How to Lower Cholesterol Fears

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Do you want to know how to lower cholesterol? If you’re worried about high cholesterol and concerned about the fat in your diet, you’re not alone. There are literally millions of physically healthy people just like you; obsessed with their blood cholesterol levels and afraid to eat a tasty, satisfying meal. How did we get ourselves in this mess where we even started to worry about things like how to lower cholesterol?

Does Your Doctor even Know How to Lower Cholesterol?

With the help of their own doctors, thousands of healthy people each day are turned into worrisome patients and putting life-long dangerous chemicals into their bodies in an effort to bring down cholesterol numbers to stave off heart disease. Understandably, these newly created patients are concerned, torn and divided over the prospect of following their doctor’s advice which usually consists of taking a life long prescription of statin drugs, eating a bland low-fat diet or both. If this sounds like you, then you might be one of the many millions of human beings suffering from a serious ailment known as UCO (Unnecessary Cholesterol Obsession). It is important to understand that both you and your doctor share this same problem and learn how to take the appropriate steps to address it. The first step in battling this horrible disease is to admit that you really do have a problem and recognize that it has nothing to do with cholesterol. You have to know and believe that your true illness is an unnecessary fear of high cholesterol. The second step is to recognize that your doctor prescribing that Lipitor prescription shares your same affliction. The third step is to recognize that the most popular prescribed drug will do absolutely nothing to solve your genuine problem which is the fear of cholesterol rather than cholesterol itself. Fourth, you need to understand that UCO is not your fault. This fear with cholesterol has been many years in the making, and your best weapon to combat this dreaded ailment is to educate yourself. Nothing beats a phobia like the power of knowledge.

As a reformed UCO (Unnecessary Cholesterol Obsession) patient myself, I remember what I felt like when my doctor first told me that I had ‘high’ cholesterol. My pulse raced, my blood pressure soared, and I feared I was already well on my way to having heart disease. My total cholesterol was 253 and my LDL–HDL ratios were completely whacked out according to my doctor, whom tried to reassure me my by stating that, he too, would be taking Lipitor for life. Yes, my own doctor has UCO! Astounding, isn’t it? Well, that was 7 years ago, and I might have joined him in taking his advice, until a peculiar thing happened to me which caused me to throw-away my Lipitor prescription:

If you’re Still Asking How to Lower Cholesterol

I discovered Dr. Uffe Ravnskov’s,Cholesterol Myths

The Cholesterol Myths website link and resources below are filled with carefully presented facts. As you read through this information, you will soon learn that it is not merely the subject of opinion, but sensible, statistical interpretations of clinical trials, which are carefully footnoted and referenced. I soon learned that when the clinical studies are interpreted in their proper context, the truth is consistent from one cholesterol skeptic to the next. While there are dozens of reasons to lower your cholesterol fears, three facts presented in these resources were the key in helping me with my own:

  • One: Cholesterol Levels in Our Blood Have Little to Do with Heart Disease

    Actual Cholesterol trial studies indicate that cholesterol levels in our blood play very little role in heart disease. Clinical trial summaries and conclusions have tried to make the case that high cholesterol is a primary cause, but some quick research shows a very different picture. See Myth # 1:Cholesterol Myth # 1
  • Two: Half of all coronary events occur in people with low or normal cholesterol

    Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Of the million or so heart attacks each year, half of the victims have what’s considered ‘low or healthy’ cholesterol levels. So, despite the cholesterol levels in people’s blood, coronary disease looks and behaves exactly the same way. If high cholesterol truly played a primary role in this disease shouldn’t the arteries of those with low cholesterol behave and look very differently than those with high?  See Cholesterol Myth # 2: The Cholesterol Myths, Myth # 2
  • Three: Dietary Fat intake Has Little to Do With Our Cholesterol Readings

    The amount of saturated fat and cholesterol we consume makes very little difference in changing our blood cholesterol levels or the health of our heart and arteries. If it did your doctor wouldn’t be trying to sell you on a dangerous drug like Lipitor. Overlooked is the liver and role it plays in regulating cholesterol levels in our blood. Read Cholesterol Myth # 3: The Cholesterol Myths, Myth # 3

You may be wondering by now (as did I), “Are there more doctors like Uffe Ravnskov, who agree that this Cholesterol Theory is a bunch of nonsense?” The answer is a resounding, yes. There are many of them. Below are numerous resources in the form of Articles, Books and Websites that are sure to lower your Cholesterol Fears within days, and eventually eliminate your cholesterol fear entirely.

How to Lower Cholesterol Fears (Articles and Links)

How to Lower Cholesterol
Cholesterol Skeptics Network

THINCS is a growing organization of Cholesterol Skeptics comprised of Doctors, Physicians, Scientists, Nutritionists and Academicians dedicated to dispelling the mainstream theory of cholesterol. This link will lead you to many excellent articles and books from scores of experts who agree that the basic premise of cholesterol’s role in Heart Disease is faulty. Armed with this new information, you can rid yourself of UCO (unnecessary cholesterol obsession) and say goodbye to your cholesterol fears forever.

How to Lower Cholesterol Worries
The Oiling of America

The Oiling of America by Mary Enig (PHD) and Sally Fallon
An excellent, well-written and extremely interesting article on the history behind the invention of the Cholesterol Theory and how dietary fat became known as today’s unnecessary villain in heart disease. This essay will truly make you appreciate the foods that you’ve always loved, but were brainwashed to think you shouldn’t eat.

How to Lower Cholesterol (Fears)
The Cholesterol Myths

Dr. Uffe Ravnskov is the pioneer in the battle against the faulty Cholesterol Theory. I consider him a true hero. The website link on Cholesterol Myths has only a fraction of the information found in his book. The Cholesterol Myths is the one book you must have.

Cholesterol Myths Books and Resources

How To Lower Cholesterol (Fears)

Dr. Malcom Kendrik is another favorite of mine, and also one of the pioneers in the fight against the phony cholesterol theory. His witty, inciteful approach in this book is fun to ready.  Easily, one of the best books on the market is the “Great Cholesterol Con” and it can be purchased for a very reasonable price online.

I absolutely love the nutritional advice by Mary Enig. Know Your Fats will not only Lower your Cholesterol Fears, but make sure you eat plenty of it each day.

NEW The Great Cholesterol Con – Colpo, Anthony
Another great book, with the same title as Malcom Kendrik’s. More great information, and you will see that there is nothing of contradictory importance in any of these great books.

With the help of the excellent books and resources above, you will not only lower your cholesterol fears, but eliminate them entirely. Have a healthy 2009 and stop worrying how to lower cholesterol.

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