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Task Force Pressure Washer Review

Task Force Pressure Washer
Pressure Washer Electric

Task Force Pressure Washer

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If you have a house, but don’t have an electric pressure washer, chances are good that your house doesn’t look as new and clean as it could. The chances are equally good that you have some things around your house, such as – say, automobiles, that could also stand to be a bit cleaner. Have you ever been told to Power Wash something and wondered what the heck it meant? I sure did, until a former neighbor of mine explained how he made his old, gray-looking fence look new again by using this strange-sounding technique called, Power Washing using an electric pressure washer. I asked him, “What do I need to do to powerwash my own fence? “An Electric Pressure Washer by Task Force” is what my neighbor told me. Task Force Model 2000 is sold for a little under $200 at Lowe’s.

Why you Should Pass on the Task Force Pressure washer

What Exactly Can you Clean with the Task Force Pressure Washer?

The quick answer is, anything. The long answer is, everything as long as you’re careful not to peel the paint or finish from it. A Power Washer really is powerful, especially if you point it up close to the surface you are cleaning. Not only did my fence need a good spiffing up, but maybe a good pressure washer would help me remove that awful Behr Stain from my Driveway, too! The dingy looking cement deck around my swimming pool could sure use a good cleaning too. I decided to give this power washing business a try. Monday just happened to be our wedding anniversary and my wife was listening to the neighbor the Sunday before. When I got home, there was a brand new, Task Force Pressure Washer Model # 2000 PSI Electric in the trunk of her SUV!

Task Force 2000 PSI Pressure Washer

As an Electric Pressure Washer goes, the Task Force 2000 is pretty much standard fare. The 200 Model Task Force  is a 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer. It comes with a hose attachment, a 30 foot electric cord, wand and two sprayer attachment tools. The Task Force Electric Pressure Washer pumps out 1.5 gallons of water per minute at a pressure rating of 2000 PSI. That sounds impressive, but how well would it work on my old, rotten looking fence, wood ties and badly stained driveway?

Does it Really Work?

Electric Pressure Washer Demonstration
Pressure Washer Demonstration

Seeing is believing. Note, the left side of the wood ties which I sprayed off in about 2 minutes with the Pressure Washer? The right side looks green and moldy. The newly pressure-washed left side looks like new! It took me all of about 20 minutes to skim over the instruction manual and find out how to use this electric pressure washer. I hooked it up to my hose, power outlet and extension cord and immediately went to work on the poor looking Behr Stain job on my driveway, with just water and no detergent. Surprisingly, the pointed spray of water began etching the stain off my driveway immediately. To get the pressure needed to remove that stubborn stain, required a close-up, pin-point stream of water. Completely stripping the stain off my 1,200 square foot driveway will be a slow process, but at least I know it works. Also, it is quite possible that using some good power wash detergent will make the job go faster. I decided I would plan for a long day to clean the driveway and went on to the next trial: my fence. This is where the fun began. I held the pressure wand about 10 inches away from the fence and began spraying one slat a time as the old, dark rotting gray disappeared from the surface like magic! It really is a fun and easy process to power wash the fence, and the result is as if I was spray painting it clean. After completing a four foot section of fence, the difference was like night and day. Next, I tried the Task Force on the old, green-tinted wood ties in the back yard. The powerful stream of water got them looking new and clean in no time. I took a quick shot at the pool deck and marveled at how much lighter the original color was supposed to be than the dirt-stained, darkened surface I had become used to. The Task Force pressure washer is plenty powerful enough.

Pressure Washed Pool Deck

Pressure Washed Pool DeckSee the image of the Pool Deck to the right and note how much cleaner the upper half of the photo looks. This is after about 20 seconds of pressure washer cleaning.

The Task Force had already proven to me to be a great anniversary present for both my wife and I. There are a few minor complaints.

Cheap Plastic

Other people have complained about this with other brands of Electric Pressure Washers. The exterior and tools are made from what seems like rather cheap plastic. As if to capitalize on this point, my wife decided she wanted to have some fun too and got a little carried away with the hose and brought the task force 2000 crashing down to the patio on it’s flimsy plastic reel handle which easily broke. She is now in the process of shopping for a replacement handle. The broken handle is no big deal, but it does leave us wondering how long the entire equipment will last. I’m not here to tell you that the Task Force is the Best Electric Pressure Washer you can buy. IN fact, it’s the only one I’ve ever tried, but the results speak for itself. A pressure washer really can make your fence and landscaping look like new again. The Task Force Electric Pressure washer comes with a 2 Year warranty and sells at Lowe’s and other hardware stores for around $189.00. My wife found this unit on sale for $169.00.

