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The Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth is not what you get from eating blueberry pie. That’s called Purpletooth and will be covered in our upcoming review on Crest Whitening Strips. Some have suggested they’ve gotten Bluetooth by sipping a can of blue paint instead of their beer while painting the house. Sorry, but that also misses the mark of this review. So, what is Bluetooth, really? Bluetooth is a technology that replaces the need for cables between electronic devices. For instance, instead of having a long, tangled-up data cable between your MP3 player and headphones, Bluetooth technology eliminates the need for the data cables or cords. Cell phones, digital cameras, printers, computers, laptops, MP3 Players, hand-held games, GPS devices, and an unlimited number of electronic gadgets, can all communicate with each other using Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is nothing more than a cable replacement technology. There are Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth mice, Bluetooth keyboards, Bluetooth cameras, Bluetooth cell phones, Bluetooth MP3 Players, Bluetooth Toothpaste (just kidding)… etc, etc. If you have any of these electronic devices, you know how cumbersome and messy it gets, keeping track of cables, and finding where they plug into your computer or laptop every time you want to use them. When your entire family is using all of these gadgets and sharing them on the same or any number of computers, things can really get out of hand. Bluetooth literally eliminates the need for cables. You can upload or download your favorite songs to and from your MP3 Player to computer; or you can talk with a hands-free ear-bud on your cell phone without a cable. You can exercise at your gym, while listening to your MP3 player with no cords or wires getting in your way. Isn’t it about time? Just about all of the latest handheld gadgets and laptop computers these days are being made with Bluetooth connectivity capabilities. If you don’t have this Bluetooth connectivity on your own laptop or computer, you can simply buy an inexpensive USB adapter to add it. If you want to talk on the phone or listen to your MP3 player without cables, you will want to make sure to buy a device that supports Bluetooth technology. You will also want to buy a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones or headset. If you’re wondering how Bluetooth works, it helps to understand how a cable works. Bluetooth is simply a radio chip that takes the information which is normally transferred by a cable and instead transmits that data using a special radio signal. Bluetooth is a sort of virtual cable. Listening to your music or talking on the phone is made possible through a Bluetooth Headset or Bluetooth Headphone. As a means of describing the difference between a Bluetooth Headset and a Bluetooth Headphone, we’ve chosen two products:

Bluetooth Headset
The Jawbone is a very clever-looking piece of ear wear designed to help you talk on your cell phone AND look fashionable at the same time. While it is a bluetooth headset, the Jawbone really is a beautiful combination of fashion ware and technology. There are no visible buttons on the jawbone; it is sleek curvy, and the smallest bluetooth headset of it’s kind. Operation of the jawbone is accomplished merely by touching its smooth, metal-grade-plastic, outer surface. The Jawbone bluetooth headset uses a very advanced form of noise-cancellation technology which provides the highest quality form of Bluetooth communication available. It is among the very best in a bluetooth headset your money can buy. The Jawbone sells for around $129.00. The other popular one is the Logitech Blue Tooth Headset and the Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headset.

Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird makes high quality, bluetooth Stereo headphones for your iPod, iPhone, Cellphone, Laptop and other portable stereo gadgets. The Jaybird JB-200 is fairly slim and fits unobtrusively behind your ear. There is a thin cable between the left and right earpieces, but Bluetooth technology eliminates the need for the cable between your ears and your music gadget or cell phone. Sound quality is outstanding for music and also includes a microphone for your cell phone conversations. Another great use for these Jaybird bluetooth headphones is the ability to do VoIP connections and Skype. The JB-200 bluetooth headphones are water and perspiration resistant, making it the perfect choice for your exercise companion. If you already have a bluetooth device, you can buy the JB-200 for around $129.00. If your device or gadget does not have bluetooth capabilities, you can purchase the JB-200m which includes a bluetooth adapter for $159.00.

NEW Both the Logitech Bluetooth Headset and the Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headset are on sale below.

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