Behr 992 Paint Stripper Driveway Cleanup

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Paint Stripper
A review on Behr 992 Paint Stripper

Before and After using Behr 992 to Strip Driveway Paint

Driveway Picture
Driveway Picture

To the right, is a picture of my driveway after using Behr 992 Paint Stripper. To the right, is also exactly how my driveway looked before using Behr 992 Paint Stripper. As fast as my cement driveway Behr 800 Stain was peeling, I was just certain that all my driveway needed was a little paint remover to help it along. I figured that the Behr 992 paint stripper should have no probablem removing the shoddy Behr Stain Job I did last fall. I followed the instructions, exactly, but as the picture shows, not much progress was made. What I didn’t do, was put much, if any, muscle work into the stain removal job.  I tested a generous amount of the Behr 992 Concerete and Masonry Stripper on a full square section of my driveway to see how would it do on it’s own without my help.

Applying Behr 992 Paint Stripper

Paint Stripper

Behr 992 is a thick, milky looking substance which does not have the unpleasant odor of other paint chemicals. It is rather sticky and goes on thickly. I poured a generous amount into a paint can and used a roller to spread it over the square surface of my driveway.  The instructions say that in 1-6 hours the paint stripper should begin to lift the stain or paint from the surface. I used another coat of it, to keep the surface wet as the directions recommend. One hour later, there was little visible signs that the stain was lifting.  Two hours later, the surface was still sticky and I took a scrub brush to it. It was evident that with more than a little elbow grease I could get most of the stain off. The problem is,  I have a 1200 square foot driveway. That’s not a little elbow grease, but a huge job. Furthermore, Behr recommends you spread the stripper on at a rate of 60-75 square feet per gallon. My 1200 square foot driveway would require 16 gallons of Behr 992. At over $20 bucks for a gallon jug, this job would cost me $350 dollars and a whole of elbow grease and time. I neither had the time, heart or patience to put that much work into such a costly job.

Power Washing the Stain



To the left is a photo of a 2-foot, square section of my patio which looked similar to the driveway square above before I took the power washer to it. The Pressure Washer, which was $169 as opposed to $350 for  Behr 992 Paint Stripper. So, for half the money and about 20% the effort, the power washer is the way to go. It took me about 60 seconds to get the stain on in the patio area stripped clean on the left side. Note, the right side of the cement is cracked and filled with putty as well as coated with Behr-800 driveway paint.  I find it amazing that mere, water with some pressure behind it, can remove paint and stain more effectively than a concrete paint and stain stripper which specifically is specifically designed for that.



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