What is Lightscribe?

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Lightscribe Laser-Etched Disk
Lightscribe Discs

What is Lightscribe
The term, Lightscribe has been around for about 4 years, yet it is the most underrated, under-utilized, under-priced and under-stated technology that is available for your PC or Laptop. What is Lightscribe?
Basically, Lightscribe refers to an innovative, easy-to-use technology for creating simple, professional, labels on your DVD and CD media.  Lightscribe is a CD and DVD labeling technology. Lightscribe technology creates a laser-etched, professional-looking, custom label on your DVDs and CDs using the very same Lightscribe DVD or Lightscribe CD drive that you used to burn your photos, music, video and data. By now, you are probably asking, “What do I need,  how do I use lightscribe, and Where do I get lightscribe drives and where do I get Lightscribe CD and Lightscribe DVD Media? Where do I get Free Lightscribe Software?

How to get Started

Here is what you need to begin creating these nice looking, laser-etched custom labels on your DVDs and CDs.

One, a Lightscribe compatible DVD burner.
Two, Lightscribe DVD Media and Lightscribe CD Media. This simply means you will need DVD and CD Disks that are lightscribe compatible.
Three, a Free Lightscribe Software program for creating your own labels.

Lightscribe DVD Disks
Lightscribe DVD Disks

What is Lightscribe

If you recently bought a new laptop or desktop PC, there is a good chance you already have a Lightscribe DVD burner. Many of the latest brands; Dell, Gateway, HP, Compaq, Acer, etc, are already assembled with Lightscribe drives inside of them. HP was the first to begin using this technology about 3-4 years ago. It is very affordable and should be something that no PC or Laptop doesn’t have. If your computer does not have a Lightscribe DVD Drive, don’t despair, they are extremely affordable. We will show where to buy one at an affordable price at the end of the review. Suitable Lightscribe software, or free lightscribe software, of course, is available at no cost at all. If your computer came with a Lightscribe drive, chances are it has the necessary label software to use it.  Otherwise, you can find everything you need to begin creating great-looking Lightscribe labels right here:

How do I do make Lightscribe Discs

Let’s say you just created an MP3 or Audio CD and want to create your own label for it.
Once your Lightscribe CD or Lightscribe DVD is burned, you simply eject the disk, turn it over and re-insert into the Lightscribe DVD drive. Load your free, Lightscribe Labeling software, and you are ready to go. You can be simple and safe or as creative and bold as you want. The Lightscribe software will allow you to use your own custom images, pictures, clip art, fonts, logos, etc. You can make your Lightscribe labels as big or small as you want. Your only limitation is your own
imagination. Once you have the label the way you want it, choose the option that says, burn label, or create Lightscribe Disk label and you will have a professional looking disk in just a few minutes. Nothing could be easier and cleaner; no messy ink or labels to deal with or affix to your disks.

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