Dogs vs Cats

Which Make Better Pets? Dogs or Cats?

A rather 'cute' kitten
A rather ‘cute’ kitten

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong pet. It might seem a little out of the ordinary to do a comparison pet review, but that is exactly why I decided to do a review on dogs vs cats. There really is nothing too ordinary about Product Review Ratings. I strive to keep things different and to offer, perhaps, a slightly different perspective for consumers and the products they seek. Besides, when someone tells me I can’t do something, I take that as a challenge. So, when I heard, “You can’t put a rating on people’s loving pets!”. My response is, “Oh yeah, watch me do it.” There are other reasons. Over the years, I’ve observed that there is a bias against cats in our society and it is mostly caused by ignorance or lack of experience with cats. Have you ever asked a dog owner if he/she likes cats, then been told, “No. I’m a dog person.” (As if you can’t like them both)..Very illogical reasoning isn’t it? To suggest, “I’m a dog person, therefore I can’t like cats”, is like saying, “I like hamburgers therefore I can’t like Hot Dogs.” Considering many people do have both cats and dogs and enjoy them both equally as pets, you wonder why they still use this, “I’m a Dog Person Excuse.” This argument also seems to suggest that cats and dogs don’t get along.

Dogs and Cats
Dogs and Cats

This is totally untrue. Cats and dogs that are raised together and accustomed to living around each other make very good friends.  I’ve seen my cat hanging out in the neighbor’s driveway with her two dogs quite often. My deceased, Yellow Lab and Cat, Carson (pictured left) were best friends. I think the real reason that non-cat, dog owners say they are a dog person is simply because they never owned a cat. They don’t know cats. I asked this question of my co-worker who told me he was a dog person. His only answer was that he never owned a cat except when he was a small, child and he didn’t remember much of it.  I answered, “If you never owned one or remembered owning one, how do you know you don’t like cats? ” He answered, “well, my wife doesn’t like cats”, to which I asked, “Why doesn’t your wife like Cats”, to which he answered, “Well, she’s a dog person”…..ahh, get the picture? My own wife, who has loved cats for the last 25 years, was also one of these persons who thought she didn’t like cats. She admits that she was afraid of them because she didn’t understand them. I’ve known many other dog owners who changed their mind once they got to know how wonderful these creatures are as pets. I don’t think cat owners without dogs display this same bias and ignorance of dogs. Usually, cat owners love both animals. The only reason that most non-dog-owning cat-owners don’t have a dog is that they don’t have the time or yard-space to give one the attention it needs. Cats are the more independent creature, so naturally, some people who really prefer to have a pet, make their choice a cat. Cats don’t come with many restrictions, which is not to say they aren’t lovable, worthwhile pets. Cats or Dogs? No, it’s not an either-or proposition, but let’s get onto the comparison review, anyway.

Which is Cuter? A Kitten or a Puppy?

There is nothing cuter than either a kitten or a puppy. Puppies are irresistible. They whimper to be held. They have floppy ears and clumsy little bodies and they love to cuddle and sit on your lap. They just beg for affection. Kittens, at a very early age are fully coordinated. They can fly through the house, jump on your bed, climb the drapes and wreak havoc on your household. Their orneriness is what makes them so cuter. When Kittens get tired, they jump on your lap, rub up to your face and purr. This category is just too close to call:
Kittens vs. Puppies Cuteness: Even

Which animal is smarter? A dog or a cat?

I think dogs have more of a human intelligence. They can show shame and embarrassment when they do something bad. Cats just look indifferent when you make them mad, as if to say, “yeah, what of it?”.. Dogs can learn tricks and be taught to obey. There are people who say they can train their cats, but I have yet to witness this miracle first hand, so I remain skeptical. Most cats are not nearly as trainable as dogs. Cats, though they don’t exhibit some of the same train-ability and obedience of dogs are just as intelligent, but in different ways. Cats can survive and hunt on their own. What they don’t show in emotion, they make up for in reasoning. For example, getting just close enough to a fierce looking dog, but calmly staying out of harm’s way as it goes crazy barking. I have a cat who hates shots and knows the vet when he sees her. All she has to do is walk in the house, and he’ll find an immediate place to hide. Our yellow lab, on the other, loved it when the vet came over because it meant extra attention. She would tolerate a shot for some extra human attention any day of the week. My Yellow Lab would also somehow be able to sense several minutes ahead of time when guests were about to arrive. We were amazed by this feat many times. A great deal of a dog’s intelligence is the ability to track your scent. This is another contest that’s too close to call.
Dog vs Cat Intelligence: Even

Which Animal is More Loyal? A Cat or a Dog

A Very Loyal Dog
A Very Loyal Dog

For once, I think we have a clear winner. Dogs get the sizable nod here, but not by as much as you might think. Our loyal, yellow lab once gave up her breakfast and eating all day to sit by my wife’s bed side when she was sick. On the other hand, a cat of ours once spent the entire day by my side comforting me when I laid in bed with a ruptured disc in my neck. Still, there is nothing like a dog when it comes to loyalty. Dogs will give up their life for you. The cat has it’s limits with loyalty.
Loyaly of cats or dogs: Edge to Dogs

