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Top 10 Mixed Drinks Rated


Top 10 Mixed Drinks: #1 is a Gin Martini
The Classic Gin Martini

Number 1: The Gin Martini

What are the Top 10 Mixed Drinks? What is the recipe for heaven on earth?
It definitely includes the top 10 mixed drinks. In a stainless steel shaker, pour two shots of Bombay Sapphire or any other good quality brand of gin. Add just a splash of vermouth, a handful of ice cubes and shake vigorously.

Top 10 Mixed Drinks Are Shaken Not Stirred

You’ll know it’s ready to pour when the stainless steel gets so cold in your hand you can no longer hold it without getting frost bite. Pour the frothy-chilled mixture through the strainer into a classic martini glass; drop in a couple of olives and watch as their round, shadowy figures form stencils of steam inside the glassy cylinder. In seconds, the frothy, shaken mixture of gin transforms back into its fully transparent state and is practically begging to be sipped by a snobby, elitist. Now, that’s how to make a gin martini. It’s pretty obvious we’re talking about the # 1 drink in the world: The Classic Gin Martini. When enjoyed slowly over an intimate conversation, a properly made martini leaves no room at the top of life. All mixed-alcoholic drinks give you a buzz. The martini does one better than that by providing the sensation of an all-over body rub-down. For most of us, the massage kicks in about the time we reach the bottom of the glass and bite into that first olive. The massage may happen a little earlier or later, depending on your weight and metabolism – just trust and believe that it really will happen if you give it a chance. I’ve never introduced a martini to someone who didn’t absolutely hate the drink their first time, then love it after their second try. The magic of the martini is enhanced by this mystery: How could something you once thought tasted so unbelievably bad become your very favorite drink? The Gin Martini has mystical powers and effects that go beyond tastes and alcohol. It is number one because once you’ve learned to love it; no other drink can take its place. The Gin Martini is number one.

Number 2: The Vodka Martini

Except for the taste and the massage, the Vodka Martini is identical to the number one drink in the world. It is made the same way; chilled and shaken, but with vodka instead of gin. As wonderful as it is, a vodka martini will always be a pretender. It is a great drink and packs a nice little punch, but it will leave you with the feeling that you still need to have your shoulders rubbed. So, why, you might ask, would someone drink a pretender over the real thing? The answer is that vodka is a kinder, gentler white liquor. It is a little bit more forgiving than gin if you decide to go over your limit. When you’re in the mood for the number one drink in the world, but want to minimize your risks of a headache and massive heartburn, but still have a good time, you play it safe and go for the Vodka Martini,  #2.

Number 3: The Rob Roy

Rob Roy
Imagine a couple of shots of Johnny Walker Black; a splash of sweet & dry vermouth; a dash of bitters; vigorously shaken with ice, and then poured through a strainer into a martini-style glass, with a cherry or lemon peel garnish. This is the Scotch drinker’s Martini. The Rob Roy is the # 3 of the Top 10 Mixed drinks in the world. Drink a couple of these and you will know why Scotch drinkers rank right up there with gin drinkers for snob appeal.

Number 4: The Margarita

Who sings Tequila? Who cares? I’d rather drink it. When you’re having a Margarita, you’re sipping on memories of a vacation in your favorite summer destination, most likely south of the U.S border. Your lips feel spicy and your soul is hot with the taste of salsa. Every sip offers a hint of paradise, freedom and the fantasy that it will last forever. The quality of the Tequila is crucial. No good Margarita was ever made with Cuervo Gold. Cuervo is the worst tasting, yet best marketed Tequila in the world. Even the cheapest unknown, brand of Tequila is infinitely better than Cuervo Gold. There are many good, inexpensive brands. A good margarita is 2 parts of good tequila, 1/2 part real lime juice, 1/2 part Contreaux; served in Margarita glass full of ice with a little salt on the rim. When made properly, they go down smoother than any other drink and are nearly impossible to stop drinking. It is for this reason that the Margarita is the # 4 drink in the world of our Top 10 Mixed Drinks list. There are more Margaritas drank that are forgotten than any other drink in the top 10 mixed drinks list.

Number 5: The Manhattan

Do you like bourbon over scotch? Okay, then grab a bottle of Jim Beam instead of the Johnny Walker and follow the instructions for the # 3 drink in the world. The result is a Manhattan. It is a drink where bourbon drinkers, too, can feel like Martini snobs. The Manhattan is # 5.

Number 6: The Mojito

It is any coincidence that four of the five Top drinks thus far are served-up, chilled and shaken like Martinis? Make that five out of six with the Mojito. Get out the stainless steel shaker and ice cubes one more time and this time reach for the Myers Rum. Add a teaspoon of sugar and a few mint leaves into the icy, stainless-steel and shake like crazy. Pour into martini glass and add a mint leave or two for garnish. It is the martini fantasy of every pirate and the numer 6 drink in the world: I rank this one a solid 6th.

Long Island Iced Tea is a Top 10 Mixed Drinks FavoriteNumber 7: The Long Island Ice Tea

Would if you were about 3/4ths done swigging down a tall glass of Pepsi one day when you suddenly decided to go a little crazy and just start pouring a bunch of different types of booze into your near-empty glass? Apparently some drunken New Yorkers came up with this idea and named it the Long Island Ice Tea. It is the # 7 drink in the world because it is strong, refreshing and has the same can’t-stop-once-you-start habit as the #4 drink. It seems that not all New Yorkers are snobs and have to drink their booze out of a martini glass. Don’t think because it has the name Tea in it that you’ll be able to remember how many you drank. Here we go: 1 Part of the following: Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Triple-Sec; 1-1/2 part Sweet & Sour or Lemonade, and a splash or more of Coke/Pepsi. Leave it to New Yorkers to call this Tea.  At number 7, the Long Island Iced Tea makes it among the Top-10.

The Old Fashioned Cocktail is a Top 10 Mixed Drinks Favorite

Number 8: The Old Fashioned

In a short cocktail glass, add one and a half shots of bourbon; a dash of bitters; a teaspoon or two of simple syrup. Stir, add a few ice cubes, and fill it to the rim with Club Soda. Add Cherry and/or Orange slice for garnish. You may not know it, but if you’re in sales, this is what your boss drinks and it’s Number 8 out of my Mixed Drinks favorites.

Number 9: Rum and Coke

A very popular drink, and a better way to say, “What I really need is some strong alcohol, but I’ll order it with coke to make it sound sweet and respectable. 9 out of 10 Bourbon and Coke drinkers usually drink beer, and have not yet experienced their first martini.
Simple recipe: one or two shots of Rum, and fill the rest of the glass with Ice Cubes and Coke. If you’re a Pepsi drinker, use Pepsi. If you like RC Cola, use that…if you like Seven-Up, sorry – that’s a Shirley Temple. Whoops. Wrong Blog! Rum & Coke is ranked nine.

Drink Number 10: Daiquiri

No top-10 mixed drinks list can be without the daiquiri. Okay, so you tried a Marg, but that nasty Tequila (Cuervo) tasted so bad. Unless you’ve had someone lecture you about good tequila, you’re probably drinking something else with a little lime, zest and fun in it. The Number 10 Top drink is the Daiquiri: One ounce of fresh lime juice; 2 ounces of white rum, and one or two teaspoons of sugar. Prepare as you would the martini with plenty of ice cubes, shaken vigorously in a stainless steel shaker and strain into either a gimlet-type or martini glass, depending on how snobby you feel. The Daiquiri is the # 10 rated drink in the world and that completes our Top-10 list.  Feel free to offer your own variations, recipes, advice, opinions, criticisms, etc. Cheers!

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