RainX Glass Treatment

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RainX Glass Treatment

RainX Review

How To Remove RainX

If the subtitle, how to remove rainx, gives you the subtle notion that this might not be a very favorable product review, you’re half-right. A friend recently recommended rainx to me for keeping my windshield clear during the rainy June month we had in Denver. At the time, I remembered a neighbor giving me a bottle of rainx to try when I was outside cleaning my car about 20 years ago. What I didn’t remember was why I never continued to use it in the last 20 years. What I am about to say about RainX might make you think before you smear it all over your car glass.

What is RainX Glass Treatment

RainX glass treatment is a car windshield treatment product that comes in liquid or spray bottles, and wipes. The purpose of Rain-X is to improve your vision in the rain. When water hits your windshield it beads up and runs up your windshield, keeping your vision clear of the wet distortion caused by splashing water.
The wipes come in a convenient package of 25, which I purchased for about $5.95.

How do you use RainX?

Simply wipe Rain-X on a clean windshield. If you’re using the drip bottle or spray bottle, than simply squeeze or spray the Rain x on your windshield then wipe it in with a clean cloth. You’ll immediately see some streaking which is normal, and also very annoying. One thing I’ll say for Rain-X, is that once it’s on, it’s not going to come off very easily. If you really do want to know how to remove rainx , there are at least two things that work:

How to really remove RainX

  1. Windshield or vinegar and water cleaner with newspaper.
  2. Use the Rain-X windshield cleaner which seems to do a better job than Windex

How does RainX work?

RainX glass treatment coats your windshield with a type of water sealant which prevents or repels rain from impairing your view. It creates these cool little water beads that travel up your windshield. In a hard rain storm, you will be glad you treated your glass with rain-x. On a sunny day, you might feel another way.

When not to Use RainX

If you live in a sunny climate like Denver, where sunshine is the norm for 300 days out of the year, you are likely to get tired of looking through smeared windshields. What rainx giveth you in clearer vision during rain storms, it taketh away in days of sunshine. Even after following precise instructions and starting with the cleanest of windshields, the rain-x wipes not only smeared the windshields on all of my cars, but put an interesting glare on them that looks like a sword gleaming down from the sun onto my dashboard. This product will not please you until it rains.

When to Use RainX

When you know it’s going to rain, you’ll be glad you have rain-x glass treatment on your windshield. I recently drove the highway home from work in very wet conditions and rain-x gave me a level of comfort that I never experienced before in the rain. Not only was my vision clearer, but the effect of the little beads of water traveling up my windshield was aesthetically pleasing as well. It is actually somewhat entertaining, but what’s more important is you will see better in a rain storm with rain-x on your windshield.
I recommend rain x to everyone that drives a car, but it should only be used when it is needed, as it’s name suggests: when it rains.

RainX Final Ratings

  • Effectiveness in Rain: 88
  • Effectiveness in Sun: 50
  • Cost: 82
  • Overall: 73

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