Final Conclusion and Summary


Update on the Task Force Pressure Washer Electric Models:  Stay Away from this product. Mine is broken. The quality is horrible. Read the comments below.

Stay away from the Task Force Pressure Washer


Complaints on this power washer continue to pile in in my comments section below. Stay away.


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59 thoughts on “Task Force Pressure Washer”

  1. I have been unable to move the high pressure nozzel in either direction (forward or back) as a resultsult I have not been able to discharge washing solvent. any suggestions?????

    1. Don’t even waste your time, Robert. Sorry to say it, but the Task Force Pressure Washer is one of the worst, cheap, poorly-made products I’ve ever purchased. I got it out to clean my driveway yesterday and water started squirting out of the handle. There was not enough pressure to complete the job. Poor quality plastic, I’m afraid. The solvent has never worked since I used it the first time. I will have to invest in a higher quality pressure washer. I may look into a Honda Gas-Powered Model. Look for quality plastic and metals instead of the cheap plastic they use on the Task Force brand.. This unit has been nothing but trouble.

      1. I have the same problem with the nozzle leakage. I dis-assembled it and found the metal seat for the “O” ring is washed out. The machine has less than ten hours on it.
        My thought is it a piece of junk.

      2. I forgot to mention that the spool handle broke the first time I used it and now the GFI also has failed. Everything about this machine is junk.

      3. I agree. After two hours use I stored the unit in a heated basement for two winters before trying to use it again. The motor would not start and customer service told me the three year old motor was bad and I needed to buy a new power washer. Motors should not fail when not used. Very poor design and motors cannot be purchased for a replacement.

        1. This was my second one. The first didn’t work after one week.
          The second worked the for three uses. The motor does not turn on anymore.
          Took it apart, with no results. Piece of s..t.

  2. The 2nd day we had this washer I was reeling the hose in and the handle broke off in my hand nearly cutting my wrist with the jagged edge. And now, just like what Rob is explaining in the previous review, just happened to me. Water started squirting out the handle where the seams screw the two pieces of the handle together. Junk,totally a complete waist of money. The only place this washer is going is to the desert for shooting practice and one of us is not coming back.

  3. Since I found that another owner could not get parts or even a list, I looked further and found the panning reviews here. My problem was the short pressure hose popped off from the windup outlet. Possibly I just needed some o-rings, but I took that hose off and connected directly to the high pressure outlet and it seems to be working again. So I will get some further use out of it but the next pressure washer I buy will be better, although it will cost more.

    1. My handle fell apart when I was winding in the hose and on investigation I found a micro sized U spring secured with a 4mm machine screw by about 4 threads. Holding this labour intense handle by something that could just about secure a micro chip in a computer is pathetic and I would be embarrassed to say I designed it. The handle apart from the rest of the cheapo type of plastic needs to be looked at. Apart from the box it came in was of good quality and what was in it should be redesigned to match.

  4. This product is a total piece of Junk. I bought one last year, used it twice and water poured out of the handle. Since I only had it a few weeks, I was able to take it back to Lowe’s and exchange it. I used the next one once last year, got it out to use it last weekend and had the same problem – water pouring out of the handle. I had gotten that one on April 10, 2010 and had taken out the one year replacement warranty. The wand and a few other parts are only warrantied 90 days, the rest limited warranty for one year. Lowe’s Advantage warranty won’t cover it mow. They insist the manufacturer’s one year warranty applies even though the part only had a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty. I called Task Force and they won’t cover it. I’ll wait until April 11 and deal with Lowe’s again. What a waste of time and money- both the pressure washer and Lowe’s one year replacement warranty. Just give me my money back!

  5. Total junk!!!!! I’ve had two. After the first broke down after 8 or so months, Lowes replaced with a new one, now the 2nd one has quit just after the one year return-to-store warranty expired. Pure JUNK!!!! Task Force tools are off my list.

  6. TaskForce 1600 Electric Power Washer (TF1600)



  7. I had the same issue with H2O pouring out of the handle and since it was Saturday and there was no one in customer service at Task Force, I opened the handle and found an o ring missing on the white plastic piece that the trigger glides over where the H2O feeds in. There were 2 on one side and a groove on the other where the o ring should’ve been. There was also 2 springs in there so if you take it apart make sure you remember where the springs go. One is external on the trigger and the other is internal where the white trigger guide goes into a black feed tube. That’s the side where the o ring was missing. I just drove over to Lowes an picked up a new o ring that I made sure it fit (1/4″ inside diameter x 1/16″ wall worked ok) from where the sink parts are, greased it up, put it back together and it worked like a champ. No more leaking. I hope this helps somebody with a similar problem.

