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Ridgid Shop Vac Review

I am now on my 3rd Shop-Vac, which is really no surprise. I’ve got cheap in the past and cheap doesn’t last. I think the Rigid is a real winner. I have enjoyed 8 years of use with this model and I have no complaints. The Rigid Shop Vac is not the cheapest by any stretch, but it is a reasonably priced unit for under $100 that gets the job done and lasts as my experience has proven.

A Solid Performer

Ridgid Shop Vac
Ridgid Solid

The Ridgid Shop Vac is the charm. In the last 20 years I have owned three different shop-vacs. They’ve all been pretty good at cleaning up big messes, but the Ridgid beats them all. I bought the 12 Gallon WD12460 model, and after owning it a few months, I would never consider saving $30 on a smaller, cheaper model. The size, power and durability of the Ridgid Vac makes it well worth the extra cost.

Model WD12460 Basics

The Ridgid Model # WD12460 comes with a 12 or 16 Gallon Tank, extra large diameter hose and three different cleaning attachments. I paid $99.00 for this heavy duty shop-vac at Home Depot and it was worth every penny.  Unlike, other cheaply made motorized appliances,  The construction on the Ridgid Shop Vac is flawless. The hose connection is very strong and durable, yet snaps in place quite easily. The included hose and electric cord are both very long. I used to think having too large of a shop-vac would diminish some of the convenience and desire to use it, but boy was I wrong on that count. The Ridgid’s extra large body frame makes it sturdy and easy to roll. I would much rather get this unit out of my garage than the the previous 5-Gallon that I used to own. It won’t tip over and the long hose and cord, make it suitable for vacuuming out my cars and garage without having to unwind an extension cord. I have very little else to say about the 12-Gallon Model. It’s construction, ease of use, value, performance and quality are flawless in every way.

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