Black and Decker Oven

Black and Decker Oven

Black and Decker Toaster Oven Review

This Black and Decker Oven is the replacement for the Europro Appliance that I reviewed a year ago. It may have been a lousy toaster oven, but it sure didn’t last very long. Just as well, I got sick and tired of always having to monitor it like a little toddler to prevent it from either burning my toast, or under-toasting it. The Eurorpro Toaster Oven was complete garbage. One morning, it decided to stop turning on at all. No Power, no toasting. Goodbye, good-riddance, I say. My wife insisted we replace it, so she went to Kohl’s and found something new in the way of a Black and Decker Toaster Oven.

Introducing the Black and Decker

Black & Decker used to be known for making tools, not toaster ovens. Like any other household appliance though, this product is made in China not the Black & Decker Factory that made your father’s electric power drill years ago. This Black and Decker Toaster is the model CTO4300W and cost $59.00 at Kohls. One distinguishing feature on the B&D Toaster is its deep, 12″ Pizza capacity. I like the way the large, 12″ cooking tray slides out as you open the door, whether it’s for toast, pizza or anything else. There are three large knobs :

  • Temperature Settings Knob that goes from 150 – 450 F
  • Bake Function Knob with four settings: Keep Warm, Bake, Broil and Toast
  • Timer Knob which ranges from 0-50 minutes

How well does the Black and Decker Toast Bread?

With the Temp set on high, the function knob on toast, I gave it a whirl. There is a little black toast icon graphic right under the 10 minute mark indicating how dark you want your toast. Just above the off switch is a clear toast graphic indicating how light you want it. I don’t like the guessing here. Why not A digital setting like a microwave for a toaster oven? It would help me make perfect toast every time. Also, I don’t like the way you are forced to turn the knob past the 20 minute mark, then back to the desired setting to get the toasting started. The good news is that it actually works and using the 2-3 minute guess, made perfect light-brown toast the way we like it. I made toast every day for five days and never had the problems I did with the Europro where it wouldn’t shut off, or stay on long enough. The Black & Decker actually does what we paid it to do: Make Toast!

Additional Functions and Features

The Black and Decker oven also comes with four very convenient rack positions. There are only two slots, but by inverting the included racks, you can have a choice of four different positions for toasting, broiling, baking or keeping things warm. This particular Toaster Oven includes a slide-in and out baking rack, as well as a drip pan for catching your pizza grease, cheese and meat drippings. Unlike, the shallow, Europro, the deep, solid Black and Decker Toaster Oven actually gives you the confidence that you really can cook just about anything. You can roast garlic and onions, bake a pizza, chicken and fish or reheat a sandwich, toast hot-dogs and just about anything else you can think of – yes, you can toast bread with the Black and Decker Toaster Oven and it won’t burn it unless you want it to. I was somewhat impressed with the user’s manual which is actually printed in clear, concise English with plenty of instructions and guide for how long to cook vegetables, meats, pizza, toast, etc., etc..

Quality, Materials and Construction

I do think this is a pretty well-made toaster oven. The parts inside are made of solid metal and ceramic and the plastic dials on the outside seem as though they are of good workmanship. I am a little skeptical about having to turn that dial to the right past the 20-minute mark, then to the left again to get toast started. That seems like a lot of wear & tear for a product made in China. We’ll see how that holds up. The trays slide out for easy cleaning. Nothing gets jammed or is difficult to remove or replace. It’s a breeze to use this toaster oven. So far, I’m happy with the black and decker oven that replaced the Europro disaster.

5 thoughts on “Black and Decker Oven”

  1. As months have gone by, I have begun liking the Black & Decker Toaster oven less and less. Analog dials just make it too hard to get the toast to the desired lightness or darkness. It’s guesswork. Often I’ll make the toast too light, then turn it back only, forget about it while it burns my toast or bagels. Folks, get a Toaster Oven with a digital timer. I will be doing a review soon on a digital timed Toaster Oven. Stay tuned!


  2. We just got this toaster oven. Personally I wanted a toaster but my wife wanted a toaster oven.

    We just got rid of our crummy Emerson toaster oven so I hope this Black and Decker is better.

    • Man, I just hate analog toasters. I don’t want to be too negative about this one – it’s way better than that europro piece of junk we had. It’s just so hard to get the toast timed right and consistently. My mom bought an all digital toaster oven. It makes the toast perfect every time.

  3. We have been using this brand there are many years and we recently bought this new one white toaster oven. Opposite to the ones we had before this model is not so efficient to bake and it is annoying to turn the knob to 20 and then to turn it back to toast a slice of bread – it makes good toasts though!It takes longer to bake -rolls, or muffins, for instance, or to just heat frozen fully cooked chicken nuggets. As a toaster it is Ok. As an oven this new model is quite disappointing.

    • Thanks for the comments, Len.

      I agree it’s annoying to turn the knob past 20 and back to make a simple slice of toast. My problem with all of these toasters is that they are not simple enough for making toast. I oughta be able to put four slices of bread in the oven, press 1-button and BAM – have the toast made exactly how I like it. I don’t mind a toaster oven that tries to be all things to all people, but why not just make it easier to toast bread?


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