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Solar Motion Light

Should We Keep Our Burglars in the Dark?

According to FBI research, outdoor lighting is an effective theft deterrent.  According to your home security salesman, outdoor lighting is an effective way to help burglars see what they’re doing as they break into your home.  I am not joking.  Several months ago this is what a home security installation company told me.  Obviously, the goal of professional home security companies is to make prospective customers feel unsafe and vulnerable to those bold burglars who appreciate the generous amounts of lights around your home.  So, who do we believe?

I pondered the odd, far-fetched notion of the security salesman for a moment, while I looked outside at the windows in back. I imagined the number of convenient hiding places the darkness of night provides for burglars. Three conclusions about the salesman’s advice became rather obvious:

  1. This guy is full of the stuff a burglar would step in if there were horses in my backyard.
  2. If I were a burglar who feared the dark, I’d probably have a flashlight with me.
  3. If I needed generous amounts of light to break into a door or window, why would I be doing it at night in the first place?

If for some strange reason you still believe a burglar prefers a blazing, bright spotlight glaring upon his back as he attempts to break-in through your windows at night, you might consider what a security light means to other types of intruders.

Four-Legged Burglars

Besides a bashful human burglar, nothing loves the dark more than a raccoon. This is one more excellent reason to keep your outdoor perimeter well-lit at night. Raccoons can be trouble. They might not be interested in that LCD Television, camcorder or jewelry that you have in your home, but they will steal food – right from your garden. Unless, Rex, the Barking Electronic Watch Dog is on guard, you won’t even know they were there. They will rob you blind. Worst of all, if you allow raccoons to get comfortable enough around your yard they will eventually make themselves a comfortable home right in your attic or roof. While raccoons hate the daylights out of lights, the makers of Solar Security Lights obviously love these little critters for helping burglars keep them in business. Meanwhile, anyone who tells you that a human burglar prefers being a movie star under bright outdoor lights while breaking the law, probably doesn’t want you to know about raccoons either. At any rate, I think the two different types of intruders give us enough of a reason to keep our yards well lit at night. So the next question is, “what is the most practical and affordable way to acquire security lighting?”

Solar or Electric Lights?

A Motion Light is a Security Light – a spotlight that goes on when motion is detected. Security lights can be programmed for motion sensitivity, light sensitivity and for how long the light stays on. A Solar Security Light behaves exactly the same way as an Electrical Security Light. There are some good reasons to go with a Solar Powered Security Light, but there are also a few reasons to choose electric or battery-powered lighting.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Powered Security Lighting


* Advantages

  • Convenience. No electrical wiring required. Easy to install.
  • Saves Energy. Since they are powered by the sun, saves on the environment and your utilities bill.
  • Looks and Appearance: No cords means clean looks and installation.
  • Versatility. Can be placed anywhere the sun shines.

* Disadvantages

  • Initial Cost. Solar products are more expensive than electrical
  • Requires solar energy and needs to be installed where it is exposed to generous amounts of sun.
  • Solar Security lights are generally not as bright as electric lighting
  • Solar panels lose energy over time and are more susceptible to the weather elements and wear and tear.

Do You See The Light?

A solar powered security light doesn’t have to be the one and only outdoor lighting solution for your home, but they certainly are welcome in areas that lack convenient power outlets and other locations where you cannot bury or hide cabling. What prompted me to write this article was the success and good luck I’ve had with landscape lighting and solar motion lighting in both the front and back yard of my home. Solar Lighting has made it possible for me to make household improvements I would otherwise not attempt without an electrician or at the very least; a brave or possibly drunk relative who owes you a favor.

LED Security Light

This Solar Powered Security LED Light deserves strong consideration for two reasons:

  1. Extremely Low Cost
  2. Small, portable yet very bright LED Lights


Batteries last for 2-3 years and are easily replaced. The LED lights are nice and bright and are advertised to last for 10 years! This is the perfect light solution to put around windows, patio, garden, pathways, etc… For $25 or less, you will get your money’s worth from these right away. Comes with 16 foot cord so you can position the solar panel just about anywhere.

Give Me a Brighter Light

Find one that literally looks like a car headlight beam is shining down upon you. Great way to light up an entry way or patio.

Need to Light a Larger Area?

Some are more reminiscent of the very bright, common electrical security lights, this one will light up a whole section of the house as soon as motion is detected. They come with dual lights which are perfect for mounting along dark corners or even along wide, straight areas of the property. Also, has long cable and replaceable battery packs as options.

Do you have a garage without light or dark basement or closet? Solar lights will not work for areas that do not receive the energy from the sun. However, other, battery powered units are perfect for those situations.

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