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What is the Best Free Web Analytics Program?

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Looking for Web Analytics Software that¬† is easy and sensible? Every once in a while I find a free product that is so useful to me that I strongly feel the urge to tell everybody about it. I know that there are at least as many web analytics programs as there are websites, so why are so many website designers still looking for them? Maybe it’s because we all have different needs. A great many of these web analytics programs are completely free, but like anything else, we only have so much time and patience to learn and use them all. There’s gotta be one web analytics program, either cheap or affordable, that does just about everything we need. I’ll be honest, as a blog website creator, I do use a few free website stats programs to track the progress of my ratings site. Just to name a few of them: SubmitExpress, Website Grader, Reaction Database, Quarkbase, etc. The list is too great to mention them all. While each of them have some redeeming values, there is only one Web Analytics program that I keep coming back to on a regular basis:¬† Spydermate Web Analytics.

Spydermate Web Analytics

Web Analytics Software
Website Analysis Software

Spydermate is a web-based SEO Optimization and web analytics tool. Yeah, yeah – I know. Free web analytics tools are a dime a dozen, but unlike the majority of other webstats analysis software, this Free SEO Web Analytics Tool analyzes every page on your website, not just your domain url. Spydermate’s free registration will allow you to analyze up to 500 pages on your website. Also, some web analytics seem to focus on a single web statistic rather than giving you the entire analysis based on several webstats rankings and criteria. SEO Analysis of your complete website will return useful SEO Stats, Page Positioning, Page Ranking, Link Equity, Competitor Analysis, and much more. Because blogs and product review sites encompass a great number of pages on a variety of topics, a single home page analysis does not provide much useful information about the entire website. What good does it do to have a product review website if nobody can find your product review pages? It’s not enough to know that nobody is finding your product reviews, you need to know why, and how you can get people to your review pages. Spydermate Web Analytics tells you the who-what-when-how-why of your entire website.

Spydermate Web Analytics Features

As a beginning, but enthusiastic website owner, the first two things that attracted me to Spydermate last year was its ease of use, and graphic analysis results pie chart. But before we get to that, the first thing you need to do is register your product. Doing so is free, non-obtrusive and will give you a great deal more website analysis features, such as Side-by-Side Comparisons, PDF and XLS Exporting, Unlimited Crawls, scheduled crawls, and 500 page crawls as opposed to 25 for unregistered users. There is no reason not to register – it’s free.

How to use Spydermate Web Analytics

Register, Login, then type in your site name and choose how many pages you wish it to scan, and Spydermate does the rest. It typically takes about 2 minutes for Spydermate to finish crawling 25 pages. 500 Pages took me about 32 minutes. Obviously this number varies based on the density of the website being analyzed. After your chosen number of website pages has been crawled, you will get a very easy-to-read Graphics snapshot and number score indicating how your website ranks. Your number score is based on how your site performs relative to 8 different website metrics and web traffic statistics.

  1. Average Page Depth
  2. Google Page Rank
  3. Alexa Rank
  4. Compete Rank
  5. Number of External Backlink
  6. Domain Age
  7. Domain Expiration
  8. External .edu or .gov links

I won’t bore you with the full details of what all these criteria mean. Part of what makes Spydermate a great Web Analytics product, in my opinion, is how good the software is at explaining what these criteria mean as well as providing you with details on what, when, where and how to improve each of these website statistics ratings.

Web Analytics Traffic Analysis
Web Analytics Features Explained

Your numerical score (0-100) and radar graph are provided which indicates how your site performs relative to all other websites scanned by Spydermate. This is a very quick way to get a snapshot overview of how your website traffic and search engine placement is progressing. Spydermate also provides you with some additional information such as broken links and HTTP Status codes.

Advanced Web Analytics Features

If you want to go a little deeper with your analysis and information on each of those eight criteria, this is where Spydermate web analytics really begins to shine.
Beyond the additional website analysis, there are four additional tabs: Link Equity, Schedule, Compare and History. Each of these tabs gives you an in depth analysis of the web stats that derived your score. The Link Equity tab, for instance, shows the distribution of your links on the pages that were crawled. Additionally, you can drill down each of these pages with a targeted keyword search which provides useful details on broken links, missing H1 Tags or Page Titles. The Schedule Tab lets you schedule weekly or monthly crawls on up to five different domains. The Compare Tab is probably my favorite feature. Here, you can compare crawl results of two different websites dating back to any previous website analysis you ever made on Spydermate. The reports are based on all of the criteria mentioned earlier, and once these reports are generated, you can even do a link equity comparison of two different sites. Last, but not least, is a history tab which includes all of the website analytics you’ve ever ran on Spydermate. Here, you can view past history or delete any previous reports you no longer wish to keep.

Conclusions and Benefits of Spydermate

The purpose of website analysis or webstats software is to tell us how effective are web pages are at getting traffic to our website. I want to spend most of my time developing new and useful product reviews and not become bogged down in website and SEO analysis, even if it’s Free SEO Analysis. I need a web analytics product that will consistently and quickly provide a quick snapshot of all my web statistics, yet at the same time be able to give me more details on why and how my site is performing the way it is if and when I want it. I realize that webstats software is a passion for some web designers, but the ultimate goal for me is to increase website traffic, not the time and costs spent analyzing it all. Spydermate is complex enough to give me all the website data I need, yet simple enough that I instantly knew I’d use it over and over again, the first time I tried it. Spydermate, has become a favorite and valuable seo analysis tool in helping bring visitors to Product Review Ratings (PRR).

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