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Ready Mix Concrete Review

Ready Mix Concrete
Dap Ready Mixed Concrete Patch

Last winter I did a really stupid thing: I used salt on my driveway – lots of it. When the ice and snow began to thaw and melt, I watched in horror as numerous chips and cracks began to appear on what used to be a very nice driveway. It became worse as spring and warmer weather arrived – to the point that 50% of the entire driveway became eroded with chips. It was messy and full of gravel this summer as the concrete continued to erode. My driveway is over 1200 square feet, and very expensive to re-finish. I was looking at a whole new Concrete Resurfacing job. I got estimates from $2,700, $8,500, depending on whether or not I went with a top layer Concrete Resurface, or an entire new driveway. I decided to look into a fix-it-yourself job. If I could get the majority of the chips and holes patched up by myself maybe I could buy a few more years of time before having to replace the entire driveway for $8,500. I did some research and learned there were a few premixed concrete patch products on the market. I decided to try a bucket of DAP Ready-Mix Concrete Patch which sold for about $13.00 for a 1-Gallon bucket at Lowes. I figured that if I could get a section of the driveway repaired, it would be worth buying 5, 6 or however many more buckets needed to complete the job. $65.00 and a weekend of labor seemed like a small price to pay in order to prevent further erosion of the driveway and possibly extend the life of it a few more years. I bought a couple of different sizes of cheap, plastic putty knives and some elastic gloves and was on my way home to try it. I went with less expensive putty knives over costlier trowels because I am a cheapskate. I later found out it was a good decision for other reasons besides cost, and I’ll explain later. Sometimes it pays to be cheap. Even though I’m not completely happy with the driveway’s cosmetic appearance, I’m happy I did pay to have the job done.

The Dap Ready Mix Concrete Patch instructions on the container recommend thoroughly cleaning and damping the surface before applying. I took a brush to clean the area, and then sprayed down the surface with the hose. This is when I learned that you don’t want the surface too wet. The Dap Ready-Mixed Concrete Patch mixture is the texture of cookie dough. It is rather sticky and firm. Like cookie dough, it looks rather appetizing. In fact, I had to restrain myself from dipping my hand in and putting a glob of the gooey stuff in my mouth. Concerned with how concrete patch might settle in my stomach, I opted to save it for the driveway.

I put about a quart of the gooey concrete patch in a separate mixing container and stirred as the directions on the container recommended. There didn’t appear to be much, if any need for mixing, but I did as the instructions said. Applying the mix is a bit of a messy project. For the smaller chips, I put a dab on the paint stick and smeared it over the crack, then flattened it over with the putty knife. I was pleased with how well it covered the chips. The larger chips were a bit more challenging. I recommend using a larger trowel or putty knife to make a continuous, smooth flat finish over an entire section of chips. If you are attempting to cover a wide area, you will want the edges of the trowel to overlap the chipped area from border to border. The color of Dap Ready-Mixed Concrete patch is a bit lighter than the natural color of my driveway. This wouldn’t be a concern if you just wish to patch a few random chips or cracks, but for large sections of the driveway, like mine, you will end up with a driveway that looks like a gang of girl scouts used it for a hopscotch tournament. Actually, after a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed the whiter hue of premixed concrete patch is beginning to darken and blend in with the rest of the driveway. Perhaps the colors will continue to improve and blend in over time. As for now, I can honestly say that I no longer have a badly chipped driveway Instead, I have a badly-colored driveway.

Having gone through the experience and trouble of doing this, I’ll give you some advice that will make the job easier: It is very messy work, so wear grubby clothes and gloves. Make sure to have a small trash can or bucket to collect unusable cement and debris. The mixture doesn’t work well if it becomes gritty or dirty, so keep your mixture fresh, clean and covered. Work with small amounts at a time, so you are not exposing it to the air to dry. Because ready mix concrete is fast-drying, after 30 minutes or so, it becomes pretty difficult to remove. It was after I discovered this that I became glad I went with cheap trowels. The trowels are very hard to clean off and nearly impossible once they are dry. You can buy several plastic putty knifes in a variety of sizes for

Inexpensive Putty Knife
Inexpensive Putty Knife

around $2.00 to $3.00 a piece. Also, choosing a dry, but cool day will make it much easier on you. Have something to protect your knees: Either knee pads or foam that you can kneel on while working will make the job that much more comfortable. I have found that flat-shaped swimming pool floats make very great padding for the knees for projects where you have to kneel.

Only time will tell how well the Dap Ready-Mixed Concrete Patch lasts throughout the year. I will add more feedback to this review after I’ve had the chance to see how this Pseudo Concrete Resurface job lasts throughout the winter and next summer. For now, my goal is to find a stain or paint to help blend the color and seal it for the snow that will be coming soon. I will report on the results of that later. As for now, I am very satisfied with DAP Ready Mix Concrete for cement patching jobs. I am confident you will be too if you just apply a little patience along with the product. It is affordable, easy to use and does exactly what you need it to do.

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