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Euro Pro Toaster
Euro Pro Toaster

Don’t get burned on this Toaster by EuroPro – Convection Toaster Oven Review

The Euro Pro Toaster is a convection toaster oven. How does it work and how does it compare to other toaster ovens?


Portable size, good-looking, wide temp range, and convection cooking


Horrible timer. Unable to get a good slice of toast without constant monitoring.

I bought this EuroPro Toaster last Christmas, and have yet to successfully toast a slice of bread – other than, it’s a pretty good product. I was attracted to this toaster oven for it’s small size, versatility, and features. The toaster is well equipped for various cooking tasks: baking, roasting, grilling and toasting. Also, the EuroPro features a wide temperature range of up to 450 degrees fahrenheit, and a full 60 minute timer knob. The Convection toasting feature really works, and helps insure food is thoroughly and evenly roasted. With all of these nifty features, you would think toasting a simple slice of bread would be a no-brainer, for something that bills itself as a toaster oven. Not so! The analog timer knob makes it impossible to choose an accurate number of minutes for timing your toast. In the beginning, our toast would nearly always end up burnt or under-toasted. As a result, we are forced to constantly monitor the bread we are toasting to insure we get it right. So much for convenience. Wouldn’t it be nice, if I could choose a precise time and know that the toast will be completed exactly as I like it each and every time? I guess that’s too much to ask of the EuroPro. I’d rather go back to our old pop-up toaster for toast. I have made good use of this toaster for other things such as, roasting bell peppers, garlic, onions, hot dogs, ham, and other small cuts of meat. I would rate this much higher, if only I could toast a slice of bread!

Final Rating

Toaster by Europro

Features: 88
Quality: 75
Toasting Toast: 20
Price / Value: 70

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