    1. Thanks, much, Gibby. It sure beats buying a new pressure washer. I’ll give this a try and perhaps I’ll post some pictures of the assembly and parts.

    2. Gibby and anyone else looking for parts:

      If you go to this site you will find parts,manuals and just(JUST) about everything you are looking for.

      (pwpump.com) these guys have parts and paper work for everything from pressure washers to transfer pumps to generators and more.

      I have the same problem with the handle (ordered a new first)before I found out you have to take them apart and grease them just about every time you want to use it (something I didn’t buy it for) but I did get my fifth wheel cleaned before it soaked me down.

      Going to take the old one and replace the valve with a pvc ball valve and see if that work better.

    3. Thanks, Gibby. Have the same problem with leakage at the handle. I bought it in 2010 and at least it lasted a couple of years before it started to leak. I took it apart and replaced the o-rings (only the 1/4″) on the nylon part. Had a helluva time getting it back together because the internal spring is very strong and didn’t compress easily. Finally got it together. Unfortunately, the external spring was loose when I opened the handle. Now I can’t figure out where the spring goes. I’m sure it’;s critical because the handle doesn’t move the nylon part like it should. Also, any ideas on how to make it easier to put together would be helpful since I will probably have to go through this again.
      Sorry I didn’t read reviews before I bought the washer.

  8. Please do not buy aTask Force Pressure washer!..Like a fool I went through 4 of the 1800psi models……(Lowes Store real close) The return people at Lowes got to know me well. All This in less than 4 Months! Tried the task force 800 number…… on hold for EVER…never talked to anyone.
    So now my FOURTH washer is sitting in the garage… Lowes says no more returns….electric motor runs….no pressure from nozzel…..

    I also noticed that my local Lowes is NOT carring any Task Force Products…….Hummmmmmmmmm?

  9. DO NOT BUY. I got mine for Xmas and just opened it this weekend and it didn’t work right and was missing a part. I spoke with Customer Service and they told me the missing part was $24.99. I also had a pressure problem and was told to clean the unit. When I asked it it still didn’t work what should I do – I was told buy a new nozzel for $24.99 it has a 90 day guarantee and since it was bought in Dec 2010 and I should have used it earlier. When I explained I live in NJ that powerwashing snow wasn’t in my plans, she said she can not help me.

    So I said any problems I am on my own even if it was the first time I used it. Her answer was yes, and would I like her to ship the parts. I just hung up.

  10. Catherine Yeager

    I recently order Part#7002361 ($44.77) which was charged on my Visa acct. 4-18-11. At that time I had not received it as it did not come to my mailing address. It was sent to cyeager2@comcast.net. and after much tracking I was able to find it at a location on Goodman Rd. My address is 4330 Chalice Dr.,
    Southaven, Ms. 38672. I called Task Force Power to let them know it had been found and to try and stop the replacement shipment, which could not be stopped. So, another order arrived and I was not able to refuse the shipment as I did not know when it was left at my home. Tonight I stayed on the phone over 30 minutes and still never got to talk with a customer service rep. So, this is to tell you DO NOT PLACE ANOTHER CHARGE ON MY ACCOUNT for this replacement because I will now have to mail it back. I certainly do not want two. Your automatic answering service leaves a lot to be desired. After the first auto answer
    then the second auto answer saying to press one if you wished to continue holding, then the next auto answer said that pressing one was an invalid response.
    I was thoroughly put-out and I have not tried again to reach customer service. I am going to call Visa and instruct them to refuse any other charge from
    Task Force Power Washer. Sincerely, Catherine Yeager, 4330 Chalice Drive, Southaven, Ms. 38672

  11. thanks Gibby I had the same problem,I still do not no where the one on the handle goes (external)maybe rob will put up the diagram.I called taskforce and told them I would never buy there junk again.used mine only a few times

  12. Bought the Task Force 2000 one year ago and agree with everyone that it is a TOTAL PIECE OF JUNK! The solvent stopped working on the second time I used it. Later, the unit simply wouldn’t turn on at all. The idiots at Customer Service said that they would send a new ON/OFF Switch since the machine was still under warranty. The funny part is that I had to do all the labor of taking the machine apart to replace the part myself. Once you open the machine, everything inside starts moving around. Nothing is bolted down. There are no assembly instructions and it is next to impossible to get the motor and everything else inside the unit aligned properly so that it can be put back together. It took me two hours. Of course, once I replaced the ON/OFF Switch, the unit still had no power. Customer Service then decided that the unit would have to be returned for their technicians to repair. They sent a UPS label only. I had to find a box to return the item. THE PRESSURE WASHER AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE FOLKS ARE ALL WORTHLESS!

