12 Cup Coffee Makers

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12 Cup Coffee Makers

12 Cup Coffee Makers

12 Cup Coffee Makers have become a habit with me, lately. I’ll admit it: I’m obsessive when it comes to 12-cup coffee makers. My 10-cup Braun was the perfect coffee maker, but it was 2 cups short of a 12-cup coffee maker. In the last year I’ve owned and reviewed a Cuisinart Coffee Maker & Grinder, a Braun Drip Coffee Maker, a $25.00 Mr. Coffee Drip Maker, a Westbend 12-Cup Percolator, a Presto 12-Cup Percolator and just a week ago, purchased another Programmable, Mr Coffee, FTX23 Drip Coffee Maker at Costco. So, why, you might ask, would I buy another Mr. Coffee Maker after the first one failed so miserably in my review? The answer is three-fold: One, it was cheap.

Two: It is similar in construction and features to the Mr. Coffee I’ve used at work for the last 5 years which makes good, strong coffee. Three: It is one of the few 12 Cup Coffee Makers available. While the looks and design are slightly different, the features are identical between the old machine at work and this new, Mr. Coffee I bought at Costco for only $29.00. Most notably, there is a setting button for choosing between strong and regular coffee. I always use the strong setting at the office, which probably explains why the coffee is far superior to the cheap $25.00 unit I bought at Target a few months ago. So, I figured, if I can get a coffee maker as good as the one I have at the office for just $29.00, I’ll be satisfied.

If you’re wondering why I gave up on the Presto Percolator, it was because it began exhibiting the same annoying habit of the Westbend Percolator: Inconsistent Coffee Strength with occasional full pots of clear, hot water in between. I’m still not convinced that the Percolator is not the way to go, if I could find a good one. I have read many comments from long-time percolator owners how the quality, consistency and durability has never been the same since our American manufacturers started having their products manufactured off-shore to save on costs. Really, though: $49.00 does not seem like a price that would indicate, cheap quality components. Old fashioned quality, I guess cannot be made cheaply.

I’ll make this short and sweet. The new FTX23 Mr Coffee Maker does make much stronger coffee than the first SKX20 Mr Coffee that I reviewed two months ago. Also, the construction feels more robust and the design is more attractive. The Coffee is not as piping hot as the percolators when it reaches your cup, but it’s an adequate temperature for the first few sips. Also, I could make a case that a percolator is a great Space Saver Coffee Maker. The Westbend and Presto Percolators take up so little room and make the excitement over an under-the-counter-coffee-maker a moot point. The Mr Coffee has a much larger foot print. Though it does just barely fit underneath my counter top, I have to slide it out in order to lift the lid to prepare the coffee and pour in the water. Is there another drawback to this FTX23 Costco Coffee Maker? Yes, it is painfully slow. It took me 13 minutes to brew just 8 cups. That seemed like an excessive amount of time for a drip coffee maker. Either of my Percolators was speedier than the new, Costco Mr Coffee Maker. Normally, it’s not a draw back for me to have a slow coffee maker, because I use the timer. Perhaps, on weekends I will become annoyed with the slow brew time and start searching again for new coffee makers to review. What I really probably need is a Braun 12 Cup Coffee Maker that was as good as my last 10-cup model Braun. Durability and reliability is the only unknown. I will end this review by saying the FTX23 Mr Coffee is as decent as 12 cup coffee makers get, at a very reasonable price.

FTX23 12 Cup Coffee Makers by Costco – Final Ratings

  • Construction: 74
  • Ease of Use: 82
  • Taste: 84
  • Temperature: 80
  • Value: 88
  • Overall: 82

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