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Scalding Messy TV Dinner Lunacy

Claim Jumper Chicken Fried Steak TV Dinner
Claim Jumper Chicken Fried Steak TV Dinner

Once you’ve experienced a Product Packaging mistake, you’ll wonder how it happens. I tore into the Frozen Box of Claim Jumper Chicken Fried Steak, hoping there would be little instructions to read. When the frozen, sealed plastic package of gravy fell from the box, at once, I knew there would be trouble.

Messy Gravy Puch
Messy Gravy Puch

I’ve experienced this concept before. You know, the one where you heat up a hot plastic bag until it turns into a seething hot liquid which is too hot to handle while at the same time you try to figure out a way to get your hands on it without scalding yourself? Somehow, you finally manage to open the plastic pouch, but not before the scalding hot gravy, which belongs on your mash potatoes, runs down your fingers, palm and underside of your forearm. All this trouble is the result of an attempt at making a quick, convenient dinner. Well, I’m here to tell you: This is the kind of convenience that is too stupid to be invented by a human being. I honestly think the packaging marketing gurus must use a random-product-packaging-idea-generator-bot to come up with hair-brained ideas like these.

Who Invented such a Poor Product Packaging Idea?

In all fairness to the Claim Jumper folks, this isn’t their idea. Some other freaking genius came up with this and sold it to all of the upper-echelon MBA marketing gurus who work for the food and TV Dinner industry. I’ve seen this with other products from other other companies. It’s been around for years, so the most astonishing thing about this product idea is that it has lasted so long!

A Better Product Packaging Idea

How about putting the gravy in one of those cheap little, removable cardboard or plastic trays with a layer of plastic that peels off? You remove your gravy tray from the dinner, while the rest of it cooks. Next, you simply put the gravy tray in for a minute or so, peel off the plastic, then neatly, effortlessly and painlessly pour it over your mashed potatoes.


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