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Rex Plus Barking Dog Alarm
Rex Plus

Rex Plus Barking Dog Alarm

Best Watch Dog?

As my review on the Skylink SC100 Alarm system showed, there are some very effective, inexpensive solutions for securing your home and making you feel protected against break-ins and burglars. But, is there anything better than a big dog that barks and warns you ahead of time? What is the best watch dog to watch your home? When my lab passed away this spring, I quickly learned that I missed her bark which I had grown to rely on and take for granted for the last 14.5 years.

Is the Best Watch Dog the Best Home Security?

Dogs have an amazing ability to sense and know when someone is approaching your home or yard, but not everyone has the time or ability to care for a dog. Rex Plus, The Barking Dog Alarm, gives you the best of both worlds: The loud, threatening bark of a big dog, without the maintenance, time and costs to actually care for the real thing. While, most Home Security alarms are designed to trigger a siren when there is a break in, the Rex Plus Barking Dog Alarm, will alert you to an intruder when he gets within 20 to 30 feet of your front door. The Rex Plus Motion-sensing Alarm, is the perfect compliment to the Skylink Security System I reviewed last month. Half the size of a toaster oven, the Rex Alarm System can be placed near any door, window or entry way of your house. When a person or animal gets near, it lets out a German-Shepard-sized bark. If the intruder continues, Rex barks louder and more ferociously until the intruder walks away. From outside doors and windows, it would be very difficult for a potential burglar to tell the difference between Rex the Alarm, and a real dog. Most intruders would rather walk away or find a new victim then take a chance.  the Rex Plus barking dog alarm also has a more soothing Rainforest Sound setting, if you prefer to be alerted, but not scare anybody. The rainforest setting can be either triggered by motion, or set for constant ambience background sound. You can also choose a setting where the barking dog will eventually turn into a very loud siren alarm. Rex, The Barking Dog Alarm plugs into any of your power outlets, and comes with two controls: one for volume and the other for setting the type of sound: Rain Forest, Barking Dog, Rain Forest Ambience and Siren.I very highly recommend this product for anyone who does not have an alarm system, as well as those who do. It is a great way to provide additional security and protection to your home, especially for those of us like me, who have grown to love and appreciate the protective instincts of a pet canine. One feature that I found lacking was an on/off switch or some other remote means of turning him off. None-the-less, Rex Plus, The barking dog alarm is an outstanding way to help protect your house.

Update on the Rex Plus Barking Dog Alarm

It is nearly impossible for me to believe that we’ve owned Rex for nearly 6 years! It is now in our basement and doing a great job barking at the raccoon that try and come to the door. Rex has paid for himself. He’s been a loyal watchdog and security alarm and doesn’t cost us any money for maintenance such as in food and dog supplies. Rex is the best watch dog you’ll find at any price.


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