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Presto 12-Cup vs Westbend and Farberware Percolator

Farberware Percolator vs Westbend
Presto Percolator

A Farberware Percolator seems to be the all time standard in this group. So, how does the Farberware Percolator compare to the contenders? I’ll have to admit that I sometimes get overly excited about products without giving them enough time to show me their quirks. I really thought the Westbend Percolator was a great percolator until it showed me it’s dark side – and I don’t mean, dark, as in coffee. The Westbend Percolator was the king of all java until it started exhibiting an annoying habit from time to time.  On a rare occasion, the Westbend Percolator would decide to take time some time off from it’s duties, and just brew piping hot water instead of piping hot coffee.  Imagine getting up at six in the morning, only to have your groggy eyes and nose see and smell nothing but steaming hot, odorless water pouring into your cup. The first time this happened, I figured it must have been a mistake. I must have done something wrong.  However, on a few other occasions, I recalled the coffee was not as strong and robust as it was when I tasted that first, magnificent cup. By the time, my Westbend Percolator decided to perk it’s 3rd, full pot of water, I had to throw the traitor out of my kitchen. It is now sitting in my basement next to my other failed coffee marriage – the Cuisinart-Coffee-Making-Grinder.

Farberware Percolator

Like anyone else, I read lots of users opinions before I decide to buy a new product. Fortunately, there are lots and lots of user reviews on coffee makers and the percolator. The Farberware Percolator has got to be America’s old, favorite stand-by Coffee Percolator, and much of those that reviewed it, agree that it makes a very tasty cup of coffee. One complaint many owners of a new Farberware Percolator share online is that the product is no longer made in the manufacturer’s original plant in America. It is made in China and so the quality and workmanship is noticeably inferior to your Grandma’s Stainless-Steel, heavy Farberware Percolator. None-the-less, most Farberware Percolator owners are still happy with the flavor that comes out of their coffee makers, if not a little bit concerned about the durability. I went to my local kitchen appliance store and took a look at their 8-cup Farberware on display. One noticable difference between the Farberware Percolator and Westbend was that the brewing pipe had a deeper fitting, which seems would make it less likely for it to become dislodged and have the water miss the basket. This is what I assumed happened when the Westbend decided to brew only water.  The average star rating for the Farberware Percolator was 4 as opposed to 3.5 for the Westbend. Could I a higher rated unit than the Farberware Percolator?

Presto. It’s the Presto Percolator

Based on user-ratings, the Presto had the highest star score: 4.5 Stars. Users of the Presto Percolator seem to unanimously agree that this coffee maker consistently makes a strong and flavorful pot of coffee. There were few complaints on the Presto, except once again, those old enough to remember, felt that the construction was not up to the standards of percolators past. Upon first looking at the Presto in the kitchen store, I would have to say that it seemed to be made from the flimsiest materials of the three. The stainless steel components seemed lighter-weight and more aluminum like than stainless steel than either the Westbend or Farberware percolator. The brewing pipe on the Presto, was noticably deeper, though, and I decided it was worth the $45 Sears was asking for it.

Presto 12-Cup Maker Coffee Taste Test

My first cup of Presto Percolated Coffee was excellent, but then, so was the coffee from my Westbend percolator. The difference, however, was that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time, every cup tasted just as good as the first – and over a week of brewing 10 pots or so, not once did the Presto take a vacation on me. Both the Presto and Westbend make the coffee equally hot – which is light years better than my last Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee and Braun Drip makers were. Despite, the somewhat more aluminum look and feel to it, the Presto does have one huge advantage over the Westbend. It has a very elegant, narrow pouring spout, which not only looks nice, but pours better and keeps the coffee hotter. The Presto seems to take a little longer making 10-12 cups of brew, but I don’t mind that if the result is consistently strong coffee. Now, onto the Presto Percolator Ratings.

Final Ratings

No. I won’t Fall for this Trap Again

Suffice it to say, that the Presto, has so far lived up to my expectations and is the best of the two Percolators I’ve used so far. I will not jinx myself this time with a numerical rating on a product that has not yet stood the test of time. My coffee is way too valuable for that. At any rate, long live the percolator.

Updated: Final Ratings on Presto Percolator

I give the Presto a rating of 84 out of 100. Place your own Rating Below


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