Which Animal is More Independent? A Cat or a Dog

Nothing could be easier than taking care of a cat. Kittens, as young as 6-8 weeks old, use the litter box the instant you take them home. Some dogs learn quicker than others, but most of them take several weeks to potty train. You can leave cats at home for a few days on their own, with their litter box, water and dry food and they’ll be fine. Dogs are like your little kids. They need constant care. However, some of this advantage is offset by the fact that Cats don’t like to go places with you when you need them to. You can’t just put them on a leash and walk them around.
Independence: Dog or Cat? Edge: Cat

Comparing Cats vs. Dogs even further

Expense wise, dogs are probably a little more expensive to keep and maintain, especially if you choose a big dog.
Big dogs can protect your house and warn you of danger. Cats are better at just hiding when danger is near. The average life of a dog is 12-16 years. Cats 16-21 years. I used to think that it was much sadder saying good-bye to an old dog than it is a cat. That sentiment changed after I had a couple of cats that lived to a very old age that we had to put down. I’ve had two different cats that made it to age 21. Both cats and dogs are pets that we become equally attached to. We make them part of our lives and they love us back in return – but in different ways.

Cats Vs. Dogs: Final Results

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7 thoughts on “Dogs vs Cats”

  1. Well if you want a pet, but you don’t really fell like caring for it much, then get a cat. But if you want a pet because you want a companion and someone to love, get a dog. In a way, people that favor cats are kinda lazy because they want a pet that takes care of itself. Dog owners, on the other hand, are more active. You never see cat owners take their cat camping or hiking. So, if you are active and want a loving buddy with you on all your adventures, get a dog.

    • Thank you for your comments, bella.

      Like I said, you can love both cats and dogs for different reasons. If you want a hiking and camping buddy, you can leave your cat at home where it will be completely content, self sufficient and happy to see you both when you get home. Many dog-only owners have this false impression that cats are not lovable. They most definitely are. Cats are very lovable and affectionate to their owners. If there is one thing to say in favor of a cat, it’s that their love tends to be more discriminating than a dog’s. My lovable Labrador would be just as happy to greet any stranger who would show her attention. Dogs, normally, are social creatures. The cats I’ve had, on the other hand, would direct their affection mostly to family and friends they knew.

      Cats and Dogs are great companions for each other. It is a myth that dogs hate cats and vice versa. Dogs and Cats who are familiar with each other, quickly become companions and friends. My big Cat, Carson, loves to hang out with the next door neighbor’s dogs. In return, they treat him like one of their own.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.


  2. It depends, they are both equally good pets.

    Cats require less “care” and provide just as much companionship as a dog. And that’s more ‘bang for your buck’ too.

    You really want to think about what type of person you’ll be with a pet. It’s about do you want to be a cat person or dog person? I fine cat folks get too complicated on certain things, but generally laid back, big picture about stuff. I fine dog folks are generally rude, but always willing to try things and sociable.

    And no, they are NOT kids/babies, not even close. Try taking care of a horse–now that’s like a kid.

  3. I would have to say that not all cats are less attentive or require less care or attention. And I would also have to disagrea that cat owners are kind of lazy. I am a very proud owner of two beautiful cats. Chloey is the oldest, 2 years old and Sparckles is only 5-7 months old. I’m not really sure she was dropped off at my house when she was just a baby kitten. I dont even think she was fully wiened because Chloey had to teach her how to eat real food and drink. My two cats are very prissy cats everything has to be perfect or they wont even bother with it . Like they have to have fresh water 3 times a day fresh hard food every single day, litter box HAS to be CHANGED 5-6 times a day. I love my 2 cats. They are very well behaved their not very friendly towards strangers. As a matter of a fact they really don’t like to be held by anyone but me. They get 2-3 cans of Meow Mix soft canned food and 14-16 Meow Mix or Iams treats everyday. Amount by weight. I also like to fix them special treats everyday like steaks, fish, chicken, ham, sausage, bacon, ect. they both are leash trained and love to go for walks especially in the summer. They are inside cats and I don’t let them off leash cause I live too close to the main road and peeps fly and I don’t want them to get hit, hurt, or even worse killed. I am a full time student in college and still play with my cats one hour (each cat) everyday. They have so manny toys they have 2 large clear storage containers full of misc. toys. I love dogs too but cann’t have one where I live or trust me I would. So you see not all cats are less maintnince or less work or sociable or whatever. And not all cat owners are lazy. Oh yeah, by the way, I also have two mice, Ralphie Jr & Teacup, a Rat Chunk-A-Butt, a rabitt squirlely, and a chinchilla, chilly. I LOVE ALL ANIMALS.


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