Car Insurance Ratings

Car Insurance Ratings

Shopping for a new Vehicle Insurance Company? Isn’t it great that you can shop for car insurance and get a car insurance quote online? Isn’t it great you can actually find cheap car insurance and car insurance policy information online? Isn’t it great you can even get your car and home insured, and have your entire policy approved and paid for online within minutes? Yet, why isn’t it the overall experience as great as it could be? Simply because there are so many choices, and finding the best car insurance company is about more than just an affordable car insurance policy. How many of us really have the time or desire to fully exhaust all of the possibilities and find more than just a cheap car insurance policy, and know we actually are getting the best car insurance company for our needs? It could take days, weeks – maybe even months to price out all of the different policies from various car insurance companies. Even then, there is more to a decent car insurance company than just price.  If it was only a matter of finding a cheap car insurance policy, we’d be done in minutes. So, what else do we need to know?

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What is a Good Vehicle Insurance Company?

Price is the first thing we all think about when choosing a Car Insurance provider. This is because cost is the easiest, most visible commodity in which we can shop, measure and compare to our current provider. Getting the bargain policy coverage may seem like a good deal until you actually have to use your provider or deal with them for claims, asking questions or making changes to your policy. Wouldn’t it be great if someone did an extensive research study on all of these car insurance providers, so you could know more about them than just their policy price ahead of time? You can. Thanks to an exhaustive 2008 National Auto Insurance Study by J.D Powers, Auto Insurance Provider Ratings are available to everyone, making it easy to find a starting point when choosing your next Car Insurance company. Auto Insurance Providers are rated on five different criteria and rated accordingly. Here is how their performance is broken down:

Auto Insurance Criteria

  • Customer Experience

    How satisfied are you with your provider?
  • Your Policy Options

    What kind of coverage do you have?
  • Your Policy Pricing

    How much does your policy cost?
  • Paying Your Bills

    How easy is it to pay your bills?
  • Contacting Your Provider

    How easy is it to get a hold of your provider?

Making Sense of Car Insurance Ratings

Using the information from the 2008 National Car Insurance Study, Product Review Ratings (PRR), thought it would be worthwhile to rank the Top-10 Car Insurance providers. So, with the same ranking system utilized in our Top-10 Monthly Car Lease Specials, we have broken down the Car Insurance Companies in a similar manner.Keep in mind, that what’s best for some, might not neccessarily be best for everyone. Just like leasing automobiles, Car Insurance can be dependent on personal needs and circumstances. These Top-10 Car Insurance Ratings should serve as a starting point and guideline when you are ready to shop for your next provider.

Top-10 Car Insurance Ratings


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  1. Credit Scoring for Auto Insurance

    Insurance you can’t afford, is never a good choice. We have seen to many people buy higher limits, seaking the “Best Insurance” then not be able to keep the insurance going, and ended up having an accident while uninsured.

    You can’t turn on a TV or radio, read a newspaper, or click your way through the internet,; without being bombarded of stories of banks and finance companies being far less quick to loan money. After years where it seemed banks would give a large home loan to anyone with a pulse; those same institutions are under enormous pressure to limit loans to anyone preseved as being a higher–risk.

    As lenders increase the selectivness of who meets their new standards, a higher credit score has become a necessity in obtainilng credit period. What fewer people realize is the dramtic impact that your credit score can have on your Auto insurance rates.

    “Credit impacts every element of your life,” says Adam Levin, co-founder and chairman of, a consumer advocacy website. “The stronger your credit, the easier it is to get the things you want.”

    Whenever you’re applying for health, life, or auto insurance, many companies will pull your credit report when you apply for insurance. Progressive, Geico, State Farm and Allstate all run your credit report prior to starting your coverage, and each of them state that they have studies that have linked poor credit with higher claims and or a greater frequency of insurance claims. Insurance companies not wanting to lose money ; yet opporationg in a very competitive markiet place utalize credit scores as a means of selection. — if you’re score is deemed not a safe bet for them, they’ll surscarge your rates. The surcharge connected to a low credit score can be larger than the charge for Drunk driving.

    While most drivers intuitively understand, and expect, that speeding tickets, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol; or a pattern car accidents will increase their auto insurance premiums. However I think the lion’s share of Americans would be surprised to find that a poor credit report can dramatically increase the premiums they pay for automobile insurance.
    In other words, one’s credit history, can often have a greater impact on one’s rates than one’s one’s driving history,


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