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Morning Thunder
Morning Thunder

It’s been 236 years since the Boston Tea Party. I seriously doubt anyone misses the bags of tea that littered the Boston harbor that day, yet it’s taken the famous Celestial Seasonings Tea Company nearly 40 years to figure out that Americans prefer coffee.

Celestial Seasonings Coffee in the bag was delicious. Boulder-based Celestial Seasonings has been making tea since 1969. As someone who is not a tea person, I’ve never paid much attention to Celestial Seasonings, though my wife and kids have toured the factory in Boulder a couple of times and were very impressed. Celestial Seasonings gives a very nice tour and my wife and daughter enjoy their tea.  I rarely drink the stuff and it’s not that I’m still bitter over the British and their taxes.  Tea is boring to me in much the way a martini drinker might feel about a glass of kool-aid during happy hour. So, you can imagine how flattered I must have felt when Celestial Seasonings woke-up from their lowly-caffeinated tea leaves and realized I am a coffee drinker. When my wife presented to me a dark, colorful bag with a Celestial Seasonings Logo, billing itself as ‘Morning Thunder Organic Coffee’ in bold letters, I was skeptical, indeed.  I imagined a very watery tasting herbal drink or something similar to the other odd flavors they sometimes call, Tea. The Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder coffee sat unopened, right next to my bin of Costco’s, Kirland-Roasted-by-Starbucks (my favorite brand) for several weeks before I finally opened the bag and decided to see if it was worth giving a test brew in my Braun Coffee Maker.

I do not care for lighter roasted coffees because they they usually seem rich and acidic. I was encouraged that the Celestial Seasonings Coffee looked every bit as dark as my favorite Starbucks brand. it also had a very similar aroma. By look and smell alone, I was fairly confident that this might be coffee I would actually enjoy drinking. The coffee smelled great as it brewed, and tasted even better. In some ways I prefer it to my standby favorite because it’s a little different. It’s dark and rich, but with a slight bit more of a tangy bite to it, and maybe not quite as smoky. Best Coffee? I don’t know, but it is certainly coffee I could drink every day. One other odd thing about this coffee I like: The bag has a resealable zipper!

Morning Thunder Coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans, and as you would expect from Celestial Seasonings, it is Organic Fair Trade Certified and Star K for Kosher. Other flavors include, Decaf, Frensh Roastaroma, vanilla hazelnut, caramel mocha, but thank God – no Slipper Elm or Sleepy Time non-sense that reminds me of their tea. Celestial Seasonings claims that their coffee is shade-grown to deliver an intensely aromatic flavor and a socially responsible coffee experience I cannot argue with the intensely aromatic flavor claim, but why did it take Celestional Seasonings 40 years to become socially responsible and finally make some coffee?

If there is one setback to this great tasting coffee, it’s that the price is not so great. $9.00 for a 12oz bag. But knowing that it’s shade-grown, Organic-Fair-Trade Certified and Star K Kosher, might make it seem like a bargain to some of the more socially responsible coffee drinkers.

Celestial Seasonings K-Cups

Celestial Seasonings is really big into K-Cups when it comes to their tea. I hope to find K-Cups coffee from them soon.

PRR SCORE (1-100) 86

  • Aroma: 90
  • Flavor: 91/
  • Packaging: 92
  • Price: 70 (12oz bag is about $9)

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