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The Braun KF590-SL is the best darn coffee maker ever made. If you don’t believe me, just look at the expensive DGB-600BC Cuisinart Coffee Maker collecting dust in my basement. A few months ago, I ranted and raved about the DGB-600BC Grinder/Coffee-Maker by Cuisinart. I’ll stand by my complimentary words of this $129 Coffee Maker by Cuisinart. It is a quality product brimming with features, elegance, quality looks and design. So, why you might wonder, is my old Braun KF590-SL Coffee Maker now sitting in it’s place on my kitchen counter?

The reason is simply, simplicity. What’s fancy and expensive isn’t always best. My experience with the Cuisinart Coffee Maker/Grinder did not stand the test of time. While it’s nifty, built-in coffee grinder was clever and fun to use, I quickly grew tired of the mess. After a couple of months dealing with all the extra parts and gadgetry, I began to feel enslaved to its complexities and sophistication. Coffee Makers shouldn’t make us feel like the abused step child of a hostile parent. The Cuisinart began to remind me of an unwelcome, messy college roommate. I got sick of cleaning up after it. That clever little, built-in coffee grinder, has the horrible tendency to get wet so coffee grinds stick to the inner plastic like mud. The numerous parts became cumbersome to deal with, and I got sick of trying to guess how much coffee was in the non-transparent carafe. Also, getting coffee to pour out of the carafe required twisting your wrist at a 200-degree angle and holding it there long enough to read the front page of the morning newspaper. Coffee doesn’t pour from it – it trickles. Seriously, who has time in the morning for coffee that trickles instead of pours? Also, the extra-tall and boisterous design made it difficult to tuck underneath my cupboards and still have room to open the obnoxiously high water
reservoir. Isn’t the goal to enjoy a simple, but tasty cup of coffee? My Cuisinart coffee maker tried to take over my freedom. I wasn’t about to let that happen.


It was time to take back control of my household and bring some sanity and functionality back to our kitchen. I fired the Cuisinart and designated it to the basement where it poses as one of those fancy espresso bar machines. It does look impressive. Just don’t let anybody make any coffee in it. I don’t want to clean up after it.
Now, onto the features of my old standby favorite, Braun Coffee Maker.

Braun Coffee Maker Features

  • Transparent Carafe

    Ingenious! You can actually see how much coffee you are making and how much is left at all times. If that’s not enough, the Braun 10-Cup Coffee Maker, also has a very clever clear water indicator on its side, so you know exactly how many cups of coffee you are brewing

  • Sleek, Low-Profile Design

    Neatly fits under your cupboard, still leaving you room to reach and use the water reservoir

  • Grinderless Design

    The absence of the noisy, whiny grinder saves your time and hearing. Use your own external grinder that stays dry and clean. No more having to clean out messy muck. Brilliant!

  • Fully Programmable

    Programmable clock and brewing schedule. Also set the automatic shut-off time.

  • Water Filter Option

    A built-in replacement replaceable filter mechanism gives you the very cleanest water and freshest taste


Conclusion: Braun 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Sometimes it takes an expensive purchase of a cumbersome, overpriced coffee maker to make you realize that the $49.00 unit you’ve already had for five years, is unbeatable in value, convenience and performance. The Braun 10-Cup Coffee Maker is the best darn coffee maker in the world.

Braun Coffee Maker Ratings

  • Value: 95
  • Convenience: 96
  • Features: 88
  • Quality/Reliability: 96
  • Final Rating: 94


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