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Healthy snacks are hard to come by, at least according to my standards. I think Popchips potato chips are a delicious, crunchy, masterpiece of ingenious culinary snack cuisine. If you don’t believe me, just bite into a few of these magically, crispy delights and you’ll soon see why. Snacks which are billed as healthy, rarely taste delicious or even good in my opinion. Also, I often disagree with the notion they are healthier, in the first place. So, when my wife brought home these chips in a little blue bag, advertised as “all natural popchips original potato chips”, I was skeptical to say the least. These so-called ‘healthy’ snacks are often baked, giving them that distinctive cardboard flavor and the crunchiness of a wet oreo cookie. However, the bottom of a bag of popchips reads, never fried, never baked. Hmmm. How do you make a crispy snack without baking or frying it? Think popcorn. Popchips potato chips, as the back of the bag explains, are made with heat and pressure. They literally are popped potatoes. What a pleasant surprise it was to bite into a couple of these little goodies and find that they REALLY do taste good. The combination of oil and salt tasted just right. Popchips potato chips are made from natural potatoes, potato flour, potato starch, Safflower oil, sunflower oil, rice, flour, sea salt and soy. I’m not about to make the claim that popchips are either healthy nor unhealthy snacks. Nutrition experts can’t even make up their own mind what is healthy, so why should I? What I will say is that they taste good. Popchips have the taste and crunch that satisfies what I crave in a snack. They have enough oil, yet are not overly greasy. They have enough of a crunch, yet not too hard. In case you insist snacks are supposed to be healthy, here are the nutrition facts:

Calories: 120, Calories from fat: 40, Total Fat 4.5G/7%, Saturated Fat 0, Trans Fat 0, Cholesterol 0MG, Sodium 290mg/12%, Total Carbohydrate 20g/7%, dietary fiber 1g/4%, sugars 0g, protein 1g.

If reading the nutrition label isn’t enough to make you try popchips, you’ll just have to take my word for it. For more information: Popchips Website

Popchips Ratings

Snack Craving Satisfaction Properties: 88
Crispiness: 92
Crunchiness: 92
Flavor: 92
Overall Rating: 91

Enjoy Popchips with your favorite movies.

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