    1. Well,

      I think we’ve established two things here:

      • The Task Force 2000 Pressure washer is an absolutely horrible product. Probably, the worst I’ve ever owned and reviewed
      • If there is one thing worse than the product itself, it is the customer service.

      The only question that remains: What can we do about it?

  13. Pure JUNK!!!!!!! Lowes replaced the first one after two uses started leaking at handle.(eight days old) Lowes told me to call task force customer service after five months and only used it to try it when it was replaced the first time to make sure it worked. Now it constantly runs and does not shut off when not spraying. Task force customer service told me that I could live with it. Asked for replacement they hung up. Called back and they said that I didn`t have a complaint on file. Total waist of time and money.

  14. I’m glad I bought this unit. It taught me to read reveiws before buying anything. If this isn’t the worse purchase I’ve ever made it’s tied for second, for sure. The handle leaks and it leaks somewhere in the unit itself.

      1. I bought the task force 1600. I was able to use once and it never worked again. Won’t even start. Garbage. Task force should give everyone their money back. DO NOT PURCHASE

  15. This product is complete CRAP. The unit refused to be turned on after 3 uese. I’ve try to reset the GFCI and it’s still not working…

  16. My mother in law bought one, I used it twice before water started leaking from the handle, googled “task force” and found this website. This is the first time that I read a product review where everyone agrees that the product is a total piece of junk.

  17. Jules A. Hebert Sr.

    Ihave a taskforce 2000 cleaned my house four (4) times in two (2) years washer broke down wasted mymoney.

  18. nothing but a piece of crap.having same problem as you other guys. will not by another washer from lowes. bought task force 2000 and a smaller yellow one and neither one was anygood. i guest that is why lowes dont sell them anymore. they should be made to replace them no matter how long they have been broken.

  19. I bought a WorkForce 2000 from Lowes. It worked great for awhile, then the pump started leaking. I sent it back, it was still under warranty, but when I went to use it again I found the manifold had snapped off. Maybe it broke after I got it back, but since I never used again I had a suspician that I was sent somebody else’s used machine.

    Anyway, my biggest gripe is that I can’t find a good exploded-view parts list or parts supplier so I can fix it myself.

    I’m now in the market for a gas model.

    1. Karl,

      Let us know what you find in the way of a gas pressure washer. All of us who made the sad, mistake of buying Task Force pressure washers are in the market for a good pressure washer.

  20. I have mine for two years I have the TF2000 it worked well until today the wand split at the seam causing water to leak out the side and soaking me ,I found a new wand for 19.99 plus 7.00 S/H The link is http://www.ppe-pressure-washer-parts.com hope you have better luck with yours,at this rate it will cost me 30 bucks every two years in parts if i’m lucky. Anthony

  21. I borrowed the task force 2000psi pressure washer from my dad,all the problems ive read on here is the same problems with his,with the exception the motor stopped working in 4 hours of use.now im stuck buying him a new one,sad piece of machinery if you can give that kind of compliment calling it machinery!

  22. Everyone with the leaky guns. Home depot sells a replacement gun for around $25.00 and you can usually find them in the store. They come with the gun, 25′ hose and 4 tips. It does not however come with the wand, bayonet, tip, whatever you want to call it but your original one will fit.

  23. STAY AWAY!!! There is no discount, reduced price, nor ease of store pick-up that is worth buying this item! It is total garbage! I have spent way more man hours trying to get this thing to work than it will ever be worth. I hope these things are made in some third world country because I would hate to think that this is an example of US quality. Put it in the pile with all those Sears Craftsman yard tools that work once before breaking. Save your time and money (in the long run) – buy Honda.

  24. Piece of garbage. go and buy a 5 dollar hose end sprayer, you’ll get the same results. Soap dispenser doesn’t work at all. wish i would have gone with my instinct and bought a gas one

  25. Holy crap….Fortunately I did not buy one, but just borrowed my neighbors TF2000. Within two minutes of working, I shut it off to exchange nozzles and turned it back on again. NOTHING HAPPENED. Called 1-866 number on unit and all I got was a message to leave a message and someone will get back to me. I am not holding my breath after reading all of the comments here and on other sites. Unfortunately I am looking at buying another one for my neighbor as I do not think Lowes will not take this back. Just my luck.

