-law bought a Alkalol bottle from the CVS (he himself has some rhinitis and nasal congestion problems) and he said that Alkalol really helped him. So I tried it too. And this is no fairy tale, but I’ve been using Alkalol for three weeks now and things are better and better! And I didn’t use another nasal decongestant since I started to use Alkalol. On the first 2-3 days I thought that it has no effect, but after a week things got much better, and today I can say that I don’t have the rhinitis anymore!! And I didn’t even use it every day… This is really amazing for me!! This rhinitis was a real nightmare for me! And now it’s gone??? This stuff really works!! Thanks God for this!

  3. I have used alkalol mixed with salt water for years and have never had another sinus infection. My doctor recommended 1 cup of water, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 cup of alkalol mixture. I warm this in the microwave and snort one side at a time (then blow out). Save an empty bottle of alkalol to store the mixture. I keep it on hand and follow this procedure whenever I feel the need.

  4. Thanks, Sharon.

    Alkalol really is an amazing product for sinus relief or stuffy head cold congestion. Too bad the grocery stores pharmacies don’t keep it on their store shelves anymore. You have to ask a Pharmacist for it and sometimes they don’t even stock it.

    That’s why you buy it in advanced online:

    Buy Alkalol Online and Save

  5. I did the same thing you did about a year ago–I followed
    the instructions on the bottle, used Alkalol at full strength, was
    convinced that my brain was irreversibly on fire, and swore I would
    never use it again. And then I got the mother of all sinus
    infections. I had a head made of concrete, Afrin wasn’t working,
    antibiotics weren’t working, and to top it off, 3 days into the
    whole thing, I had a double ear infection because of the lack of
    drainage. I was miserable, and I did a little research online, and
    found that several people recommended mixing a very diluted alkalol
    with pre-mixed saline packets and warm water. I decided that
    anything had to be an improvement over my current state, and gave
    it another go. A sinkful of nasty mucus and 5 minutes later, I
    could already see a difference, and a repeat of the whole thing a
    few hours later left me able to breathe for the first time in days,
    and with doing it 4 times a day for another 3 days, the infection
    was gone. I haven’t had a sinus infection since or needed allergy
    meds since.

    • I never understood this: Why would the makers of Alkalol not provide some reasonable instructions about diluting before sucking up your nose. This product, at 100% strength is dangerous!

  6. I have used Alkolol for years and its kept me from getting sinus infections. However, last week I ran out and bought a new bottle. The new bottle is way to strong and very painful to use. I had to dilite it to about a teaspoon of Alkaolol to 8 oz of water, and it still burned a bit. (I’d been using about 50/50 Alkalol and water). And because I had to dilute it so much, I didn’t get all the benefits. I’m discouraged about the new bottle, because I’ve depended on this product for years to keep my sinuses healthy. Anybody else experienced this when buying a new bottle?

    • When did you first notice alkalol became much stronger? I started using it three years ago, and it’s always been extremely strong, undilluted.

      Thanks for the warning. Like I said, I cannot understand why alkalol makers don’t warn you that it’s way too strong without a buffered water mixture to go along with it. They are nuts if they expect people to sniff this into their sinus passages alone.

  7. I have been using this product since 1993. After nasal reconstruction you cannot blow your nose for 30 days, or risk of having to go through surgery again. Surgeon recommended: 1 part Alkalol mixed with 3 parts warm water. Use a baby ear syringe, which has a long pointed spout, suck mixture into bulb. Lean over sink, put syringe into nostril, GENTLY squeeze bulb. You can actually feel the liquid go into your sinus cavity. Do Not Inhale or Swallow. After you remove the syringe, the thinned mucus will flow out of nostril. Repeat on other side. I would repeat the process 2 times. After the surgical healing process was over, I was able to blow my nose to remove even more of the thinned mucus.
    An additional Great Way to use is in a VAPORIZER. I fill the vaporizer with water then add Alkalol till I can just smell it in the mix. Run it at night while you sleep. You not only can breathe in the morning, but you’ve slept well because you could breathe during the night. I’ve used this method with my pup when he got kennel cough. The Vet was amazed at how fast his congestion was relieved.
    If you ask at ANY pharmacy, they will order it for you. It usually arrives the following day with their prescription drug order. Always get a PRICE first. I buy through Sams for $4.05, but have been quoted as much as $12.00 by Walgreens.

    • Denise,

      Thanks for the tip on using in a vaporizor. I’ll have to try that sometime. Even the 3-Parts water seems like a very strong mixiture to me. I use the Neilmed Sinus Rinse bottle and fill it up until the water is just 1/2″ from the top – (1″ if I’m feeling very congested) and fill the rest of the way with alkalol. Even then, the water mixture will still burn if you don’t buffer the water with a saline mixture: Use a teaspoon of 2 parts salt to 1 part baking soda for a full Neilmed bottle of water/alkalol. Check out the review on Neilmed Sinus Rinse for more info:

      It works much better than a syringe.

      Kind regards,


  8. I have used this for a few days and it is better than saline alone. I had horrible allergies and salt/baking soda rinses saved me. I recently read about Alkalol and it is even better than saline alone. I don’t seem to need the decongestant to dry up the solution that’s left in my sinuses. Amazing.

    Not sure what everyone means about the company not providing instructions. Instructions came in mine and they were on the box, too. I went to the website and they had instructions there, too.


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