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iPod nano
iPod nano

The Apple iPod Nano Generation

Is it time to upgrade your old, cheap iPod nano?
iThink so. The latest 4th-generation iPod nano, has the quality, looks, and features that Apple is known for. We’ve looked at some of the cheap iPod nano knock-offs and they simply don’t measure up in quality and performance. Apple makes it worth your while to get the real thing.

Cool New Look and Feel

The iPod nano is made from sturdy brushed aluminum and comes in nine different colors: Silver, gray, purple, green, blue, yellow, orange, red and violet. Apple calls it, the Nano Chromatic. The iPod nano Chromatic comes in both eight and sixteen GB sizes. Sleek, thin and sexy, the new iPod nano measures 3.6 inches high, 1.5 inches wide, .24 inches deep, and weighs a mere 1.3 ounces. You’ll

apple iPod nano
apple iPod nano

barely notice one in your pocket, though I’ve been told that you will want to be careful about the sharp edges – the beveled corners are really thin! An eight gigabyte iPod nano will store 2,000 songs, 7,000 photos and 8 hours of video; double those numbers for the 16GB version. iPod Nanos come with a 2”, 320 x 200 resolution display, 3.5mm headphone jack and dock connector. Like other iPods, the controls include the infamous click-wheel, and a hold switch. The unit is charged via your computer’s USB port, and should give you 24-hours of audio or 4 hours of video.


Evolving Features of the Nano

As if the cool looks, feel and dazzling colors were not enough to make you upgrade to the new iPod nano, Apple has added some nifty features that will put you over the top wanting one by the time you reach the bottom of this review:

With its new Accelerometer feature, the iPod nano gives any hand-held gaming device a run for its money. By titling, turning and moving the nano, games become a truly interactive, immersive experience. Turn the nano horizontally and you can view your photos or videos in widescreen. When listening to music, simply shake the nano to shuffle to a random song. You can thumb through your music by album art, with Apple’s new Cover Flow feature. The new iPod nano includes some built-in intelligence called, The Genius Feature which generates a playlist based on any track you are listening to or choose. You can also manually add your own songs to a playlist by pressing and holding the center of the wheel to browse, then pressing it again to add it on the fly.

Conclusion on the Latest Nano

The latest iPod nano is a worthwhile enhancement to Apple’s ever-popular line of MP3 players. At Product Review & Ratings, it rates very highly on the, iMust Have rating scale:

Cool Factor: 95
New Features: 88
Quality: 95
Performance: 95
Overall: 93

As popular as they are, you may not be able to find an Apple iPod Nano on sales, but you will be able to find great deals on iPod Nano Covers, iPod Nano Doc, and iPod Nano Speakers.

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