  26. crystal sutliff

    Holy Crap is right…every problem stated above has happened to me…after only three uses…sorry I didn’t use it enough within warranty…but then again if they are not giving money back what did it matter, as the problems will only continue. Once again ripped off by Lowe’s, just grateful it wasn’t the $30,000 lousy home repair rip off that I went through last year this time. I am done with Lowe’s and their inability to stand behind anything they do or sell.

  27. Task force 2000, purchased in 2011. Very light use around my house, maybe 4 times a summer for one year. Suddenly it will not turn off when the trigger is released. If I allow it to run with no water flow, will burn out the pump. Manual said I needed a new gun. (Didn’t make sense to me, how would the gun with no electric switch on it turn the pump off?? Oh well, they must know, right?)
    Wrong. Paid $43 for a new gun, installed it, and the pressure washer still did the same thing. Called Cust.Service again, they offered a refund but I had to deliver it to some warehouse an hour away from where I live and they would refund the money. OR I could take it to an “authorized service store” and minimum charge to diagnose what was wrong: $65, Plus parts and labor to fix. Told them to forget it, no more business from me. Purchased from Lowes.

  28. I totally agree that this is a horrible product. Used four times and it the motor stopped working. So much for getting my driveway sprayed this week. On my way to “rent” a heavier (and hopefully more dependable) sprayer from Home Depot. Also called the 1 866 number and left message. Guess what? If you said, “no call back,” you’re absolutely right. Task Force 2000PSI Electric Pressure Washer isn’t worth the time it took me to right this review.

  29. Piece of junk. Used it once and the motor stopped working. I have called customer service for help. Only option I am offered is to leave a voice mail and conveniently no one ever calls me back. DO NOT BUY!

  30. Holy cow! I did have the leaking handle problem and just replaced it with a general third party replacement handle and have had no problems. This is going on year 5 of owning the washer and we clean the pool deck, the driveway and other household dirt catchers twice a year.

    After all these reviews, when it finally goes, I certainly won’t replace it with another. I’m thinking, from other review sites, most of the electrics are about as bad though.

  31. Total piece of junk
    Handle leaks and the high pressure is less than pressure coming out of my bathtub

    Do not buy one

  32. Got and used a task Force 1600. Worked okay once. Stored properly. Tried to turn it on 4 months later — motor won’t start. There is no Customer Service — no person — only voice message — Customer Service doesn’t return calls. Total piece of crap!

  33. Just went to use mine this year and the lance(the part that connects the handle to the nozzle) split at the seam. I,ve never really used this thing a whole lot but I,ve worked on it a whole lot. If your GFCI goes out as mine did, I bought a portable GFCI plug in unit for about $12.00 cut the unit off the cord and put a standard plug on the cord. That way you can plug your cord into the portable GFCI and then into the outlet. Best part is when you junk the washer you get to keep the GFCI.

  34. Purchased a Taskforce 2000psi from Lowe’s back in 2010, used it twice with no problems, Stored it away as per instructions, loaned it a neighbor and the damn thing fell apart. Leaks, cracked wand, Motor wont start, rewind handle split. Attempts to find replacement parts and parts diagram fruitless. How the hell are manufacturers allowed to get away pawning this garbage off on unsuspecting customers. Good by Lowe’s, am in the market for a gas operated unit. Fred

  35. Would not turn off right out off the box blew discharge outlet pipe in two what a piece of junk you know they never tested it

  36. I have two broken 2000s, so many things never worked like the dispenser for the cleaning agent. One of them has a pump that’s gone, the other one would start up by itself, then shut off without touching the wand. The GFCI was continuously clicking, this product is beyond “JUNK”, I am disgusted with it and it’s the biggest piece of junk I’ve ever owned.

  37. Bought this unit a few years ago. Worked well twice, but had to take great care as the plastic parts looked very fragile. Took it out for a third use. The motor won’t power up. The On / Off switch does not work. I checked the attached GFI plug, and it seems to note power. I’ll have my grandson bring his power check tool over to see if I have power to the unit. My last attempt will be to cut off the GFI plug and put on a normal plug. I’ll just have to make sure I go through a GFI outlet. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just have to toss it out. Sad, as it failed with very little usage.


    1. Bud, as you can see by the comments here, the Task Force Pressure Washer is likely to not last you very much longer. Sorry you had to waste your money like the rest of us on a product that only lasts a couple of months. I have done a little research on Amazon and this is the one I would choose. It has over 500 ratings with a 4.5 star average.

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